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  1. As i know, the problem with facing south is fixed at any update earlier My npc´s all turning to players. btw. dont try it with a gm, trade on npc with a player character and it will work
  2. @Mthecyour new banker update is not compiled (if this is the correct word), there is just the source code to download Eject
  3. Please look, if you have the mod installed correctly and in the right folder.....and properties are not disabled.
  4. @Mthec Maybe i forget this, the banker also always looking at the southside, maybe i forget an update? Eject
  5. lool yes I built my new dungeon and placed some beastsummoner at a tower where no player can go. these summoners only get summon prices with 0 so its faster for gm´s to fill the dungeon rooms. My Dragon Arena have beastsummoners outside with prices for players
  6. Can you make a minimum price of "0" for the beastsummoner nstead of "1"? that would be very easy for gm´s to spawn with special beast summoners ^^ Eject
  7. Found some little bugs: Beastspawner: The NPC always faces to south, also if player make a request Crafter: You cant equip cloth shoes, this shoes disappers in the air Question: Is there a way to unequipe clothes for players? Or change them. Eject
  8. Is there a way to keep Skelettons alive? They are always death after spawning I like to make a horror-dungeon Maybe this is an idea fpr a beastmaster update or a new NPC (i know you love to create awesome Npc´s ^^) A Dungeon NPC should just be created from GM´s and Players should just be able to start the dungeon for money. Ideas to setup the dungen npc: create different mob collections for each room like Room1: 4 skelettons, 3 zombies Room 2; 3 skelettons, 1 worg, 5 goblins . . setup the coordinates like you do it with the whole NPC but here just for each collection. setup a random loot for each creature (ql 80 sword chance 30% for goblins) shout out a serverwide message if the dungeon is started by players (or make a countdown that players can choose) auto-gift an item (or more) in the inventory, if all mobs are killed. (or if a collection of mobs (in a room) are killed) Thats just some ideas i have atm
  9. @Mthecyou are so great! Thanks for all your updates bugfixes and the new NPC I will play around today with the BeastSpawner, i try also to use it, to fill dungeons Eject
  10. Crafter again Now i got an info, thats not possible for players to equip the crafter, there is no "give" option. Just GM´s are entitled to equip crafters. Maybe the same problem is with the banker. The next info i got is: if you trade hot wood items with the crafter, he is stopping the work. GM´s than have to remove the hot wood items from the crafter. Would it be possible to include a barrier, so players cant give hot wood items to the crafter? Thanks in advance Eject
  11. That woud be very helpfull, if we can set this in the properties Question: In properties i have set: remove_donations_at=10 What happens, if the crafter reaches skill 91-100? Eject
  12. Is there a way to break actual crafter orders? A player made an order for a great helm, she selected QL 100, my crafter have platesmithing 91,65. I guess he needs now a month to complete this great helm order, so stopping it would be cool. Feature idea for GM´s A way to set single skills for player crafters would be awesome, if the crafter have to be dismissed and new planted because the NPC is corrupted. Eject
  13. Because the crafter: the contract was buying at the neighbour server, but there you cant create it [21:58:51] You attempt to manage the crafter, but they don't exist for some reason. if i go to the main server, i can create the crafter. next problem is, if you move to another server and click on manage crafter from the server you come from, it destructed all the funcionality and the crafter is no more working. it would be good, if crafter contracts will not be moved over servers like old deed contracts. Eject
  14. Hello Is the Poll Spawner working at some servers? For me, since months we get no rift mobs or items, maybe i miss any update? lol Eject
  15. Hello @Mthec I see, you love to create awesome special NPC´s. Your work and support is very great, your mods make a lot of players and admins happy, thank you very much! I have a new idea for you, maybe you like it....this idea would help me and my GM´s in a special situaltion...maybe others too at other servers. Years ago i built a big arena next to my starter town, at the outside i placed 5 NPC´s. I created a new item "summoner stone" in two variations. One for a dragon hatchling, one for a dragon that you can buy now at one of your custom traders. I am sure you know now what i had to do, i created 10 missions with the bad mission ruler, twi missions for each NPC. You have to give one summoner stone to a NPC (black white blue green red NPC) and get a dragon or dragon hatchling spawned in the middle of the arena. That was a hard work. So, now my idea: Maybe its possilbe for you to code a new "Spawner-NPC" Admins/GM´s should be able to configure which creatures are spawned, the coordinates, and the price....also if it should be a price in irons or a item (like my summoner stone) One Spawner NPC should be able to spawn all creatures that are setup by the admin with diferrent prices, i would say, just use it for unique creatures. In a starter town you can use it as "Trainer NPC" that just spawning easy creatures. A player should "ask" the NPC and in a popup window he should be able to select which creature the spawner NPC shall spawn Maybe its working like traders or creating new windows. It would be very awesome, if you have fun and time to create this mod, if not, i have to jump to my neighbour map and also create 10 missions there for the dragons and hatchling lol Thanks again for all your work, thanks for the banker, and please give me a link to donate your awesome work. Eject Edit: For Gm´s you could use it to control Events with the spawner, like spawning 20 creatures at given coordinates ^^ we have a little GM City where we control all custom traders with tags (and store player items), so control the spawner npc from there would as gm also be good
  16. I saw now, in the spellcraft mod are nw spells (i downloaded now the newest version) Enchantgrouping still dont work at my side there are some new spells: Enchant Group 7 (Custom Jewelry Enchants): Prowess [116], Industry [117], Endurance [118], Acuity [119] where can i find an explanation of this spells? Eject