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  1. Oops, I just made the assumption it would work with 9. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I just reinstalled Wurm after reinstalling my OS, and upon attempting to launch the client results in a crash with this log: I have JDK 9.0.1 installed (64 bit, like my OS). Any ideas what I can try? First, I'd tried running after moving player/config files over, but I decided to try again in a brand new install of wurm, and this same crash happened.
  3. The fish models appear to be between the player and the water. This is the most recent unstable version what was linked in the latest Valrei International post. Water quality: High Water reflections: Sky
  4. Isn't that... the point? I mean there are THREE TIERS of the rarity system. Why is there any reason for the highest tier to be anything other than legendary? Not that this should matter much anyway, because of the contrived nature of the rarity system in the first place. Items that are created or imped rare are only "rare" because the system rolled a die and BAM now it's glowy and ######. There's no player-input; the rarity comes from nowhere. Shouldn't there be at least one level of rarity that isn't grind-able? If you're trying to make a fantastic, then you'd just be wasting your time (though obviously your personal goal seems to raise a contradiction there, lol). Idk rare is rare, supreme is frikkin rare, and fantastic is, well... good luck ever even seeing one in person, let alone making one. What's wrong with this model? If I were you, I'd argue that you should be able to trade your personal goal in for one more reasonable.
  5. I made a fantastic mortar and accidentally used it in a house wall while someone was PMing me to buy it lol
  6. That woman looks like Emmy Rossum - do you know if this is a music video by the band, or a cut from a movie?
  7. I'm not great at world politics/etc., so I'm kind of wading into the deep end w/o my floaties here, but... For one, I understand each nation's priority is their own nation; that being said, isn't it the job of a country/group of countries like NATO/UN to provide a check to a single country's misbehaving, such as Russia's recent imperialism of the Ukraine? Is it really necessary to ally with a dictator as amoral and stubborn as Assad to take on the threat of radical Islamic terrorism cells? The impression I've gotten is that Russia's been drenching their own media with pretty nationalistic propaganda - isn't it the job of other countries to discourage them through the use of sanctions? However, it does seem kind of silly to intend economic damage to a nation in the upswing of nationalistic sentiment - that would just fuel it even more, right?
  8. But... I doubt it would be a radical statement to say that a significant portion of Trump's voter base was attracted to him doing exactly what your liberal friends are doing - using profane language, being hostile, rude, not using facts to support policies, etc. I'm at a Catholic university right now which, at least as far as I can tell, was pretty anti-Trump. Most of the initial reasoning I'd heard around campus was based around his character and his extreme campaign declarations; he said wild things to rile up masses with emotion and rhetoric, and used his own offensive personality to deepen the divide between the "high-minded liberal pussies" and the "rural white hick trash" which just made the campaign even more horrendous. One could say Trump scraped out those key swing states by exploiting the EXTREMES of voter's positions - the alt-right white nationalism, severe (if not violent) exclusion of other races, objectification of women - all of which are positions not acquired through empathy and reasoning. Clearly, a large portion of Americans were unhappy with the establishment on BOTH sides, voting for Trump and Bernie, or not voting at all (I'd heard 43% didn't vote in general election?) but the method as to which Trump achieved his victory was unsettling and disturbing. Not downing some of the general ideas of "draining the swamp" (ofc now he's putting his family and Wall Street execs in the transition team) and focusing on the working class, but god knows if his policies will actually reflect half of what he campaigned on. It sucks big-time having to, as a country, go through a campaign like this, right? The more educated and reasonable we can all be, the better; however, sometimes it's easier to get votes by stirring up anger/scorn rather than presenting a calm and rational case.
  9. A Dark Room

    I tried the Kittens game... dear lord. I'm at year 200, trying to grind up enough science to get anywhere near researching these industrial-era techs and I don't understand why I'm even still playing, lol. I finally broke down and looked at the reddit and wiki. It seems like you just keep going and going and going, and then reset for some paragons or w/e and then keep going and going and going... if you were able to just let it sit for 5 hours like you can with A Dark Room, I wouldn't mind, but you have to keep monitoring and building bit by bit by FRICKIN BIT. *deep breaths* I don't think I'm going to see where it leads - curiosity isn't worth the time/addiction.
  10. Thanks for update and observations, that's really helpful. I have a 960 w/ an i-4170 dual-core (4 threads or w/e). I'm thinking about upgrading to an i-5 b/c of this.