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  1. Is it possible to actually generate biomes above 4000? I notice it is (finally) possible to generate mountains above that height but I cannot seem to get snow to generate or manually place at altitudes above ~4200
  2. I didn't post it since modloader is current and server is fresh. Going through a log that huge would be quite a task and I never expected anyone to actually check for me. Not looking for free support, I was just making a report of what I am seeing and simply not using those mods has worked beautifully.
  3. Causes crash when starting modlauncher.bat
  4. Using the modloader, all looks well until I actually start the server when I get this: Followed by execution of the wurm shutdown hook and a massive error dump in the log. Any ideas? UPDATE: Its obviously one of the mods that comes with modloader, currently trying to narrow it down. At this time the only mod I can run is another third-party mod: nobuildlimit UPDATE 2: Currently identified problem mods: ausfacades, httpserver, servermap, serverpacks, scriptrunner, servertweaks, ALL of Walker's mods...
  5. Question: How can I get snow to drop at altitudes higher than 3600 without using an external editor? If I must use an external editor, what file must I modify? I've edited the PNG's and ended up with nothing. I assume snow biome data is saved in one of the.MAP files?
  6. This is what I'm getting when I import my 8192 heightmap. It is 16 bit grayscale PNG. I've had this issue before with WGenerator but I had hoped that between updates and a vastly upgraded system, I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. Any advice on this? Could this be a memory issue?