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  1. Settlement: New Port [1349, 543]
  2. nice suggestions i like the one where weps keep track of kills very cool!
  3. Close

    If I may offer some advice, you might find it easier to sell the items and character separately
  4. trusted seller and that account number 2 is an absolute beast smither
  5. Hi there, just wondering if anyone knows who holds my old account, would be great if it was no longer in use for me to repurchase it. I was last told it was in the hands of an old JK chaos member.
  6. personally think Steam should be its own Wurm Online server and the old servers never connect. make the steam server account bound to your steam account and then you wont have the huge account sharing issue keeping the steam servers fresh.
  7. apparently I am asking to much so give me an offer and lets see
  8. Goodday, I have an oldish dump I would like to sell. https://www.niarja.com/universes/online/clusters/freedom/skills/Majinbuu I wouldn't say anything is majorly changed from this dump, I have a few more skills in the 50 particularly carp skills. He also has the Inquisitor title from a tome I used but I can't remember the name of it. No warnings and level 10 (drooling) on insanity,I think he has 68 med. Give me an offer. Cheers.
  9. @Retrograde I have an idea about a quick fix for pvp. Firstly I ask myself what did I hate as a new character on Chaos. Well it wasnt that I was strong or missed a lot, but actually that I died way to fast in battle (like one or two hits max). Why not have PoI with a 50% dmg reduction on everyone who joins pvp and people who have dmg reduction already remove it. so now we only working with body stats and everyones 50% dmg reduction. Think of it like resilience in WoW, which is mandatory. In this way anyone who wants to pvp wont just feel so useless anymore and maybe gets a few hits in and the disparity between old accounts and new accounts will only be body stats which with how the curve runs now isnt so bad.