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  1. Why was PvP abandoned?

    @Retrograde I have an idea about a quick fix for pvp. Firstly I ask myself what did I hate as a new character on Chaos. Well it wasnt that I was strong or missed a lot, but actually that I died way to fast in battle (like one or two hits max). Why not have PoI with a 50% dmg reduction on everyone who joins pvp and people who have dmg reduction already remove it. so now we only working with body stats and everyones 50% dmg reduction. Think of it like resilience in WoW, which is mandatory. In this way anyone who wants to pvp wont just feel so useless anymore and maybe gets a few hits in and the disparity between old accounts and new accounts will only be body stats which with how the curve runs now isnt so bad.
  2. WTS White Drake Set

    i can offer 50e
  3. Lots of rare(supreme) items

    rare trowel to Masterentaro 2s
  4. Big cleanup sale, rares and silver

    rare maul lead to masterentaro
  5. looking for price check on a character

    hmm perhaps 80-90e
  6. Can we get the tome title to display on health bar.
  7. Valrei International. 068

    i +1 for your health bar to show ur faith and also ur sorcery title like it does with meditation path. small qol change
  8. -

  9. -

  10. cod left basic shoulder and right basic shoulder to Hardrada 30c each (60c total) if u accept offer
  11. Team Map (in-game)

  12. WTS Rift items & runes

    75ql left basic shoulder pad 50c 50ql right basic shoulder pad 35c to Hardrada if you have them still