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  1. the answer is no, the capabilities have not been reached and with a dev team of two and a half men. It wont be reached anytime soon.
  2. Id stake my reputation on this dudes Panfilling, He knows the ins and outs, Whether you want to do a straight HFC grind, ML grind or SD grind he knows all the tricks. I recently sent him my newest character for some pan-filling (1-90) the entirety of the operation only set me back 11k (3.8% bonus pans i didnt pay for) Pans (total cost of 21 silver !) with a success tick rate of 51%, which he tells me he can possibly get to as high as a 53% success tick rate. This guy in incredibly professional as I was having Internet problems at the time and we were able to sort it out in a fast manner. the entire Panning only lasted 6 hours for 11k pans from which we took our time and many breaks as we were in no rush. I chose the fastest method as my goal was only to get 1-90 HFC therefore my ML and SD gains from the process only amounted to roughly 2.5 skill each. interestingly 4k pans threw me to about 67 HFC if anyone was interested on that.
  3. nice PvP account, 300 i would say lacking PvE skills if i could say it like that
  4. 30s for 30 euro via paypal. organized.
  5. bump - Looking for 35s or best offer
  6. sold
  7. sold
  8. Rare Large Oak Shield - 3.5s for 3s if you happy with that, mail to hardrada
  9. Shakey Foundations under our neighbours
  10. 3s
  11. Rare Axe - 4s Hardrada
  12. Landcliff In all its majesty
  13. Recommended and trusted, Bought a character from him and was fast to deliver and friendly
  14. bump