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  1. Still loves the mod, but paving a road over 5k tiles is taking its tall, got any thought if its a yey/ney?
  2. Is it possible to combine 2 large building with the "No build limits mod" or does it have to be 1 large one from the scratch ?
  3. yeah but since the (bind t improve) is not (bind x "act xxx hover/target") compatible mod (as I have tried) I went for keyboard macro to trigger improving + repairing
  4. Cause it shall work on : DragonScale armour + Glimmer/adman tools/weapons ? Worked with the tip above, would be nice with an auto repair also!
  5. Mod is outdated :? wont do anything with only the tools needed for imping in toolbelt
  6. Wondering: Anyone had issue with adding the "No Build Limit" onto a existing server? (trying to convince the serveradmin to add it)
  7. Just wondering if Github or this forum thats correct about supportet OS :? If Mac is supported I have an issue : Verson OS Sierra 10.12.4 (16E195) Java JDK: jdk-8u131 Errorlog:
  8. A few thoughts I wish there was able to get in the game : Larger size of building even with max lv: So you can build your insane large compound into a castle instead of using tall walls Just noticed that Bdew have a servermod for that Enable steep slope building: Noticed that even with max lv Im not able to build fence in a 40 slope border, something that I would like to do Let you "Level" when surfacemining: Good to have when demolishing a mountain And over to the more insane thoughts and wishes for those who living on an island Enable caves (without water) under water level: For those times you settle on an island and dont want to use a boat/build a massive bridge over to the mainland. More decorative furniture: For the "home" feeling in the game
  9. and what the different colours are for? red = iron white = silver?
  10. Just wondering if there are anyone out there who can do me the huge favour of creating a servermod to be able to build larger buildings when lv 100 carpentry Would be awsome to have a large castle
  11. Got issues installing it again -.- Uninstalled java, removed the mods, installed again and still the same thing happening : pather.jar opens up a java window thats shut down right away (impossible to see what its saying) Tried restarts (ALOT) still the same issue: Win 10
  12. winrar yes xD got it to work, not with open with jar but with dubbleclicking -.-
  13. Extracted the files in a folder, what to do now :? how to run it
  14. are there a way I can activate an item then do the act ? (example planting thatches, where you can only use 1 item a time), I couldnt see the number for choosing the item with act_show on