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  1. Xanadu Community Map

    Jericho new village 7347,-3681 please add
  2. maps

    where do I go to post my village in forms for xanadu
  3. is there a cost every month or one time fee?
  4. cant down load wurm

    its going to my down load folds but wen I open it just flashs and nothing happens
  5. cant down load wurm

    file:///C:/Users/terry/AppData/Local/Microsoft/Windows/INetCache/IE/RDZCTDPX/wurmclient_lowmem.jnlp dot shur if this helps but its as far as I get
  6. cant down load wurm

    I don't have it down loadet that's what I'm trying to do so no directory as of now
  7. cant down load wurm

    yes have java 1.8.0_151 it just gos to a blank page explor wen I hit play button on web sit not shur how to sreen shot
  8. cant down load wurm

    cant down load wurm online from the websit wen ever I try I'm getting the errcode Destop-77AP425 can any one please help I'm running windows 10 64bit
  9. servers

  10. servers

    how long any one know
  11. servers

    any one know how long server will be down?
  12. shadow cove recruiting

    shadow cove is located at J16 on ingame map we are a new village and welcome new players come learn the game from vet players befor u set out on your owan
  13. game crashs to desktop

    I'm running windows 10 32bit and wurm worked befor but I hade to reinstall it now crashs back to desktop after a bout 5 mins
  14. hi I got every thing working but wen luncher starts I get black screen says it stoped working  what do I do?  I'm running a intel i5 333+4 with 8gs of ram and windows 10 intel graphics

  15. hello luncher stops working and I get ablack screen once I hit play button what can I do?