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  1. Just checked my stash - I'll bring 500 kg ql 85 iron and 500 kg ql 92 iron. Let me know if you think we need more. Cool - so rare i get to work on shieldsmithing these days
  2. Very good initiative - I'll definitely be attending with a blacksmith/shieldsmith Let me know if you need any high ql iron
  3. [18:22:21] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes.
  4. Completely forgot about this auction - sorry about that Whykillme has won with a bid of 15s. You want me to COD the horseshoes in a backpack or will you be picking them up?
  5. When I first started playing Wurm I was amazed at the deeds other players had built and I was motivated to build similar things myself. If I had started on a new server without any experienced players around, I would likely not have lasted very long - but others might feel different. What concerns me is that the first week, new players on Xanadu will experience large empty deeds with no players just waiting for the borders to open - not the best way to showcase a game. PR wise, I would do it the other way around - let experienced players be the first to enter the server, give them a week to establish themselves (and let them test performance issues since we are more forgiving) then open for new players. That way new players would hopefully experience a server with lots of activity and lots of experienced players to ask for help. Just my 5 cents.
  6. Ever wanted a crazy fast horse? Well, here is your chance - I am auctioning off a set of 4 x rare horseshoes Starting Bid: 10s Increments: 1s Reserve: no Buyout: PM with offer Sniper*: 1h Buyer pays COD (including cod fee for backpack - they can only be mailed in a backpack) or pickup at Fyrkat on Celebration (O19 in ingame map, X31 Y34 on community map) * Sniper protection of 1 hour means: the auction is prolonged until the highest bid has remained the highest bid for 1 hour. Happy bidding
  7. bump - a bit more than 24 hours left
  8. [12:38:49] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. I forgot you had to put them in a backpack to be able to mail them - i have deducted the mail fee for the backpack itself from the price of the order so you only pay COD for the horse shoes Thank you for the business
  9. Seems like you are back on freedom now. Items have been mailed: [15:36:59] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than ten minutes. Prices are according to my Easter sale Thank you for the business
  10. Sure - didn't think of that. I have added imping prices to the post
  11. I get this message when trying to COD them to you: [08:14:30] You can not mail that far. Are you on Epic?
  12. yup - you want to pick them up at celebration or should COD them? Might take a day before they are finished
  13. Having an Easter Sale - only 1s for a ql 90 blacksmithing item. The sale will last throughout Easter If you are looking for shields or tools with enchants, check out my merchant: There is also discount on imping of items to 90: From 50: 1s From 60: 90c From 70: 80c From 80: 60c /Fjalke