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  1. Wts dirt 40c per 1k. 10k in stock Collection from J 10 Pristine. You can contact me in game on Lancaster or mittie or just shoot my a pm through the forums.
  2. close pls

    im too impatient to wait the 13 days to get to 30 faith, but anyway i have purchased an account this thread can be locked thanks for the offer though
  3. looking to buy a 30 faith Paaweelr or nahjo follower, not to bothered about other skills, PM what you got
  4. Shop is now back open with new items added and more coming soon
  5. Can they not add wurm online to steam? or is that impossible now WU is already out on steam?
  6. Just bought some items, and these guys are very quick, near instant delivery ,I will be using them again