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  1. Bump, I still Looking for more members for my deed and the Hispania alliance. /Sigo buscando más miembros para mi asentamiento y para la alianza Hispania.
  2. Me too when I tried to add a wooden plank floor to crafting windows a lot of times before the patch and after: Contents of console.log:
  3. Merry Christmas Madnath and everyone. Please can send me a barrel ?. Thank so much. Contestani
  4. Welcome back Rathgar, Deli is for me the best server , long time without see you around.
  5. Sigo reclutando, somos en el asentamiento 2 personas y en una alianza activa con más gente. I still recruiting , we are in the deed 2 persons and into one active alliance with more people.
  6. Sigo reclutando gente nueva, por ahora somos 2 en el asentamiento más aparte la gente de la alianza. Still recruiting new people, for now we are two persons in the village ,more apart the alliance people.
  7. Bump , some improvements are made and the deed still offering a lot of services free.
  8. Category: Combat and Defense Theme Fuerte Ibero is a public and fortified village , with a small castle ,placed on Deliverance server T-14 coords. The deed have more permissions enabled for non citizens than a starter village .
  9. I have plenty room for fishers .
  10. Thanks Blazecraze , I didn´t knew about the rift locations, I thought was more random, you are welcome to my deed
  11. Good advice, thank you , I activated lead and improve/repair .