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  1. Update/actualización new video fast tour about the village / nuevo vídeo tour rápido del asentamiento.
  2. Update/actualización nuevas mejoras en el asentamiento y cambio de nombre a "Puerto Real"/ New village improvements and a name deed change to "Puerto Real".
  3. Hello, Yaga please change my former deed name "Fuerte Ibero" to " Puerto Real" is the same place . Thank you.
  4. Hola sigo reclutando gente para mi deed o asentamiento, encontrarás casi todas las comodidades , una mezcla de naturaleza y entorno militar , y bastante espacio para crear tu propio hogar o mudarte a una casa con parcela ya hecha. Hello I still recruiting people for my deed or settlement, you will find almost all the comforts, a mixture of nature and military environment, and enough room to create your own home or move to a house with plot already made.
  5. Hello Auntie, please 10kg of Dark turquoise and 10kg of Green Yellow to Contestani . Thanks
  6. Auction ended congratulations IkaDemandred the statue can picked at Fuerte Ibero T14 in Deliverance or I can deliver it in a coastal place.
  7. Hello this is a special statue from the last Halloween event, a rare version one: Starting Bid: 8s Bid Increment: 1s Buyout: 50s Sniper Protection: 30 Minutes
  8. Bump! Sigo reclutando / I still looking for recruits. También nuevo mapa actualizado del asentamiento o deed / also new updated map from the deed.
  9. Bump! discord de la alianza Hispania : / Hispania alliance discord:
  10. Bump , currently the alliance have 6 deeds / Actualmente la alianza tiene 6 asentamientos. New discord channel of the Alliance/ Nuevo canal Discord de la alianza: