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  1. Yes I understand the problem with the skill gap but soon or later in the new cluster also could have that problem and then what? make another cluster to fix it? or try to looking other ways to resolve the problem ?. I think that a new cluster to avoid the skill gap is a temporaly thing not the right solution.
  2. Yes is a good thing open new servers, but with measure, and having yet room at the old servers is for me wasting resources, because a server not is cheap, maybe they are virtualizing servers and not is a server by machine ,but anyway have costs. For me the most important factor in this that appeared in Steam the new servers helped yes but not so much as Steam. I understand that there are players whom wants playing in new servers, but I the old ones have nice stuff for new players, like roads to travel more faster, for trade and guard towers for security, and nice places free to plant a deed that is my opinion.
  3. 2025: New cluster Eastern servers. 2030: New cluster Western servers. 2035: Fail! not more regions to add Wurm Online collapsed lol So... always will be players with advantages over other, a virgin land or pristine land will be ALWAYS a temporal thing in the game, the Economy also will be similar to the older clusters , its a time thing. Veterans will be the "kings" in the olders and new clusters, they have knowledge about the game , experience, and will be more faster reaching the monopoly sooner or later OVER ALL. I think will better link the current servers they are plenty of room for all, and the economy will be always the same , same persons ruling with different characters , maybe a new boy for the club but not more. Not more servers please, link all , the economy can´t be different no really , only for "a while" the veterans players will dominate all clusters soon or later and the land can´t be untouched forever so why have 1.000 servers? either not is fair deleting the old ones as possibility, some players in the old clusters are helped this game paying along years .
  4. Bump!, we still recruiting more members for the alliance. Seguimos buscando gente para la alianza.
  5. Hola os deseo suerte, supongo que te referirás que sois la primera comunidad hispana en los nuevos servers, porque ya hay una alianza española y que también hemos tenido gente , en el server Deliverance ,allí somos un grupo de españoles pero en PVE. Saludos
  6. Are worse the humans ones , wih the griefting, or you mean human trolls ingame?
  7. Nice pics about trolls doing a raid , a shame that will not true would be interesting it in the game . Rumble well ... no comments.
  8. sorry for the delay, all sent
  9. Bump a new member in my village, still recruiting. Un nuevo miembro en mi aldea sigo reclutando.
  10. Bump 4 members in the alliance, we looking for more members. Cuatro miembros en la alianza buscamos más miembros.
  11. Hola, Fuerte Ibero, perteneciente a la alianza española "Hispania" recluta a nuevos miembros para la aldea. ¿Qué ofrezco?: 1-Parcelas para tu uso personal de mínimo 54 tiles , con ese tamaño podrás tener una casa bastante grande y cultivos y animales . 2-Vetas de zinc (muchas) , una veta de hierro de gran calidad ,una veta de oro y varias vetas de sal y sandstone (arenisca). 3-Un edificio comunal donde hacer labores de crafting. 4-Una parcela de 72 tiles de uso comunal para la agricultura. 5-Resto de servicios comunales: buzón para comerciar , recursos naturales dentro de la aldea , como la arcilla y el alquitrán, un bosque grande , animales y transporte comunal usando barcos o carros. 6-Seguridad, mediante dos torres de guardias en los extremos Este y Oeste de la aldea y un guardia templario ,aparte está vallada la aldea. 7-Estar dentro de la alianza Hispania para colaborar entre nosotros. -¿Qué pido? 1-Buen comportamiento. 2-Ser jugador activo en el juego. 3-Qué seas español o hables español. La aldea aún está en construcción, pero ya es funcional. Mapa de la aldea: English: Hello, Fuerte Ibero belonging Hispania alliance is recruiting new members for my village. What I offer?: 1- Plots for each villager at least from 54 tiles , with that size you could have a house pretty big , crops and animals . 2- A lot of Zinc veins, a utmost iron vein , gold and several salt and sandstone veins. 3- A communal building for crafting. 4- A communal plot of 72 tiles, for farming. 5-Communal services: mailbox, resources as clay, tar, a large forest,animals, communal transport like ships or carts. 6-Safety through two guard towers, at West and east sides from the deed, a templar guard and also the village is fenced. 7- The possibility to be member from Hispania alliance to cooperate with the allies. What I ask ? 1- A good behavior. 2- Be an active player . 3- To be a Spaniard or speaking spanish .