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  1. What Skipper said - any progress on this? I, for one, would dearly love to get upgraded textures into my Wurm Unlimited game to make it moar prity.
  2. +1. I'd live happily on a server with no aggro animals. I want to build and terraform and potter around like a demented hedge witch, not deal with stupid wildlife.
  3. Play Saints Row the Third probably and giggle a lot.
  4. Extended downtime

    I was busy getting my face munched by a spider when the server disconnected me this morning. Here's hoping I still have a face when it comes back online!
  5. Well, up to you - if you want to court madness trying to make premium out of in-game earnings, that's up to you. Your best bet is to hire yourself out as a general labourer for people, particularly digging. There are players with large deeds that don't really want to go through the effort of shifting all that dirt themselves. You can also sell bulk items where quality is not a (huge) consideration - mortar (sand+clay) and stone bricks spring to mind. Unfortunately most things for sale are only create-able by players with high end skills so you're going to struggle to make premium on new kid talent. That being said, sell yourself and you could get somewhere And like I said, the 20 skill cap is generous, you can certainly try the game for quite a bit before you "have" to sub up.
  6. 1. Is this game still alive? (obviously, but are there enough people playing to make it interesting and fun) The short answer is absolutely yes, but the longer answer is that it really depends on whether you rely on people to make your experience, or whether you prefer to create your own goals and fun. There are certainly enough players playing at any given time if you look at the numbers, but they are scattered over a variety of servers and its completely possible to log in for days at a time and see nobody in your local area, particularly if you deliberately went out and found an uninhabited place with the intentions of being a hermit. There is always global chat (both server-specific and all-servers) to have a conversation with people without having actual neighbors, if you like your social experience on your own terms. But "alive" in the sense that you log into a hub and there are 50 people running around at the auction house? No, that's not Wurm. If you are the kind of player that requires constant social interaction, your first thing in the game would be to find yourself a village to join so that you have compadres to hang out with. Going it alone is, often, very alone. 2. Is it and RP (role play) MMORPG? I guess you could (like joining a village that is 100% roleplay based and everybody acts out their part) but I've personally never seen it in this game. It might be out there! I casually slip into roleplay-light sometimes with my neighbors, but its not a "usual" thing by any stretch. 3. How complicated is the game? Can a complete noob like me get into it easy or I will need months to learn the ropes? Very, yes and no. Honestly, it depends on you and how you're geared. If you can't concentrate on what you're being told (by the tutorial, by the people in the help chat, by anybody you talk to that gives you advice), you're going to have a really hard time. Wurm isn't going to really feed you anything - this is one game where you cannot breeze the tutorial, because it's teaching you how to survive. And once you're out of the tutorial, its you, some starter tools and the world, my friend. Survive -- or don't, up to you. It's complicated in the sense that you need to learn from experience pretty quickly and you'll die quite a lot unless you get yourself into a village right away. Then the curve is somewhat less of a brick wall But honestly, pay attention to the tutorial, try out all the basic stuff you learned there right away and you can be self sufficient inside of a couple of days. Easily killed perhaps, but self sufficient. The truly complicated stuff comes with time. 4. Is the community good? By that I mean are there alot of trolls, hackers, cheaters and a-holes in general? I'm biased, but I think my server community is excellent (shout out to Deliverance!). I've never met a horrible person there and so many helpful ones I'd need another coffee to list them all. I assume bad guys are out there (maybe on the pvp servers?) though so your mileage will definitely vary. 5. Is it a pay to win game? I suppose so. I've never felt it really, but its true that putting real money into the game to purchase in-game currency can give you an immediate leg-up in the world. High quality armor and weapon will go a long way to keeping you intact in your newbie skin and that stuff is for sale all the time. You can even outright purchase somebody's account with their skilled-up character if you wish. Honestly, that's up to you. I've never felt worse for somebody else being better though and I prefer to earn my own skills, thanks. 6. How are new players treated? Will I get bashed by others every 5 minutes for my noobish mistakes? Confused, lost, frustrated new kid players are treated quite well on my server, assuming they are not jerks or asshats. Asking for help will net you lots of it, including the occasional samaritan who might even ride to your rescue while you huddle cowering in some precarious safety as a spider the size of house tries to eat your face off (assuming they can find you OR the spider ) Walking around with an entitled attitude however will land you in a bunch of hot water pretty quickly and you might find yourself all on your own to solve your problems. The servers are very community based, so a good attitude nets you back what you put in. Bad attitude? That comes back to you too. 7. Is the game still supported and is the community growing or dying? I am asking because the most current info I got about the game when I searched in google was from 2012-13 and that made me think that the game is going to "die" pretty soon. I've been in and out of Wurm a few times and while the community changes, there are always the 'old faces' that have been around forever, and new faces to meet. I've never felt the game was dying, but it does change and fluctuate so some months I've been crammed in with people all over the place and local chat hopping with chatter, and other times I'm the lonely hermitess on the hillside. Wurm is very much supported by the devs and the players and this forum has more action on it than a half dozen others I could name, if that's any indication. Something else I never got is this a free to play game? Wurm is a subscription based game, so not free-to-play. However the trial of the game is very generous in that you can download and play without restriction until your skills hit level cap at 20 (maximum is 100). You can play for about a month before you hit that cap (mileage varies depending on how hard you hit the game) so its nothing you have to worry about in your first three days. In your first three days, water and food will be your top priority, not your Blacksmithing skill. For me, the sub is coffee money, so I buy my month of play time with real dollars and don't sweat trying to "earn" it in game. That way lies madness.
  7. Dude. This is not even a question. Get it done!
  8. Well, that just makes me feel better about the whole thing, you have no idea.
  9. Chiclet's Thoughts On Deliverance: Nice place. Great neighbors so far; one of them wants to shower me in bulk storage bins (my hero!). My deed is currently a big, fat mud pit and I wouldn't want it any other way. Tonight's project is cheap assed fence for pretty horse to live in and be cosseted while actual stable is nowhere to be seen. Still feeling bad about Starfoxx's herd culling last night. Poor babies.
  10. If you're getting booted constantly (like, every minute), there's a problem with how your computer is handling the game or your internet provider or both. But I would suspect your computer. My work comp can't run Wurm because it uses a crappy Intel card and it's not worth the fight between drivers and settings to get it to work at anything approaching stable. My gaming rig at home is a smooth sailing experience. I disconnect every now and again (three times maybe in a couple of weeks) but my internet provider has a tendency to do this to me when I'm not playing anything at all, so I don't blame Wurm for it.
  11. This would be so excellent. +1 from me too. Level 70: Mad Scientist
  12. Well, your proposed system is geared to push the largest section of the playerbase into doing something they may actively dislike in order to achieve progression, pretty much because you like PVP. People don't play games to do something they hate. They play to do something they love. For a PVE player, its whatever floats their boat, be that building, crafting, collecting, exploration or, you know, fighting. Getting stronger and better in Wurm is a very rewarding experience and under this system, I wouldn't get better or stronger at all past a certain point - so even though I'm paying money to be premium, I have a crippled account. Again, turn it around. Make your system put the PVP people in the middle, with that forced maximum skill cap possible because of the 40ql ore vein availability, with the option to buy transmutation rods by grinding silver by making mortar until your eyes bleed or dumping more real money into the game on order to change that status quo, and I'll consider playing that game since it's your experience that will suffer, not mine - and I don't care what PVP players do to each other. If you won't put up with that, then I won't put up with that.
  13. Poor dude. Man, that's a helluva first experience and since, you know, in every OTHER game out there you start out squishing ten rats and turning in their little pelts and its no big deal, lots of new kids start with exactly that mentality. The kamikaze urge to kill that thing that keeps killing you is kinda ingrained into the gamer psyche. Sorry man, next time when something kicks your ass, do not keep going back for seconds, thirds and fourths. Expecting a different result by doing the same thing over and over again is a war of attrition at best and in Wurm, mobs laugh at you and your stack of corpses.
  14. I needed to reinvent myself after getting really tired of having the same online name for a decade, which had in turn been mashed together from an even older name and a writing project I was involved with at the time. It just didn't suit anymore. So I was thinking about what would describe me as I exist today, and I thought of 'chiclets' which were a couple of pieces of gum sold in a cute little package. They were very tasty, fun to chew but really didn't last very long. And that's perfect and should cover me for the next decade or so.