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  1. I have something like 30k iron lumps and growing
  2. So in this great game we all know and love, you can pave the ground with various bricks and stones. Slabs, whether it be ordinary rock or marble, sandstone or slate - they look fantastic. However, we also have "slabs" in metal forms: Metal Sheets. My suggestion is to allow metal sheets to be applied to packed dirt, and effectively act as a pavement. New metal pavement textures wouldn't have to be overly fancy. A simple flat gold(or silver, iron, copper, lead, steel, tin) texture across the tile would suffice. I've thought of a few examples of how this functionality would add more creativity to the game: Fancy capital-style cities, with streets, paved in gold and marble. True dwarven underground cities, paved in streets of steel or iron. Desert pyramids, paved in marble and topped with a pinnacle of gold. Wurmians! What do you think? Metal as a pavement? Lets hear it! ~Lei
  3. Well outlined and simple enough! I like it a lot! I think it would stir things up initially in those who are already the existing priests of the player Gods currently, but after the initial stir up, it could be a more streamline and intuitive way of doing it. +1
  4. Brickyard Hollows, y23/x26 (J16 in-game map) - name changed to "Scarborough" Please change name on map to suit! Thanks Panda!
  5. I'll take him! pm me here or in game @ Leifar
  6. Tall Iron Fences in Arched Walls So with all the new wall options its hard not to spam everything, searching combinations to get a creative product! I've been playing with fences inside arch walls since the functionality was added. It can have some super cool products. Recently, the tall iron fences were added in the new brick styles, and in my experiments I noticed a few... oddities. Tall fences cannot be built inside an arched wall. Adding this functionality would allow Wurmians to create some really neat dungeon scenes, jail cells, and unique barred-windows (similar to the portcullis wall but fancier). Unfortunately, its not possible right now. HOWEVER I noticed in my very recent endeavors underground that it was, in fact, possible. Unlike the surface, the underground doesn't care if your tall fences are in arches. The building (of the fence) must begin in the crafting window (not in the right click drop-down window) by right clicking the tile-border inside the arch and adding it to the crafting window. Which allows me to present you with the picture below: So how cool does that look, right? What problem does this create to make it not viable as a building option? Is it a bug that its possible underground? Or perhaps its a bug that its not possible above ground? Wurm Devs! Please let us be even more creative with our arched walls! Tall iron fences belong in T arches! The proof is in the pudding! (The picture above) ~Lei
  7. Getting creative with the new wall types, styles, and options! Pottery T Fences with Pottery High Fences with a Pottery Clad Reinforced Wall behind it!
  8. Logically, this makes sense. In the real world, why would you be able to build a well on top of a bridge? Unless piping and water pumps have been added to the game, its just unrealistic given the technology in the game. Its a shame for your water tile, but because your bridge is where it is, you gave up access to that water tile.
  9. Agreed. I dislike that idea as well.
  10. I assumed so@Tich. So I thought of ways to expand to code it so that it may be possible: So bridges appear on the same tile, right? They have two "surfaces" - what you paved the "dirt" tile with, as well as what you paved the bridge surface with. Maybe using this logic it could be applied to this - have one graphic displayed on the ground surface and the other displayed on the ceilings surface. In theory its already being applied to bridges, so it is possible. As said above, the same is done in buildings. The tile of the dirt(the ground), the graphic of the floor in a building, and the graphic of the roof on the building all appear on the same "tile" but still have no problem being graphically displayed. In all reality, the game is already displaying two different graphics for one tile (the floor and the rock ceiling) All that needs added is the optionality to change the graphical texture on the rock ceiling. Just a few thoughts I had about it. Nothing is impossible 99.9% of the time, its just problem solving. Hope that my theory can maybe help in the clad ceiling department!
  11. Wurmians! I've been working on this crazy underground tunnelling project. With the new clad walls and Cave paving, Wurm tunnels can look insanely amazing! However! One thing that would make these tunnels properly castle-dungeon-like is the ability to clad the ceilings! I mulled it over with the options. On one hand, you could have it just mirror the floor (as in: make it paving) - But I think that's just out. It would be to repetitive and would probably cause vertigo in a lot of players (Which way is up!?) Clad is 100% the way to go. It would both match the walls below as well as look more logical (mortared-together bricks, not ones just simply stacked in the dirt like the paving graphic suggests). Below I have posted a picture of an intersection in my tunnels. As you can see, a great amount of my square-footage is made up of ugly rock. It'd be super neat if it was possible to turn all that grey rock into beautiful red-brick arched-ceilings! Wurm Devs! You've given us so much in the underground department, but we want more! Consider the ceilings! They need equality! ~Lei
  12. Cave Paving

    I'd say for best appearance, make it show a normal cave floor. (though that doesn't make much logical sense) I assumed that's the reason it wasn't implemented. Gets tricky, but anything to make it happen would be amazing!
  13. In my recent endeavours with underground paving, I noticed that it is not the same as above-ground paving. Much to my dismay, there is one huge difference. You can only pave an entire tile. The option to "pave nearest corner" is not available. With above ground paving, paving the nearest corner does not only make nice corners, but makes super nice paving-patterns possible. Wurm Devs, please bring paving equality to the underground dwellers! We want fancy roads through our dark tunnels too!
  14. Anyone have any idea what the 100 shield smithing title might be? I'd love to add it to the wiki!
  15. WTB Staff of Land

    Could have even logged off with someone that will never return to the game. Shame that happens. History gets lost that way.
  16. WTB Staff of Land

    There should be more than one - there was at least 2 challenge servers - And rumour has it that it was given at the 10 year wurm anniversary for something or another.
  17. As the title reads, I'm interested in contacting an owner/owners of the Staff of Land and seeing what price it would cost to take it off your hands! PM Leifar in game, or message me here on the Forums!
  18. +1! It'd even be cool to save the last charge of a tome or something, so you can put it on display in your library! (ridiculous, but also would totally do that.)
  19. Agreed, but it'd have to be done in a way that still feels authentic for the Wurm world. Maybe magic glowing mushrooms, or valrei items that cast ambient light. (Imagine walking through a thick cedar grove at dusk with bioluminescent mushrooms giving off low light all along the forest floor) +1 for fancy ambient lights
  20. I more or less knew it was planned in the future, I just wanted to throw out some ideas of how it could be done. Good to hear for sure though that it will be happening eventually.
  21. Personal Goals Revamp So this game has this wonderful motivational goals list that is randomly generated from varying difficulties of tasks. Everyone has a different set of tasks. The player is supposed to have these "goals" in the back of their mind when encountering things in their normal Wurm life as things they should complete them eventually. This would be a really big incentive to do things out of the ordinary and inspire me as a player to branch out and do skills I wouldn't normally do just to obtain the "goal". However, there is a problem. A quick look over my "personal goals" and going down the list, many of them are possible. Some are very challenging, like cutting an absurd amount of trees, or making a ton of wine. But one of mine in particular is literally impossible to complete on freedom. "Become a demigod". From my understanding of demigod, its impossible to obtain on freedom. If I were to go to the place it is possible (Epic) - my "personal goals" would reset. So though I have this list of really good motivators, I can never complete them all, and thus, never receive the reward that is fabled to exist at the completion of the personal goals. Now, with that out of the way I do think it should be nearly impossible to complete them all(keep the tasks challenging but possible given enough time). Alternatively I suppose the reward for completing the personal goals could change to something still rare, but a little more mundane(Maybe a rare cosmetic item that is non-tradable(instant Wurm status-symbol)... or even a rare title). This subject has come up with me several times with other players, and I wanted to bring it to attention that it should be looked at(if it isn't already) to encourage more players to be spontaneous and branch out from the normal daily Wurm-grind! What do you think? -Lei
  22. Don't stop making these! You two are part of the great wurm community, and your professionalism in casual game videos adds something that makes me love our community so much!
  23. +1 for ceilings! I've thought this many times, thanks for voicing the idea publicly!