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  1. I request image updates on this regularly!
  2. +1 for sure. Recently one of my neighbors on Pristine built catapults on top of castle walls, looks amazing! More seige machines(even for decorative purposes) would be nice!
  3. So, with the new look of merchants and traders, I've developed a problem: Everytime I go to buy something, the entire time I envy their robes! Now I agree Wurm does have many different armors, but this would be different. Would not be armor Would be purely for looks(Similar to how players wear cloth armor now) Not worn for protection Allows fast movement speed Nice with the addition of the new sorcery ability!(sorcery robes/mage's robes) Clothing and robes would not be considered armor. It would provide little protection in combat, if any at all. There could be many different models, and each model would be dyable. Armor should not be dyable as many of the materials are undyable in the real world(chainmail, plate armor, and dragonhide dying would defeat the purpose of the colored dragons.) Clothing could allow some of the more casual players(players not entirely interested in combat) more freedom to express themselves in their wealth and interests. There could even be clothing that is trade-specific! This has been brought up many times before, but I'm curious what Wurmians think about the way I've proposed it. .
  4. Big update here. I added all of the deeds from the Western Warden's Alliance, as well as a few extras from the local area. Also included are the roads (in white). Serenity cove is a market town, so post that accordingly. They have 2 merchants and a trader, always stocked with good stuff. All other deeds are homesteads.
  5. High Harbor x-3, y-16 top left corner On plateau Relatively new deed with hopes of setting up a small market, shipyard, and bulk goods sales. Has access to public clay tile and perhaps soon selling slate. Contact Mayor Leifar to request more information.
  6. So, with people getting very creative with multistory, many things have become a common sight with major deeds. One of the most notable things I've seen (at least on Pristine) is lighthouses! There are several within sight of Blossom (the starter deed) and all of them have failed my nighttime expectations while sailing! The Problem: Lighting. Indoor lighting's render distance is far too short, even with arched walls at the very top of said lighthouse, to even reach five tiles away from the base. This essentially makes a lighthouse pointless (other than for your daylight aesthetics) I've tried several things, including removing the top floor, and just making a flat floor, as well as simply bashing the walls of the top floor, which, because it still exists within the structure, the lights still pertain to the original lighting guidelines for indoors. Solution 1: Create a new item for this. It could be called a "Brazier". In past suggestions, I've seen ideas including "Bonfires". Something similar to that could even work. Simply put: The light would pass through certain wall types which technically would (or I should say should) pass through... I.E.: Windows or arched walls. The light would also extend a further distance than lamps, and of course would require a far greater fuel source to do so. Crafting materials could include metals as well as pottery, and could come in various sizes, shapes, and designs. Obviously it would be a bit more difficult to create than lamps, and would require a lot more materials to craft. (as it would be of a size relative to a bulk storage bin. Solution 2: Fix arched walls. Arched walls could allow light to pass through from within as though there was no wall there, or as though the lamp was planted outside of a building. This would make it so you would be able to plant lamps on a higher story of a building, with surrounding arched walls, and the light would escape and render at a distance which a boat would be able to aim for, even in the foggiest weather or darkest night. I understand that lighthouses may not be on everyone's agenda, but they're just a small outlet of creativity for people owning port or harbor deeds. If the issue is resolved via the brazier idea, it could even add a creative lighting source outside of lighthouses, and allow deed owners new options for their deed lighting. What do you think, Wurmians?
  7. I completely want to apologize for those few mistakes I made on the Serenity deeds. Silly mistakes. In addition, I agree with Morna. The icons are just ... huge. If Darkmalace could do something to scale them down, I think his maps would be more effective. I had SO much trouble trying to squeeze in all the deeds which are there, but the icons are far larger than the actual land the deeds own. You lose a bit of graphical quality in doing so, but it becomes more appealing and useful as a traveler and as a resident in an area.
  8. Instead of explaining in text, I figured a map would convey our entire region better. Here's the entire west-central forest/mountains/coast: Many new deeds have been added to the map with this update, as well as a clay tile, a small pond, and the goblin king mountain to the far west. Another quirk I added is a new feature - the lighthouse, which I imagine with 1.0 and multistory, will start popping up more in abundance. Some of the preexisting deeds I reorganized to be located more accurately to how they are in the game. Lastly, I removed the land bridge between Cape Hazard and the mountain deed (Cant remember the name of that deed) to the north - there is simply no land bridge there, or ever was. Hope this sorts our area out, and thanks again, Darkmalace, for all your hard work on this community map! Great work, really!
  9. Also, Serenity's End is on the shore east of Moonscrye Manor, not west. Bit of inaccuracy there As well as Serenity's Cliff, which is also further east. Stirling HIlls is just south of Serenity's End, in the forest Utopia is just south of Stirling HIlls, on the north shore of the forest pond
  10. According to Arson (via wikipedia), the term Sound does fit. Mik's right too, the play on words is awesome! Seahorse... horses in the sea! Come on, its perfect!
  11. Seahorse Sound! (Still discussing #7) Now there's a name I could agree on! Once we had our first ropes, it was to the water to gather those swimming herds! I think its very unique to call them "seahorses" because... well, they were swimming! The name fits, its catchy, and it has a +1 from Lei!
  12. I do like Feudal Sound for #7. There is so much tension between neighboring deeds all along the shore. Friendly, normal Freedom Isle tension(Parameter arguments, etc), but tension nonetheless. Bay of Quarrels is a good one as well!
  13. I disagree with sunset bay for #7. Sunset bay is so.... typical. We need a name that surpasses all other names. A name for which this bay/sound/inlet can truely stand for. Though sunsets are beautiful, I feel as though it does not speak for the bay fully.... Unfortunately, I still cant come up with something better myself though. Good idea anyways, Morna!
  14. I've always liked this idea. Though it would add to the models in the game, I say it would add such an awesome customization to the game. Especially outside of Epic. It could be custom for either your deed, your alliance, or your kingdom. Deed and alliance heraldry could be created via an in-game window, and could cost in game coin. Here's a design I could use for my new deed on Pristine:
  15. People of Wurm!, With Christmas just around the corner now, and snowmen and christmas trees activated, the Christmas Spirit is in the air! What decorations have you done to make your deed a little more seasonal? Here's my deed, Stirling Point, on the new Pristine Server: Do you like my tree toppers? Post your pictures here, and we'll see how Wurm decorates for the season! Ninja Edit: Here's me as Santa himself!:
  16. Though I was mistaken. Goblin Leader is at 30Y 5X, not 35Y 5X as I previously stated. One mountain north... sorry for my mistake.
  17. Can confirm - Goblin leader is at 5X 35Y, at top of mountain. I'm deeded beside it... very pesky to say the least...
  18. Stirling Point - located at 6x 30y between Serenity's End and Serenity's Cliff - on mountain cliff which forms a point above the first rock layer MAP: Screenshot:
  19. So, last night, a bit of genius came to a few of my fellow villagers and me. As we were building the town stables on our Epic deed, we noticed our horses kept wandering away, to the point sometimes where we litterally spent 5 minutes looking for them (They're fast beasties). And, thinking logically, we said things along the lines of "I wish I could tie it to the building, so it wouldn't run away" ... and here's the bit of genius part... "Why don't we have hitching posts?!" You see them all over the place in certain areas of the world. They're still very common today, especially in rural areas, and surely would have fit the era for which the Wurm world is based in... It simply makes sense. Why cant we tie our horses to a hitching post? One would simply have to lead a horse with a rope, and then right click the hitching post to "Hitch" it, similar to how you hitch the animals to a large cart. The game coding would be rather simple, and be borrowing the code from carts but with a stationary point instead of a mobile one. The graphics side wouldn't have to be too elaborate, and I'll include my idea of what they could look like. The crafting would include forging a "Large Iron Ring" and using it on a shaft (or log, perhaps). When the item was finished, you'd plant it like a lamp post, and then it would be ready for use! Now I know what you're thinking. "It would eliminate the purpose of fences" - as well as pens in general. A way that could be countered is that the creature does not eat while hitched. It would be more of a temporary parking place. An example: - Oh, you're visiting a friend but dont want to lead your horse around all day, or ask access to their pens? Just use the local settlement hitching post! Here's what it may look like: Wurmians, what do you think!?