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  1. Great response, Keenan! Thanks so very much, that is exactly what I wanted to hear. The run down of the past few months make sense, but its even more understandable hearing it from someone on the team, especially you. Everyone on Wurm Unlimited is super excited for this update and I for one am very excited to hear it is very soon on the way. The dev team gets a lot of slack sometimes, but the past few years of updates have been especially amazing. The player base is very involved in the progress and development of the game, and that's a huge reason why I love Wurm so much. It's kept me here these last seven years, and I am sure many more to come! Keep up the great work!
  2. I figured as much, but wanted to hear it from the horses mouth! We've been discussing it a lot lately in my unlimited circle. Thanks so much for responding quickly Retro, you are the man!
  3. Today marks the 168th day we've gone without an update for Wurm Unlimited, just short of six months. While I know a lot is coming down the pipeline as far as updates from Wurm Online, I'm just curious, is there any news about when our next update will be? Many of us over here are very excited for what's been added and are very hungry to get our hands on the new patches! Any news is good news, we'd just like to have some sort of timeline to quantify the time we have to suffer the wait! Devs, Retro, is there any news on this front?
  4. +1 --- All your suggestions are amazing ideas, but need to be well thought out. I'll take your water suggestion idea, and simplify it. I'd love to have water tables at different elevations, not just at water level zero. They could be added in a "natural spring" type of system, where randomly around the terrain, water tables could be generated in a small, defined area, allowing for high-mountain ponds, lakes, and "streams". Digging near them could be made a little limited as the smaller water tables wouldn't go until the end of the map like the zero water table does, and digging near them would expose the unnatural edges of the water table game object. Maybe you could get some sort of error message like "The action would drain the pond". Flowing water, of course, would be more difficult to add and require a complete rework of the existing water system. While this wasn't what you were asking for, and what we all would hope for, I'd settle for at least something like this! Surely random little water tables called natural springs could be added at random elevations!
  5. While Sindusk's departure from the Wurm dev team is terrible, at least with his resignation many problems that are behind the scenes have been brought to light. Instead of berating the Wurm dev team's poor leadership, we should be encouraging change that will better the game we all know and love. Calls for protest and boycott will do nothing but hurt the game more. Hopefully no one here wants to see the dev team (and Wurm as a whole) fail. We need to encourage the restructuring of said policies so that the next volunteer developer will stay with the team and further the game.
  6. Small Bell on Fishing Rod

    I absolutely love this idea! Though I have yet to try the new fishing system, having a bell seems that it would alleviate a lot of the problems folks are upset about! Also love a real use for the small bell! +1
  7. Curtains

    Yes please! Windows in this game seem so awkward. Like a square hole in the wall with no real purpose in the world. What I'd really like is glass windows, either instead, or in addition to curtains. Spice up those windows!
  8. Wire Hedge

    Casting Enchant on a tile border. Being able to freeze the aging by casting the path of love's "Enchant" would be nice. No one likes pruning hedges every month.
  9. Single hitch light vehicles

    I, too, have been thinking about these! Would be such a nice feature to have carriages of all sizes! Single seaters, two seaters(like chariots) and even giant ones like the full carriages (think Cinderella's pumpkin carriage) would be so nice! Vehicles strictly for transportation of people, while not necessary (as large carts already fill this role), would add another option when choosing ground vehicles. Just because there are other objects that fill these roles does not mean we shouldn't add more variety. Variety, after all, is the spice of life!
  10. The Screenshots Thread

    The new Wagoner! I suggest they make personal wagons have the option to have that crate orientation on the inside, that looks so nice from all angles! Less like someone lives in the thing, and more like someone uses it for work (Like we all do!)
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    In the spirit of the season!
  12. I do agree that my post is flawed now that I see it from other crafters perspectives. Imping items really is the money maker. What I'm saying is some skills dont have often-used items that make them to need imping often. How often do you have to imp a pottery amphora? not often. We need more items that are used often, so they take damage and require imps at the same rate that dragon armor needs imped.
  13. WTS Last of This Lot !

    I'd like to buy the Glass Flask. Mail it to Leifar, thanks!
  14. Crafting Product Profitability Wurm has a plethora of wonderful skills, each one with it's own functions, uses, and perks. I prefer to separate skills into four categories:Gathering, Crafting, Combat, and Leisure. I want to focus here on the crafting skills. The crafting skill category consists of 8 crafting skills. These are skills that take items from gathering skills and use them to produce a product in the game. The seven skills include: Carpentry, Smithing, Tailoring, Masonry, Pottery, Alchemy, Rope-making, and Cooking. Each one is unique to the products it produces, and many of them have sub-skills. However, even though the products from each skill are unique to itself, only two of the skills have high-end products. Smithing and Tailoring, both of which have products that sell for high-coinage value. Smithing has the creation of dragon scale armor with the use of its sub-skill, Plate Armor Smithing. Tailoring, just the same, has the production of dragon hide armor, which uses the sub-skill Leather-working. Unless an item is won or given as a reward, or maybe if an item is fantastic, no other items sell for as much as the dragon armors do. Which sort of makes those sub-skills the best skills to have if you want to participate in the economy. What I'm suggesting here is that maybe the other skills could get an economy handout. To think about how to do this, we can track back to why smithing and tailoring are profitable. They each take items dropped by uniques, and turn it into a very useful item to have. So its gathering process is the product of a unique fight. Perhaps the other skills lacking profitable products could get a gathering item from the result of a unique fight too. For example, maybe the troll king could drop a felled tree(its club) of a wood type unobtainable by any other source. This when used in the creation of a weapon (think combat stave, fancy clubs[expand that club skill gains!] or like the Staff of Land) could allow the player to have the advantage in combat, and then be both rare, and therefore valuable. ideally the item would be of equal value to that of dragon armors. That of course is just an example of what could be done. Wurm's economy fluctuates and for the devs to know what adding any given item will do to the market and to the game is nearly impossible. Personally I would just like to see all the crafting skills be equally as profitable, and therefore equally useful. Making that happen would help balance both the economy and the professions within the game, and I think may even make the skill system feel more vast than it already is. Tell me below what you think of making all the crafting skills profitable! ~Lei
  15. Manual Roof Building

    +100, this is something I would love to see this myself! SO many possibilities you could create with this. It's been suggested before I'm sure, but Icbash's picture edits do it justice, I think.