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  1. So you read that right, a FANTASTIC BONE! This little guy was dropped by a Forest Giant on the 15th of March, 2021. I expect this auction will either be very heated, or the opposite, due to the rarity of this item! These have gone for more coin than this in the past, and on the Southern Freedom Isles as well. We're going to start this out at Five Gold Coins, and see how much further it will go. Snipe Protection is exceptionally long so that everyone can get a chance to outbid the last guy! With Northern Freedom Isles being so new, this may be one of the very first of this item to exist here! Starting bid: 5g Increment (minimum): 10s Reserve: No Buyout: None Sniper Protection: 12 hours Private Bids: Not accepted I will notify the winner either here or in game to arrange delivery!
  2. Hey everyone! Traveling across the many highways of Wurm, you will often times encounter a truly magnificent bridge! With the influx of new players because of the steam launch, I'm asking everyone for any pictures of bridges that got you really inspired to do something impressive! The bridge pictures can be something you built yourself, or just something you passed by and had to take a screenshot of. I particularly fancy bridges that span from building to building, island to island, and from mountaintop to mountaintop. So citizens of Wurm! Let's see your bridges!
  3. Thanks for making it fun for us all!
  4. Forest Giant Found!

    Members of the Nor' Eastern Waters Alliance discovered a rogue Forest Giant wandering a local maple grove! After some wrangling, the beast was tricked into a stony prison where he remains interred until Friday, March 19th at 6PM EST. Credit goes to Kinnick for finding it and LittleNoodle and Sinnjinn for penning it! All dropped and butchered items will go to the alliance for distribution, but of course all the fun and blood is available for everyone in attendance! This party is going down right after the Black Dragon Hatchling slaying on Friday night, so after it is killed, everyone attending that slaying is invited to this one! Also see: Location: Since this fight is planned in conjunction with the previous fight happening an hour beforehand, listed above, Ill explain the route from one fight to another. The deed the giant is located on is called "Don't Dead Open Inside", and is right beside "The Baguette and the Frog". On the Cadence community map, its located right north of the deed "Googley Woogley", though in real time that deed is long disbanded so dont look for it in game. The route on the map is believed to be paved and highway, but is drawn as a general direct path so it may not be. Cant wait to see you there!
  5. Wurm is a world of many skills. We use these skills to find a place to live, improving your home and lands, and making your place in the community both local and global. But there is also a whole world that was here before we arrived. And not just one world, a universe. Wurm is not Earth, its an entirely different realm. With different planets full of different creatures, all governed by Gods unique to this place. All of this should have lore, right? Stories from people before us. Stories from maybe the Gods themselves. We can find a little bit of information in the texts given to use in religion. Just enough info to imply there is more to this than a sandbox that the players create. Even the monsters here on our planet of Wurm. Trolls, lava fiends, goblins - all humanoid creatures. Surely they have some intelligence, some culture. But the game doesn't give us any information about that. They're just simple monsters to slay. We have to use our imagination - and that's fine for some. But wouldn't it be even more interesting if there was a universal way to this world? To the creatures themselves? Maybe Trolls could have a language that the player could decipher. Maybe Goblins could be convinced to engage in trade and commerce with the humans. All of this building on defining the world of Wurm. Rifts open, sending monsters from another world, Jackal, and yet we still don't know why. Clearly if they can travel between planets, they are very sentient and intelligent. Logically we could definitely communicate with at least those creatures if we could just convince them to stop fighting us. And who knows, maybe they hold information about the universe we all exist in. Information about the Gods, and even greater access to new magics. Sorry, I got carried away. All of this is just examples, things in the world of Wurm that could be improved upon to add detail to our in game environment. While Wurm Online is the ultimate sandbox, and a place the players create, we could be creating a civilization in a world that has ancient history and culture. I suggest that the developers give the game a real story in which we make our own!
  6. Are these still available? I'm interested in the pickaxe skin, message Leiphy if still available please! Thanks!
  7. Cadence Community Map

    Nov 20, 2020 5:52:52 AM - upkeep disbanded Lunarmines LunarMines (3270, 1607) disbanded, please remove from map Thanks!
  8. Cadence Community Map

    The cave canal from Serpent's Pass bay to Spectral Lake is nearing completion. The canal is passable by all boats, as it is 20 dirts deep. From 3230, 1276 To 3229, 1328 Thanks!
  9. Cadence Community Map

    Troll's Vintage (3202, 1323) has been disbanded and can be removed from the map
  10. Cadence Community Map

    Rising Sun (3209,1269) was renamed to Astramere under new ownership! Thanks!
  11. Cadence Community Map

    Scarborough (3138, 1381)
  12. We moved because the area we had settled on Harmony was a bit crowded to say the least. Found a huge area on Cadence on the Waterfront, my nearest neighbor is outside of local chat! Very nice new server!
  13. Scarborough - (1291, 414)