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  1. looking for 2 male horses, 3-5 speed, preferably black, and with a good name. either pick up or delivery works. im in the northern desert
  2. i have too much dirt as it is, so you can keep it
  3. could go to any port city, any map. i imagine the standard 10i per action would apply
  4. Looking for some gold lumps, about 100 will do. Ql at least 60
  5. i can come help, but wont be able to until saturday or sunday. ill bring three workers
  6. Remove Caliban X25 Y18, and place Lycaeus X40 Y13. We have a trader, merchant, and mailbox. Thanks
  7. Wtb 1K Dirt

    still looking? i have some lying around, can deliver to nearest harbor
  8. how much would it cost to come to exo for a few mole senses? im on the north east side, at the great desert
  9. ill take the stone chisel. send to Trynton. thanks