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  1. Anyone missing Wart?

    Heya Eckin, used to play with Doug when I was up on Lake Vrock, hasn't logged in in over 900+ days, so would say its either keep for yourself or let go in the wild
  2. +1 not a bad idea, especially for those people that like to travel around different servers and for those on Xan , where a 'friends deed' may be a lot further away than 10-30 mins on a cart/wagon. even if the decay rate was much higher so lasts maybe 2 days at the most would still be nice to know that you have a 'safe' spot to log off even for those dreaded random server restarts that seem to happen just after you decide to travel somewhere.
  3. Auld Lang Syne

    Well was doing a monthly animal cull around my deed and found this shiny little chest no where near a starter town and better late than never. Cheers Retrograde the champagne will look good on the dining room table.
  4. just tried and finally managed to log in so just a network issue somewhere and as for the reinstall it is Wurm after all, so even a little thing like holding your tongue in the right spot while clicking 'play' can seem seem to cause issues at time but still need that all important wurm time.
  5. I seem to be having a few issues loading in to any character I have at the moment different locations but all on Xanadu. seems to want to load then just gets stuck at a certain point. I have also tried reinstalling the game and java, just seems odd that only an hour or 2 before hand was working fine, so any idea what it could be?
  6. I had this problem a while back and as far as I know having a gate or door like that joining a bridge tile will still let creatures pass. I ended up having to destroy the bridges I had and just build a dirt slope to fix mine so hopefully you have an easier fix.
  7. Looking north up Hammer lake, must admit its a better sight than what it used to be
  8. I take it Xan is down for longer as well? noticing pristine Pop rising on the server status and yet poor old Xan is 0/0
  9. Hey again, could I get another added please Co Ords 2860, -4640 Name : Port Arthur East right next to Van Diemen's Land Another deed of mine Cheers
  10. Tree Hights

    yeah that's kinda helped in the past, but been wondering about true height as in 'dirt' heights
  11. Tree Hights

    Yeah sorry, should of added that
  12. Tree Hights

    Ok bear with me, this problem has been nagging me for a few years now and haven't really found much Info about it. I have been making multi-tiered levels for my new forestry industry and for the life of me can't seem to work out the proper heights of the trees so they don't block the awesome view I have of the lake I live on, so I am wondering if there are any Wurmers out there that may have the heights of the different tree types. Not sure if the information is available anywhere in/on Wurm unlimited (don't have and prob never will, I love my online game). Any info would be very handy and Cheers in advance
  13. Any details on Gary spells around at all other than what the wiki has?
  14. just a thought, could we get the lake names added as well some time? it may help alot of players myself included
  15. just noticed a deed on the map no longer there ' Soul's Rest ' just North West of Linton. also ' freedich ' west along the same highway and Damines Port
  16. Just had 2 cared for horses die while hitched to a wagon while parked on deed and on chanted grass on Xanadu Horse 1 :[02:20:06] venerable hardstrong. Male Gold No rune Branded Horse 2 :[02:20:15] venerable raidflint. Male Gold No rune Branded both died some time on the 8th Nov. none had any disease The tile per creature ratio of this deed is 22.72973. Optimal is 15.0 or more. This is a good figure. There are 39 creatures currently branded. also noticed a heap of normal aged creatures like sheep/cows/bulls/horses dead around the outskirts of my deed and very rarely see any local in my location as you need to get here by boat.
  17. +1 I can understand not being able to transfer general everyday player made items cross servers, but it would be nice to have all the gifts that we received over the years transferred so we can make use of the place objects patch. A few more gnomes would look nice standing guard around the deed
  18. +1 would make it a nice way keep/sell booze if you lived in a well traveled area. perfect for road side taverns.
  19. Well latest update just watched a slow troll walk through the 2nd locked gate which is part of the temp 'airlock' system that I have set up.....
  20. Hi there, I would love to have my 2 deeds added to the map, first one is : Van diemen's Land @ 2829 - 4643 (at the old Frankenburg Site) and the 2nd is : Hammerdown Port N Customs @ 2619 - 4214 right on the shore line of coast Also Perpetual Harmony just above the 2nd deed is no longer there. Cheers
  21. Well back from a 2 week holiday to log in to see a lovely slow troll standing guard at my deed token, so I do believe that I need to fix a few more things
  22. Hope this will helps. http:// i added a 2nd gate on the inside of deed to stop them from entering until I can sort out a better bridge
  23. is this just a 'glitch' or is it actually meant to work like that?
  24. Heya's, in the past few weeks I have had 2 slow trolls pass through a locked gate on my deed border, on the perimeter side there is a wooden bridge. replaced the lock and changed perms a few times now but still seems to be happening. to replicate issue just need troll on the bridge and stand just inside the gate. Any help or info about this would be appreciated.
  25. Awesome Colours and great service. Highly recommended for all your painting needs and super fast delivery. Thanks again.