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  1. Deed : Walden [1360,2040] Highway : Start [1354,2054] , End [1354,2180] Guard Tower : Xrelik 818 [1375,2063]
  2. +1 and I don't have any issues when using them on a moving boat when commanding, just select the spyglass and right click on it to 'spy' seems to work for me. just tried clicking on the knarr with it activated and it does stop after a few seconds but when used on most items in the Inv seems to work.
  3. it's the slaying, at the site and geting 3-7 min lag spikes 309 in local
  4. +1 plus on a side note, bring in an option to select what trait to remove with Genesis, Make Horse Breeding Great Again
  5. this happened to me a few years ago while holding a 'cursed' HOTA statue, after an hour or so of trying to relog I used an alt to send in a support ticket. was finally resolved after a few tries of a GM 'kicking' that toon off the game. was a fun experience that led to a hotfix of colour changes to the statues so no more 0,0,0 coloured HOTA's
  6. Heya, would like to get removed please. Hammerdown Port N Customs at 2617,4217 Cheers
  7. yes, even with bed and on deed just tried to log my alt out off deed and took around 6 mins to fully log out, yet a random disconect from server while traveling was instant log out. Random disco [02:09:25] Helica lost link.[02:09:25] Helica left the world.[02:09:30] Helica has logged in on Xanadu. then closed the client at around 02:09:40 then got [02:14:54] Helica lost link.[02:15:55] Helica left the world. (off deed in a cave) as of tonight sleeping in a bed on deed gave both my toons instant log out, so yet to try with sleeping.
  8. been getting the same issues for all 4 of my accounts for the last week or so, all on deed no combat actions, and generally just standing around to check deed info. Java updated and like others once game is shut down nothing in the task manager. Kind of glad Epic is dead and I no longer play over there cause this issue would kind of suck
  9. if I can scrounge some more favor I will be able to summon as well if that will help at all
  10. Will def be there, the meeting point is a deed of mine will bring 1other toon, my Fo healer for the journal task if that is ok, should be able to run them both while fighting
  11. think the talk is a preference of a large enough area to build and if possible low enough to create a 'river' towards it, but still throwing idea's around and looking into locations.
  12. 12 or 13 bsb's full of shards I will happily donate for the cause
  13. Definitely will be in on this, now just the fun job of finding a start location