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  1. The entire purpose of the Steam version is to bring in more money for the devs. A side effect is that some of the new players from Steam *might* check out the current servers as well, but that's absolutely not the goal. The goal is income, pure and simple. A divided player base is irrelevant. This isn't an effort to bring in more players to the current servers, no matter what anyone says.
  2. I don't think this is the main reason for the low number of active players. Wurm Online suffers from the entire design of Wurm Online, where it's supposed to take AGES to get anything done. In a fairly large guild of gamers I was once a member of, over 100 people, only one other member could stand to play the game at all. Sitting in front of a stone wall in a mine for three or more minutes doing nothing but hitting the same hot key over and over until the wall finally breaks, or sitting in front of a forge, or a pile of logs, etc. NOBODY wants to do that in a game, other than a very very tiny select few. Even I hate that aspect of the game, but I enjoy the freedom of a sandbox game with terraforming, etc. So I suffered through the incredibly boring parts. When Wurm Unlimited came out, and the action timers could be increased to a point where most of the game was fun, I never went back to WO. Even that didn't sway the members of the guild. It's just not a fast paced game, and that's what 99% of gamers want, in my opinion.
  3. @ZeraThe base bounty value is a calculation based on the creature's strength. There isn't a lookup table that says a large spider is worth 10 copper, each individual creature has a variable strength based on condition, age, etc. so they also have a variable base bounty value. You can adjust how much each condition contributes to the base, adjust how much each template creature varies from the default, etc. You can't know the base bounty value because it's so variable. So, bountyMultiplier is just the final adjustment after all of the other calculations are completed. The calculations happen for each individual creature killed, at the time they are killed. Hope that makes sense.
  4. Custom Maps

    Probably because of Brash's post:
  5. This feature is for enabling the player to be able to alter the game's graphics locally in a better format, instead of replacing the images directly in graphics.jar. This is similar to the old texture packs for Minecraft, this is not a replacement for serverpacks for things like new creature/item images, maps, etc. Right?
  6. Kindling should be added to the "no fail" list. There's absolutely no such thing as "useless" kindling.
  7. RMT restrictions are for Player to Player transactions, not Player to Publisher. There absolutely is a difference.
  8. Note that the system was intended to allow each server to add, modify, and remove cooking recipes, so the list *could* be different than the base list.
  9. I don't think the difference is that big, especially when comparing the numbers of concurrent players on each WO server vs. the popular WU servers. Fix the bugs in WU as promised.
  10. The Wurm Unlimited client requires Steam. You cannot use the WO client to connect to a WU server.
  11. If only the Wurm devs did step 3...
  12. And you're releasing these server and client mods for everyone to use, or are they going to remain exclusive to your server? If the later, then I agree, nobody will bother unless they have some vendetta against you or your server, but I'm guessing not many people will join your server with those requirements (manually downloading and updating the client mod often). If you're releasing these mods for general public use (which is the purpose of this thread, by the way) then yes, I can see one or more people capable of modding the game maintaining a "fixed" version of the client mod. Depends on how popular it gets, how many servers implement, etc. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don't really care either way. I play on servers that don't have a problem with the QOL client mods I like to use, and as I read the news about the developers feelings about WU, I'm playing less anyway.
  13. This is all just my opinion, so take it as you will... The target group in this discussion is the "Dishonest Player". Honest players will obey the server rules set down by the server owners, and that is likely the overwhelming majority of players, unless the server rules are particularly draconian, I guess. The dishonest player doesn't need to be able to hack a client side mod, or the client itself. All they need to be able to do is ask Google for a hacked version someone else has done already. If they're really motivated they can watch a few YouTube tutorials and do it themselves. Yes, "openly spread such a hacked client mod" doesn't have to be a thing. There were (and probably still are) hacked versions of Wurm Online's client that were distributed on the sly but discoverable if you knew what you were searching for. They had minimaps, ESP, etc. In WO. Let that sink in.
  14. Advertising is incredibly expensive, and Code Club can't even afford to hire a full staff of developers... Where's the ad money going to come from?
  15. Switched my Shares

    I would *love* a strictly bugfix update for WU. There are plenty, some of them (like rendering issues causing invisible creatures, etc.) are game breaking. Nothing related to Jackal is needed in WU. I would be willing to bet that the income from selling WU was greater than silver sales over the last four years. I could be wrong, but WU is not a freeloader by any means.