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  1. .MAP file format?

    Each .map file is basically a dump of a two dimensional array. The possible values of each node are unique to that file. For example, rock_layer.map is the height of each point, map_cave.map holds information about each tile (type, actions remaining, etc), and so on. Take a look at the Wurm API post pinned at the top of the Tools sub forum for more information and code. Terrain gen from a byte array won't be as simple as you think. Wurm has two layers, rock and dirt. They're two different height maps, with dirt on top of rock. If the two map files have the same height value for a given node, then rock is exposed at the surface...
  2. Oops, I got my SQL engines mixed up... UPDATE `BODYPARTS` SET `LASTMAINTAINED` = strftime('%s','now'); This should give you the unix timestamp value for the current date and time. It doesn't include the fractional part of the epoch, but it's close enough for this use case.
  3. If those fields contain real-world datetime values, you can do this: UPDATE `BODYPARTS` SET `LASTMAINTAINED` = NOW(); I would do this with a copy of your server first, just to be safe.
  4. WU patch new client renderer

    This is a situation CC devs can't win. Most people want a modern game to take advantage of their modern hardware, old timers want the game to run on "any old computer". I guess they have to target the larger player base and leave behind anyone who can't/won't upgrade.
  5. [RELEASED] Live Map

    This is caused by the new types of reinforced walls and the fact that the default color is pink instead of dark_grey. I would suggest a quick change making the default color be dark_grey, the same as the regular cave wall. If you want to get more detailed map colors, you'll need to add mappings for TILE_CAVE_WALL_SLATE_REINFORCED, TILE_CAVE_WALL_POTTERY_REINFORCED, etc. I'm struggling with Maven on the new version of the client loader so I don't have a fixed jar yet.
  6. [RELEASED] InactivePlayersMod

    This game is almost entirely "in memory", nothing is saved to disk on a regular or real-time basis. The game dumps everything to disk on shutdown, so any changes (database or otherwise) have to be applied or queried after shutting down the server.
  7. Editing existing mapfiles

    Just to give you an idea of why it's a bad idea... The game is based on a coordinate system, everything has a location based on the map coordinates. You could cut out your section and turn it into a 1024x1024 map, but that means all of your buildings, items, creatures, etc. now have the wrong coordinates stored in the database for them. It could be possible to run scripts updating all of that stuff in the database, but the chances of messing up and getting it wrong are very high, especially if you're not familiar with database scripting. My suggestion would be to start over, make the map size you like (maybe even import part of your current map, which would include existing terraforming/mining if you do it right). Then use a GM account to rebuild everything to the point where you're at now. Also, the treasure map mod can be configured to have a lower maximum distance, so that might help too.
  8. Sign Font

    This would be a client-side change, either a mod or directly changing the font in the client jar.
  9. [RELEASED] Smelt Purify Mod

    If you're using Windows... Open the calculator application, switch to Scientific mode. Enter 500, then click the Log button. Divide that answer by 50. (0.05397940008672037609572522210551) Click the 10x button. (1.1323466513027153247007089600946) Round it down to a few decimal places. 1.13 should get you close to the desired ratio of 50ql for 500 lumps.
  10. Wurm in 4k?

    Change your desktop resolution to 1920x1080, play Wurm, change it back when you're done. Easy!
  11. The Screenshots Thread

    Searching for illegal pron?
  12. 4 Years - 1 Spell

    What about... - a spell that has a long cool-down, but allows the caster to discover a random, previously unknown (to the caster) cooking recipe. - a spell that allows you to change the name of a bred animal. - a spell that removes one random affinity from a target player. The target player would have to accept the spell via dialog box. This would work exactly as if an affinity was lost to PvP death.
  13. CreatureAI Javadocs

    Thanks Budda, this is awesome. Hopefully this is setting the stage for more javadocs being released in the future!
  14. Hmm... The server that I host my test WU server on doesn't even have the Steam client installed on it. The dedicated WU server will never be updated unless I manually update it. I assumed that's how most people do it, but I self-host so... Sorry about the confusion.
  15. The standalone server never has to be updated. The problem is the client, not the server. These are two separate things.