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  1. It's magic... same bucket as enchanting a tool to make it faster to use or give you more experience for using it. Or throwing a bolt of ice at a damn dragon. WU is not a medieval earth simulation.
  2. Server owners have the option of stating that ESP and any other mods you don't like are not allowed. You have to police your user base and investigate users you suspect of violating the rules, then banning them if they don't stop, etc. In other words, you can have the experience you want, but you have to work for it.
  3. I'm not sure how this ruins the point of servers, except maybe PvP where you're trying to sneak attack or something?? Regardless, there's no way a server can prevent clients from displaying data that's sent to them. Even if the display isn't intended for the vanilla experience.
  4. I believe the anti-xray mod is part of Wyvern's mod collection. It removes ore veins from the data sent to the client if there isn't air next to them. It adds a LOT of overhead to the server, but if your server can handle it you have that option. You can't do anything about highlighting mobs or whatever else ESP does. The client HAS to know about mobs in the area, or it wouldn't be able to draw them. There is no way a server-side mod can disable or prevent anything happening on the client side of things, except to simply not provide the client that data, as Locath said.
  5. I finally tried this out, and I like it a lot! I set tilesize to 8 and it looks great while maintaining the FPS I had without the minimap. I would like to suggest an enhancement to add a context menu for setting north facing, for setting tile size (if that can be changed while in-game), and to toggle the marker dots on/off. Even without a context menu, adding a toggle for the marker dots would be very appreciated.
  6. Winter doesn't start until December 21st. Don't rush it!!
  7. If the water is self contained in a lake/pond, not connected to the sea, then the water is fresh.
  8. Wurm is a sandbox game. You bring your imagination with you and you make whatever goals you want to have. Or none at all. The beach is a clean slate of sand and if you can only sit there wondering were all the pre-made entertainment is, you're missing the point.
  9. It looks like only field crops are controlled by the Field Growth Time setting. Planters, trellises, etc. have a completely separate system where each object has it's own growth timer. Not entirely sure yet... I'll investigate but no promises I can do anything about it.
  10. As a GM character with power level 4 or 5, logged in on the server at the time you want the farming tick cycle to being, type /setCropTickNow You should hear the chirp or crickets sound after a second. Using the /nextchirp commands after that should show the new cycle.
  11. I've updated the first post to showcase all of my public mods. More to come!
  12. I've updated the ChirpInfo mod to add "/nextcrop" to the command aliases. Nothing else changed, so if you don't need the new alias you don't need to update.
  13. Yes, I can add those in the next update (not sure exactly when that will be though). Kind of makes you wish there was an /alias command huh.
  14. ChirpInfo This simple server-side mod will display the time to the next farm tick (chirp) when a player logs in, and adds the commands /chirp /nextchirp and /nextcrop to display the updated time to next tick during play. All three commands do the same thing, they are synonyms to help players remember. NOTE: This mod calculates the time to next tick differently than PersistCropTick and should not be used on the same server. Example output: Crops will need tending in about 3 hours 30 minutes. https://github.com/Ricoware/WurmUnlimited-Chirp-Info/releases PersistCropTick This mod stores the last crop tick in the mod database, and reads the value in when the server is restarted. This means that the crop tick timing persists over server restarts. If you have set the crop tick to happen at noon, and you have the "field growth time" set to 12 hours, your server will see the crop tick at noon and midnight every day no matter when the server was last restarted. NOTE: This mod calculates the time to next tick differently than ChirpInfo and should not be used on the same server. Example output: Crops will need tending in about 3 hours 30 minutes. This mod has two options in the .properties file: usePlayerCommand and useLoginDisplay. The player commands /chirp /nextchirp /nexttick and /nextcrop are available if the option "usePlayerCommand" is set to true, which is the default. The player will be shown the next crop tick on login automatically if the "useLoginDisplay" option is set to true, which is the default. A GM command is also available with this mod, for GM's with power level 4 or higher. /setCropTickNow will reset the server's crop tick to the current time plus one second. If you're near a crop when you use this command you will hear the chirp. From that point on, your server crops will be tendable at that point in time and at every "field growth time" period after that. https://github.com/Ricoware/WurmUnlimited-PersistCropTick/releases
  15. I know you are showing client errors, but it sounds like you've put client mods on your server... Sortmod is a CLIENT mod, not a SERVER mod. The client and the server are two separate applications with different code, so putting a client mod in the server mods folder will cause bad things to happen. Make sure you remove all client mods from the server.