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  1. Switched my Shares

    I would *love* a strictly bugfix update for WU. There are plenty, some of them (like rendering issues causing invisible creatures, etc.) are game breaking. Nothing related to Jackal is needed in WU. I would be willing to bet that the income from selling WU was greater than silver sales over the last four years. I could be wrong, but WU is not a freeloader by any means.
  2. Switched my Shares

    Maybe now we'll get an update to Wurm Unlimited!
  3. Just wanted to make note of a strange rendering glitch I encountered this morning. One of the walls of my house didn't render its' texture correctly: It's not game breaking or anything, just thought the dev team should be aware. It's between two other plain stone walls, so it's a bit strange to me that this one didn't get the correct texture when the others did.
  4. [Released] New Portals

    Sounds like a problem with filename casing.
  5. I don't have an answer for you, sorry. I think you'll have more of a chance for an answer if you posted this issue in the wgenerator thread though.
  6. This is a client mod... you're not installing it as a server mod are you?
  7. Remember the nasty bug that deleted your boat when you crossed servers? The GM team was very helpful, Enki even spawned in a new rowboat to replace the crappy one I had built and lost to this bug while on the way to an impalong. Every interaction I've had with the GM team has been positive. Not invalidating other's experiences, just adding mine to the list.
  8. I think the issue is that there's absolutely no information about your server outside of Discord. There's no way for a player to know what the skill multiplier is set to, or the action timer, or the major mods in use, etc. A link to an image of the map would be nice, but basic server info in the OP is a must-have for many people to even give you a second glance.
  9. I just downloaded both of them from the releases page (https://github.com/ago1024/WurmServerModLauncher/releases) and they both have a .properties file...
  10. No client/server game can do what you want, Ignacious. None. The server CANNOT access the client's operating system, can you imagine the security issues involved with that? The server can only communicate with the game's client software, and that is 100% under the control of the user, not the server. The server can ask the client what mods are installed, but there's no way the server can know if the answer is accurate or not. It cannot look at the file system for itself, it has to trust that the answer given by the client is the truth. It's possible in every single game of this type for the client to be modified to pretend it's not using any mods at all, let alone mods that are forbidden by the server owner, or anything in between. Wurm Online does have this problem, don't kid yourself, but the risk to the player is orders of magnitude higher than it is for Wurm Unlimited players. Someone who has spend hundreds in real money on their character will not risk being perma-banned, and bans happen in WO via by log analysis and physical observation of suspected cheaters by the GM team. Someone playing WU on your server can always just go play somewhere else. Nothing lost, very little risk.
  11. Thanks Coldie, that was very helpful! I assume writing a client mod is similar as far as which external jars to include (client.jar vs. server.jar, etc.)... anything else to know about when modding the client vs. the server?
  12. The wiki on the Server modlauncher github page has a Writing Mods section. Scroll to the bottom of this page: https://github.com/ago1024/WurmServerModLauncher/wiki
  13. Hopefully this thread isn't too old to continue... I've been writing code since 1983, no stranger to how things work, for the most part. However, the last 10 years or so has been almost entirely in the .Net world. I can write Java, that's not the issue. The issue is the various IDE's, how to get set up with the WU code, and getting started with a template project that compiles and runs "out of the box". In Visual Studio, I could load up a template solution and jump right in. That doesn't seem to be the paradigm for Java development. What would really help me out, and possibly other non-Java developers, is a starter project for the Client modloader, all set up and ready to dive into. I know there's a good set of articles on the Server modloader, but nothing for the client that I'm aware of. The two projects are NOT the same, I've tried to apply the general logic from the Server wiki to client mod development. Failed miserably. I've made changes to existing Client mods and compiled using Maven, but now I want to write a Client mod that hasn't been done yet and I can't seem to get started. I'm assuming an IDE would assist in creating new interfaces/windows in the client, etc. But maybe I'm just projecting the "Visual" part of Visual Studio onto all IDEs? It's so simple to add a button, text label, whatever when working in VS... Is this even possible in Java development? Even a detailed set of steps would be better than nothing. Something like this? 1) Download IDE XXX and install it using these parameters/settings. 2) Start a new project/whatever the IDE calls a solution. 3) Add XX libraries to the project by doing these exact steps... 4) Decide how you want to modify the client code (out of scope here) 4a) Here's sample code to send text to the event window, local chat, etc. 4b) Here's sample code to create a WU window with text and a button to close it. 4c) Here's sample code to add an entry to the settings window. 5) Compile by doing these steps. 6) Copy it to your mods folder and see what happens.
  14. The plain hedge looks really nice! Great job on all of these textures.
  15. I don't think the issue is about how to best use the system as it it. The issue is that, as it is now, the system is flawed. Chopping ingredients does not make meals more nutritious or filling, so why does the game make it so? Pre-cooking some of the ingredients does not make meals more nutritious or filling... Chopping ingredients isn't a skill... makes no difference to your stomach if you chop perfectly uniform sized little bits or a hot mess. Good games have systems that are intuitive to the player. Unless you burn the meal into charcoal, the QL of the meal really shouldn't matter to the character eating it. The only reason it does, in my humble opinion, is to appease the long time players who feel they have a right to more "profits" from selling cooked food.