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  1. This looks really nice! I find permanent snow tiles to be really ... jarring I guess? ... in Wurm maps though. Not a fan of snow.
  2. Are there any actual human players on this server? The launcher says there are 44/250 players, but when I log in there are only 14, including me, and nobody says anything in chat when I say hello.
  3. The map and the stats.html files were both last updated on 2020-11-25 07:44. It's more weird to me that Khelson hasn't said anything at all about it. His last visit to the forums was November 26th... Oh well, I've moved on to Mythmoor.
  4. Did the server crash for good? It's been offline for me since yesterday.
  5. Woot! That's my deed in the first picture.
  6. I have my character name reserved and I can't wait for Nysa to open!
  7. The only reason NOT to modify the graphics.jar is that it's overwritten if (don't laugh) there's an update to Wurm Unlimited and all your replacements will be gone. Keeping them separate is the easy way to make sure they're never deleted by an update.
  8. Decorations

    Strange, I clicked the link and it started the download automatically in Chrome without asking me to sign in to anything. Maybe you've signed in to OneDrive using Chrome in the past so Chrome is remembering that? At least you were able to get it to work, just offering some possible ideas.
  9. Bedrolls

    As long as the mod used original models/textures, and not the actual models/textures from Wurm Online, the name could remain as "bedrolls", etc. Words are not assets, in my opinion, unless they are trademarked.
  10. You won't have any sleep bonus to use. None. There won't even be any beds to gain sleep bonus, until someone makes them. And that will take some effort for the furs and the sheets. Growing enough cotton will take quite a while, or do you just plan to get lucky and find enough cotton while foraging? Yes, you can premium, but that completely negates the suggestion to remove the skill cap for the first week. If you premium up, you won't have a skill cap. Now, I don't know if this skill gain bonus thing is a fact or not, and I have no idea what the starting items are. I'm basing my opinion on how long it took to gain skills when Pristine opened, and how people were dying left and right to every mob, lava spiders right near spawn, crocs eating everyone's face. Nobody had the luxury of sitting there grinding any skills. No map dumps to orient you, no clue where the nearest coast was (I ended up on a large lake that I thought was the ocean). No armor, crappy shield and longsword that almost never hit anything. All skills at 1, with standard skill gain and standard (slow as hell) action timers. If the new characters have an easier time, then so be it. I'll stand corrected. But I'm waiting to see what actually happens. I don't oppose the suggestion to remove the skill cap for the first week. Not at all. I just don't think it will be a benefit to the majority of new players who don't pay for premium and it won't benefit them at all if they do prem up.
  11. Unless the game has changed significantly since Pristine was released (we didn't get any armor, just a low QL sword and shield, and players were dying left and right to just about everything, including rats and pheasants). I was responding to the posts that said if you can't hit the skill cap in an hour you are not playing the game correctly. That's all.
  12. I never once argued against the idea. All I said was, if you're getting to skill cap in the first week you might be playing the game too much. I do stand by my feeling that new players won't get anywhere near the skill cap in the first week, not in any way that affects their ability to enjoy the game. /shrug
  13. Maybe I'm wrong. Starting off with 1 in all skills, with a crappy hatchet, saw, shovel and pick. No forge, no mines, no fight skill, so even pheasants will kill you. Can't ride a horse. What if there's no clay near spawn, or rats/wild cats? If you want to dig and drop dirt for an hour, sure, maybe you can hit digging 20... what else can you hit 20 at in an hour? Carpentry? Wood cutting? I'm not convinced, but I'll wait and see. I've been playing the game for about 10 years now. Call me a casual if you want, but I work 40 hours a week and I play games other than Wurm. /shrug
  14. I don't think the new trailer is Steam specific. It's for ALL WO servers.
  15. /shrug That's not my experience at all. Most people I know only have 6 to 8 hours a week to play games, and that's split between multiple games, in most cases. I have no idea what the average number of hours per week is for most Wurm players though, so maybe my group of friends is the outlier. And yes, if you're *playing* the game and not just grinding on a specific set of skills, at the vanilla skill rate, it will take more than a few hours to get any skill up to the cap (which I thought had been raised above 20 for non-premium, but that could be wrong too). Hell, I'm usually still exploring the map by the end of the first one or two hours! When Pristine opened, it was nearly two weeks after the opening day before I got above 20 in any skill. Again, maybe my experience isn't the average, but then again, maybe yours isn't either?