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  1. Buffalo Cheese. That's Right Buffalo Cheese.

    This has since become a thing. I welcome you, buffalo cheese!
  2. WU - GM Functions Discussion

    I would really like some information on the following things: 1: How can we spawn a creature?/ change one to another? (for example, changing a wolf to a dragon) Edit: I hadn't realized that right clicking summon and ground rick clicking Ground - summon were different. 2: Do lairs function and if so, how can we change what spawns out of them? is that even possible? Point is moot now that I discovered wand spawning. I'm so happy to be able to spawn on the spot! Made a goblin leader with several followers as Goblins follow like hens on a rooster.
  3. Whats your Best Horse name?

    C'mon now guys.. the best name possible is CLEARLY Potmountain. Imagine it.. a mountain of pots.
  4. Curio-Gravestone

  5. 10, Or 20 Drakespirit

    Stick some armor and weapon on your tower guards if you have them, 5 guards on one make them pushovers, not to mention you can heal them while they get hurt.
  6. Good Birthday Presents?

    Get him a Yellow Large cart. Cause everyone likes yellow large carts
  7. Editable Guard Aggression

    t's been suggested before, regardless +1
  8. Etched In Stone Collectibles Art Contest

    You should get this stickied.
  9. ' when i get thirsty i drink JKH/JKE tears ' The ironing is delicious. Delete this thread if you can.
  10. Reduce Nogumps & Make Them Able To Dominate

    -1 to dominate +1 to increasing spawn numbers +1 to whitelight faction spawns on BLH
  11. Destroying My Neighbours Walls.

    You could try catapulting, i dont think that needs permission ;o.
  12. Archery Is Not Doable If....

    Archery was meant as a tool. Think of it as a valuable tool.
  13. The Invisible, Dancing Chest

    Also does this with Large cart ( acts as a horse) Iron fence gate too, probably a lot of other things.