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  1. actually the more i think about it, i think i've asked it before and thats what birdcages are under in the database
  2. lol just putting it on chaos makes it inaccessible to the average explorer, as most won't go there to be ganked by 6+ *slow clap bravo
  3. 70ql papyrus sheets per 100 50ql papyrus sheets per 100 for arch reports
  4. use for small carts? i use a small cart as a harvest cart with small amphora's(fit 100 pumpkins) and satchels, easy to drag tend and harvest
  5. damn just realized thats as i get off work....
  6. Metallurgy is only really useful for increasing steel creation success rates at the moment, as both Brass and Bronze have very little to no additional utility compared to the metals they derive from. given the changes to metal properties this seems like it need to be changed
  7. actually most are.....because A. bad press doesn't looks good B. an unhealthy players stops playing sooner then a healthy one...(the more years your with us playing the more we get from you)
  8. ok some people can make tin one and some will only make lead ones....made 3 yesterday and even with activating the tin sheet on lead or lead sheet on tin they all came out lead when finished with tin sheets tin rivets and tin wire the were still LEAD
  9. Healing Hands Gained at level 11. Healing Hands is a passive ability that gives the player a 50% bonus to healing actions. This means that the healer will apply up to 50% extra healing when bandaging themselves or other players. They will also receive 50% more health from Life Transfer weapons. Mouse-Over Description: "Improves the effectiveness of healing actions and natural regeneration by a factor of 1.5" now PLEASE ROCCANDIL STFU till you've tested it out