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  1. Does one of these Settings enable rifts in WU?
  2. i have a landbridge so far, and have fences to max depth, with the following tile to about -40 and a bull still got around (with quite a bit of water damage). so i fear i must go the warlander way and go with a real Bridge instead of a landbridge. thank you both for you answers.
  3. Hi, how many tiles and how deep are needed to keep non Swimming animals on an Island?
  4. Is a fix for the stat increases still in work or do we need mods for that?
  5. not so easy to breed an army of trolls, nor keeping the favor up for chain dominating in fight, furthermore pets were nerfed, so i doubt that would be a valid option for me, sand giants never had a chance to waste my home in gf though i think wizkill is the way for me, thanks for the help though
  6. oops, this sounds not good, thanks for the info though is there a server setting by chance, to deactivate uniques?
  7. Hi, i just got the mesasge about the venerable white dragon who has spawned. unfortunatly my chars cant even kill a spider, so i am feeling a bit unconfortable on my deed On the other hand, i have some hired defenses for my home, 3 tower guards, and 1 deed guard so far, and i am wondering, if these were able to keep this dragon off me, in case he gets hungry? I could hire a few more deed guards for a while i guess, would this make a difference?
  8. ah i guess its not spring like in seasons, but spring like water tile did you check a tree as gm also?
  9. since there are no other smart ideas to this problem, maybe you can try to run a copy of your server without the mod and see if somethings changed?
  10. Is you server using a seasons mod? it sounds for me as if there is a mod active that prevents fruit progression.
  11. I have harvested Lavender, Roses, Oleander and Maple so far, Olives are stated as "soon ripe" , so its working for me on creative. WIKI says that there can be an offset of up to +/- 2 weeks from the date given there, also its not necessarily starting at the first day of the week. Maybe just need a bit more patience.
  12. did you set the value in the server GUI or directly in the database? Database is using miliseconds or something instead of hours. when i set mine to 24 hours, the database entry was like 4240244.234 or similar.
  13. I like to play with my 4 girls also, but i still can play fine. I bought the game for my 4 chars and play fine on 1 computer.
  14. i have low ql logs laying around, they got 30 dmg after about 2 days.