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  1. This is what happens when you let the inmates run the asylum. At this point in my Wurm life, I am not surprised at all my day is being altered by a couple players whining.
  2. Because I am moved to the northern part of the server. Still looking for offers.
  3. I am looking to sell my deed Rownsburg. Located on the Exodus server at X29 Y44. It is on the community map as well. This deed would be perfect for someone who just wants to get started right away. Its also a nice square deed ready for a player to make it what they want Size: 47X47 Perimeter: 5 No Templar 20s 99copper 13 iron in coffers 133 days left on up keep In addition it comes with the following 1 normal ql iron vein 3 good ql iron vein 2 very good ql iron vein's 4 normal ql slate veins 1 acceptable ql slate vein 1 good ql slate vein A number of lead veins normal to poor ql a number of 3 and 4 speed horses, cows, and bulls Bsb's filled with all levels of stuff, FSB with crops in the high 50 ql range There is at least one utmost iron on deed. I just never got to mining for it. I will also be leaving a Corbita and a small sail boat on ship transports. As well as a large cart and two small carts Any offers please PM me here on the forums. I even have a video of the place if you would like the link
  4. I am going to try and sell my deed Silver Shield. Going to keep it low key so PM me with any offers after looking over the info Size: 25x25 perimeter: 5 Upkeep is 2s 25c a month Deed has 98 days roughly of upkeep Two good QL silver veins on deed. Access to three very high ql iron veins just off deed There might be more ore veins on deed. I did not do much searching/prospecting Comes with a decent amount of bulk items, bsbs, forges etc. Also two good 5 speed horses purchased from Gypsypunk as well as a cart with 7 rafts I will leave. Right at the North end of the Northmere canal. A short sail from southern Exodus. Exact Coordinates are X34, Y7 Again any offers I would prefer via PM and will discuss it. Thanks for you time, Bruce
  5. I had two get out of a stone locked pen when the server crashed/reset. Found one the other is still lost. Guess its time to build them a indoor stable lol.
  6. I would like to get a price check on two items I may sell. The first is a rare iron lamp. The second item is one I am not sure even has value. It is a 41 Ql star Sapphire I have kicking around. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.
  7. It's x34 y7, not x37 y7. basically just below the a in canal at that cord. Sorry for being a pain. Don't worry about fixing it until more people add stuff. I have messed it up enough
  8. Could you please remove Silvershield from it's old location and move it to x34 y7. Basically a little to the left of the Northmere Canal entrance. Thanks in advance and I promise I won't move again for a while.
  9. Yeah that's because I am a dork who wasn't paying attention. The deed and the clay should actually be on x 10 not 9 with the y coordinates staying the same.
  10. Please add Silvershield at x9 y20. Also there is a clay spot at x9 y 21. roughly in the middle of y21, Thank you
  11. I thought that might be the case, but thanks for letting us know. Good luck to the new owner!
  12. Would like to add my deed to the map Rownsburg x29 y44