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  1. Yep your right that thread is awesome i completely missed it when searching for tags before i posted this. They have put a lot of thought into it where i just went blah blah make alchemy better. thanks for pointing that out.
  2. What would you suggest Archer. Also having one option to heal is not that great and healing covers dont really fix the health bar and give you stamina back like rags do they just make you not get any worse, but say you run out of rags and you have treated a wound with HC's and then you still want to heal a bit then you would make a healing potion. I fail to see how this is not a good idea. As for the flying one number .5 ok i was dreaming there, maybe i should have said please add what you would want to see , these where just off the top of the head idea's to get the ball rolling on a thread all about what could be added to the alchemy skill, maybe you would like to say what you think would be good to be added as you did say "Adding something new to alchemy is good idea, but there are much better suggestions than this one." I also noticed you said 4. was no good cause there is one poison already, Rotten touch - well verity is always nice mate using the same spell or poison over and over again gets a little boring. Im not saying my idea's are perfect, but if a preist can cast spells how would adding nature and alchemy something that is real be taking away from the game. Ment to be limitless possibilities right now my alchemy is limited lol .... either way it's good to see someone giving views fromt he opposite side of the coin - and i'd really like to hear what you think would be better because my idea's as i said where off the top of the head just to get the ball rolling.
  3. Id really like to see more added to Alchemy options added. Things that could be added are 1. Healing potions that heal a small amount of damage 2. Maybe buffs that give you short time bonus to fighting skills or any skills depending on what was used to make the potion or drink. 3. Poisons that could be used to coat weapons and last for one or 2 hits on a creatures. 4. Maybe speed potions they allow you to buff your own speed or your horses speed for a short time maybe per 20 tiles of movement or something just far enough for a pack of creatures to loose agro. 5. Flight a short flying Potion make it more like jump even or slow fall so if you run out of stamina climbing a massive hill you could then drink the potion and not take damage on the way down. Anything added to this skill would be amazing, at this stage just HC's is not enough... It would make for more interesting magical classes too maybe limit it to priests only. I would love to see something like this added cause right now it's lacking big time. P.s Leave your thoughts on good potions and poisons that "could" be added. How would they work? what benefits would they give? what damage would they do? lets get the ball rolling and try get some great additions to the Alchemy skill.
  4. Howdy, my name is Randell im looking for people interested in joining my village - it's a nice spot on the deliverance, at 36x 41y - you can find it on the map by looking for new port side im just infront. The deed size is 51 x 21 so it's a nice space it does have lots of iron for smithing and plenty of room for animals and farming. It's right next to the water so it's a great place for the aspiring boat builder. you dont need to be a advanced player to be a villager though having skill and some knowledge is helpful . i just ask that you plan on playing the game for awhile and log on every few days at least to do a few things around the village and up your skills. The village is still quite uncompleted meaning there is a lot for you todo and you can also get a lot of skill ups from helping around the place with things like building buildings , making storage containers - farming, cutting down trees, and pretty much anything and everything. Here are some screen shots of the village There is a lot more to the village than these pics stuff like the mine and another few farming fields and the forest's on either side of the deed. Village of Hope is a really safe place for the new player we dont see much bad mobs around due to have a guard tower up the top and a guard tower down the bottom plus a templar running around as well so if you want a fight you just have to take a short walk to the massive steeps just behind the deed where you can fight a number of low and higher lvl creatures. Come check it out if you want to help shape a village in it's early stages yet dont want to take on the responsibility of running your own deed then the village of hope is for you. P.s i dont get on the forum often but im in game on deliverance server almost everyday so just do a /tell Randell or /tell Aussie and i'll be glade to have a chat. EDIT........ I closed this deed and moved right around the corner from Green Dog if your interested in the new deed and joining my new village just message me...