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  1. Thanks for the info, guys. It actually is perfectly Wogical that seasons would have an *approximate* start date. More like real life!
  2. I really love this harvest time calculator... />http://schwanke.org/RandomFiles/Wurm/HarvestingCalculator.asp ...but I do find that the times are a bit off. Is there anyone out there with programming knowledge (and Wurm season knowledge) that could update this code to reflect harvesting times more accurately? Thanks!
  3. HA ha!! I would be interested to figure this out as well. I've noticed significant livestock bunching on large fields too. I thought maybe my animals just loved to rub against each other. I like the theory about water source tiles. I hope someone has some evidence to back it up. If not, any other theories?
  4. I noticed there is a new option to build a crude wooden fence gate. I started one, using a shaft. I then examined it and it said: [13:15:58] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 3 shafts. I added one more shaft and re-examined. [13:17:01] You see an unfinished crude wooden fence gate. It needs 2 planks and nails. Hmmm...seems like the original examine message is not so accurate. EDIT: Also just found out you can't walk through the unfinished gate! LOL
  5. Be Warned!

    Emane, thank you for posting this warning. I hope other new players see it and learn about this "feature" of the game. I had a similar problem with some players who wanted my mine. It's unfortunate that this game is biased in favour of paying players, as the free players are easily taken advantage of by unscrupulous premium members. I'm sorry you had to learn this the hard way. That sucks.
  6. Chiclet, I understand your distress and feeling of loss. Everyone values different things in games and in life. You valued a foal that skipped merrily about and it was taken from you. To all those who are basically saying "get over it", consider this: What if someone came into your property and destroyed something that you valued? It could be your 10-story building, your utmost gold mine, or your collection of pink troll statues, but you would have the same NORMAL reaction of anger and sadness. Best of luck, Chiclet, and remember that most players in this game are kind, generous, helpful people!
  7. Love this mod, Fearil. Excellent work! Once I got personal instruction on how to install the mod and find the custom blocks. it was brilliantly easy to use. Love seeing the multi-story buildings in 3D like this. I hope that this mod can remain free and available to all!
  8. Meredin

    Bravo, Garis! Looks amazing.
  9. When I fixed my wood shingle roof, it said "You fix the floor" in the event window.
  10. I'm totally interested in this too. I actually have a flag at my docks that I've renamed "does this flag turn". Yes, it does turn, but it doesn't seem to align with the wind direction like a normal flag. Anyone have any more info on this?
  11. I have a similar problem with a two-story section next to a one-story section that has a roof on it. I can't select the wall edge to plan and build a wall next to the roofed in one-story. So in the picture you can see there is an open wall on the two-story building next to the one-story roof. Probably have to rip out one of the roofs, either the one on the top of the two-story, or the one on the top of the one-story section, but we haven't done that yet.
  12. Wow, what a neat idea. I love it. But the programmers are probably groaning right now!
  13. Good question, Macgregor. Perhaps you could point out a nice area for the GoonSquad to settle besides this little island, one with endless forests of mature, already planted pines and cedars for them to cut down. Or maybe they enjoy cutting down fruit trees of little "pubbies"? Yeah, it's probably that.
  14. <Atndybeach> who deeded clay <Kawdzo> i did <Kawdzo> clay has now been deed over Sorry, Lerk. you're wrong. Yes, exactly. Atndybeach cut down all the cherries, lemons and apples, tried to replant pines and cedars. They were cut down and were replaced with cherry trees. THey were cut down by an unknown somone and left to rot. War of the sprouts! Fascinating stuff.