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  1. Man I really loved this mod and the original modder made the mine down rock without the 4 corners unearthed because I suggested it.
  2. yes can only be used on a dedicated server, in the mods folder of the server not a client.
  3. dig to ground goes into the server mods folder not client mods folder
  4. I have to use the nodecay 1.2 as 1.4 things in forge do not heat up also I still notice decay on everything.
  5. Thank you so much for putting in the not all corners need to be uncovered
  6. My server GUI doesn't start after I installed the updated version of this mod. I'm not sure why or where I can find any logs on the crash. The command prompt pops up then goes away after some text scrolls.
  7. Any possible chance you could make it so you don't have to dig all tiles to rock just to lower 1 corner?
  8. Server Lottery Mod

    yeah however, wurm unlimited silver isn't tied to real money, as that would be illegal because only Wurm Online can make real money off in game silver.
  9. I second this, I too shutdown my server between playing but would like the trees to grow and crops and animals etc.
  10. off topic but you can search for items instead of scrolling through the list of items where it shows the * type something like *dirt and it'll find dirt or *statue* and it'll show everything that has the word statue in it.
  11. I posted a topic similar to this in the requests as well, but also for every mining action while surface mining it goes down by one instead of 1 out of 5 chance of mining
  12. how do you get wurm to automatically seed a custom map with biomes?
  13. I get the same message even if I have nothing in my inventory. Never mind I guess that fixed itself or I was just tired.
  14. I noticed I can't drag something from an inventory into my own when I have say 3000 dirt, it says I cannot carry even one.