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  1. Nappy that is some awesome ideas would love a cross kingdom public chat and the neutral trade zone awesome
  2. custom map is large and hosted on a professional grade collocated dedicated server with 4x Core 8x Thread Xeon processor and 64gb RAM. menu's cache instantly. Login's are quite fast.It is set chaos style with a flat 5x skill gain and action timer bonus. No Epic bugs. You can start as Freedom Isles, HotS, or any of the PMK's already setup by players.Be the first to claim your throne and begin your empire. Rule your lands and kill all those that oppose. Or, Setup trade routes, grow your riches, buy yourself neutrality from other players. Or, sail the seas pirating and trading. Or, do anything you want. But, login and do it before someone else claims your legacy! Links: Live Map : Vote Page: Website: http://hyper-core.netMods:- Farming, plants will not wither. Growth time sped-up- Priest restrictions removed, feel free to main character a Vynoran Priest- Naming Tags. Animals are born with no name, create a name tag for custom names- Dig to ground for dirt and clay- Ash accumulates in ovens and forges from material used as fuel to keep them lit.- Starter gear consists of choice of 40ql weapons and 40ql chain or 20ql plate.- New Characters are given 25 body control and 23 body strength, no feeling useless for 2 weeks.- Your first affinity will appear very soon if not immediately.- Meditation altered, no need to change where you meditate to gain skill- The 5 prayers per day cap has been removed- Carts and other vehicles are locked with a very poor ql lock upon creation- and More
  3. ya i got it all still no luck on making it work
  4. any special php version required?
  5. i set up everything as u said and main page shows all green
  6. anything same error shows up on every page that has to load data from the server
  7. SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 10 disk I/O error
  8. that picture is better then the first wurm models lol
  9. not to the pmk.jar wish we could but a mod is made to add ingame map and textures called serverpacks
  10. updated information first post new Freedom Cluster added to server border
  11. Thanks this is what it looks like in game
  12. Wanted to share our servers custom map see what you guys think link to live map is
  13. Plan for a Plan

    i would never come back to WO cause of subscription WU one time payment good enough for me i shall stay there
  14. link to new live update map
  15. Hyper-Core Networks Wurm Unlimited Server Lashar is hosted on a Powerfull Dedicated Server 8x Xeon Processor 72gigs ram sitting on a terabit connection in Lenoir, North Carolina, USA Our map is Custom Hand Made with Jenn Kellon Mol Rehan and Horde of the Summoned Spawns with freedom left out allowing ppl to form pmk using freedom isles template old Wurm Online players can request to have their skills ported over to our server with proof of skills send a picture of your skills from ingame to here is a link to our map link to live epic pvp map link to live freedom map please vist our website if you wish to have the in game image map setup
  16. Hyper-Core Networks

    Hey Guys long time player of Chaos here and owner of a gaming community now adding a Wurm server to our list of servers you can find us by filtering the servers in the list with the name hyper we have powerful dedicated hardware at our disposal owned not rented hardware specs x8 Xeon 72gigs ram terabit connection hoping to make our server as close to Chaos as possable
  17. fix your game and people might be willing to pay more already paying to much for a game loaded with bugs anyway
  18. Newsletter Going Out

    well im probably not repreming would not be surprised if a lot of premed alts do the same already paying to much for a game that's buggy as ######
  19. Why even post this here on a game site no one cares
  20. i like this idea gives a feel of mount & blade and Stronghold
  21. i think what would be good is first a real neutral system for thos who dont want to join alliances and if u are neutral then they would have the current pvp style we have now and for people that are in alliances give them full raiding abilities and for free players not give them any alliance rights only premium players should have alliance rights yes i know alot of coding involved but would be nice to consider for the future
  22. kind of the guards can be killed fairly easy by players thats why most ppl have a lot of them on chaos and not just one