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  1. 69ql I will round that to 70 is worth 10c 90ql imp rate is 50c with the 10c discount = 40c would be the difference sorry for the delay. been really busy
  2. just got my supply of 95ql steel most of the supplies is 92ql updated now imping steel from 90ql to 95ql
  3. Done. [22:21:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit house. You expect them to reach Tronn in less than ten minutes. Thank you.
  4. [21:37:16] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to reach Meelis in less than ten minutes. sorry for the delay. The tools are in your mailbox. Thank you.
  5. I can do everything but the carving knife as that is a weapon smithing item
  6. Items are in the mailbox to Stonesolid as requested. Thank you.
  7. Notsodirt's Blacksmithing and other Services If you are seeking imping or creation services Please Message me in-game Notsodirt - Smith or Draygone - Mag priest / Homebase - Dray's Landing Release S-10 When sending items it must be labelled with your name and target QL Example: Notsodirt 90ql I will process items in order that I get them, It is best to contact me before mailing items. Items will be returned if you fail to contact me first! Imping is charged from QL to QL Iron imps upto 99QL Steel imps upto 95QL Copper imps upto 95QL I do accept trades for services, I do not currently have higher ql of some metals. and lack others. If something turns rare during imping there is zero upcharge nor swapping of items. Prices are Subject to market costs. Mag priest services. Strongwall and other mag casts upon request.
  8. Can you please add my deed to the map Dray's Landing Trader yes / Mailbox yes
  9. Sent PM, Very Friendly Service. Received my items quite quickly. Thank you.
  10. drop in bsb, use wand to delete stack from bsb.
  11. you mean push / pull without a delay?
  12. i was able to attack a horse i was leading off deed. but on deed it was prevented completely and attacking ones own mount does prevent it