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  1. drop in bsb, use wand to delete stack from bsb.
  2. you mean push / pull without a delay?
  3. i was able to attack a horse i was leading off deed. but on deed it was prevented completely and attacking ones own mount does prevent it
  4. after thinking about it for a good 5+ hours A or B A. Mayor "PRIEST or not" can bash ON DEED only without a faith check. B. under Roles have a box where you can put 1 single character name to be granted the mayor bonus. SIDENOTE.. that person must have access by normal roles to use it bash. just this would give the the mayor bash bonus. *** edited to remove typos
  5. ty [18:01:42] You get a grindstone.
  6. Jul 21, 2014 10:50:48 PM Terapherna disbanded Amsterdam City i guess this offer is off. after sailing to the spot i realized something was wrong
  7. i will swing by once i take care of my release/pristine requests. worse case i have to go back thru xanadoom anyways
  8. I will pm you when are get online after work
  9. correction. notsodirt as in Draygone x-)
  10. shoot my a pm > Draygone < mag priest 94 faith 34+ soul str 71+ fighting i might be able to be there
  11. shoot my a pm before to grouping i might be free at that time. > Draygone < mag priest 94_faith / 34.45_Soul Str / 71+_fs
  12. Not long ago there was as a post saying the ticks was slowed for fire and ice puller And in the same spot they said ( the damage should equal out to the same) But I really doubt it was ever equal
  13. Sorry we don't need modded mine craft stuff here