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  1. Does anyone know what happened with this server? I was really enjoying it and then one day I couldn't get on it anymore and it's been weeks since then. I private messaged the person who started this thread, but haven't heard anything.
  2. The server is obviously for new characters, but that's not the same as being for new players. Has any developer ever said it's only for new players? I think some existing players might enjoy the idea of a fresh server where there is no "veteran" with greatly outpaced skills and equipment. But regardless of your point, I am a new player who started just a few months ago. So by your logic the new server is made for me. But my prepaid premium time can't go with me and I would have to buy more premium time for a new character. My point was that development decision does not encourage people to buy more than a month or so of premium time.
  3. I understand that the game needs to make money and I have been happy to pay for premium time with real money. But am I the only one upset that the premium time I have already paid for can't be used on the new server? Everyone says "just create a new character" and while that's easy enough, my premium time will stay with my old character. What this tells us is never buy premium time more than one month in advance, which I think is surely not something the game developers should be encouraging. I don't understand why it is so difficult for premium time to be associated with my account, to be used with whatever character on that account I want.
  4. No one asked the question specifically, but is the implication that people on Freedom servers have to create a new character to go to the new server but people on the epic cluster can go there with an existing account and have their skills reset to zero? It's easy to say just create a new character but I don't intend to play more than one and I have months of pre-paid premium time that would be lost if I just had to create a new character. That doesn't seem very equitable.