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  1. Hello! Buying 0.17kg of scale leather @ 0.40s/0.01kg = 6.8s If you only have a 0.20kg piece, I'll buy that. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm looking to buy up to 70s for 70E. Paypal verified. Preferably from a Canadian seller (fees), but not a necessity. PM Thanks! Bought, thanks.
  3. Paying 0.32c / 0.01kg of scale, any colour. PM with any available quantity.
  4. Transaction completed for 1g. Legit. Was fast and polite. PM me for details or reference.
  5. WTB 130 silver for 140 Euros. Paypal PM
  6. I would like to purchase 1g30s please. PM sent.
  8. yes, 8pm gmt is 4pm esdt. which is 5 min away. now you know.
  9. #1 3.5s #2 4s #3 4s Xallo is this pickup or delivery?
  10. I disagree Snakegal, there is one yes, one indifferent so why not, and one big no. that's how I read it at least. I also think it's worded well because that is how people actually seem to feel about the subject. "yes fix it", "meh don't care, but it should be fixed for others that do care", and "enough time spent on PvP chaos! let it die" are basic sentiments i've heard overall. so i think it's the right amount of choices. as for the deed mutilation aspect, if the borders are kept open, you could have a war deed on chaos, and your main deed on another server. that would make chaos kinda like a whole island of hota, pure combat area.
  11. There have been some decent points on both sides, but some comments don't even make rational sense! lol
  12. Well, aside from the fact that you seemed to have spammed this across the forum in all the wrong places I mostly agree with your post. I'm a currency seller also, and will try to keep my ratio no lower than 60E per gold.
  13. Freedom griefing

    Excellent points all (in reference to my previous post). I agree wholeheartedly with all the rebuttals to my post. It was my intention to steer the arguments away from the self defeating "on deed off deed" argument and on to the proper "against the general culture of Freedom" and "manipulation of game mechanics" perspective. The griefers only possible argument could have been the one presented from a 'personal rights' angle, and that perspective was well defeated. The issue should not have to be "I forgot to lock my gate". There should be a reasonable expectation of property security on this server period.
  14. Freedom griefing

    while I don't agree with the actions perpetrated, this is FREEDOM. Not Law-And-Order-Ville. At no point did Rolf or any other creator type of Wurm make "FREEDOM" officially CareBareLand. It is true that these player-types are unsavory and cowardly... but in a true free society you must stomach all types. The fact that you can technically prevent their behavior on your deed if proper steps are taken ensures "your FREEDOM" to play the game as you wish also. That said, I empathize with Heart, and dislike the behavior of these cowardly bullies... but I defend their right to play as they choose. Today most would force these undesirables to conform, hopefully tomorrow a group won't force you to conform to their perspective simply because you behave differently. It's Freedom. Not Law-And-Order-Care-Bear-Land.