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  1. Yeeehaa! Great writings from a great friend. Will be reading it without having a break
  2. Hey can you send; grooming brush, oakenwood, 8 ql, 79 coc, 60 c rake, 6 ql, 71 coc, 60 c hatchet, 2 ql, 84 coc, 1 s to Alpykun please
  3. Hey, selling 10 K dirt for 11s - free delivery. We may talk on details with PMs. Waiting for buyers
  4. Three things every bug report should include: I was travelling to Indıpendence from Xanadu. All sea creatures are started to die like they are drowning. And that starts to happen after the Bridge Patch. Sharks, Dolphins, Octopus i've seen these were losing Hp from top to bottom until they dead. after 2 hours there were no alive sharks on indipendence's out seas.
  5. Yes sure, thanks for asking. I will add logs to the list as soon as possible. edit: prices are revised.
  6. [21:56:13] The items silently disappear from the spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. It was really nice to meet you both Blazer and Gevard. Looking forward to talk with you again ! Take care
  7. Instant delivery, great person and attitude. I'm looking forward to a new trade as soon as possible. Thanks !
  8. Mountain Lion Pelt - 100ql 73CoC 70c Whetstone - 91ql 77CoC 70c Iron Lump - 95ql 78CoC 75c could u mail them to Albedoesp thanks
  9. Just bought hammer and pickaxe with my alt Albedoesp. Instant delivery. Thanks