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  1. the server is indy and would be atleast 5s,
  2. actually if you want any screenshots of the deed send me a message and i can email them to you
  3. I have a deed that i started about a year ago and i dont play anymore it is located at 59x 6y and the name is black bear island. the deed only has 22 days left right now depending on if it sells for a good price i might just pay the upkeep. I am open to any offers
  4. sorry i couldnt reply sooner i forgot about this post pm me in game i should be on for awhile today
  5. I have a referal i want to sell for 7s. Preferably i would want to trade it and 3s for a settlement form. I will deliver if your somewhat close to me. My place is at 59x 6y, not marked on the map but it' Black Bear Island.
  6. got the same message ledengreyz gave me a false sense of hope that all i had to do was update
  7. that didnt work for some reason i can now start the game without the mouse then plug it in while playing and use it without crashing
  8. have you recently updated windows?
  9. i have a wireless mouse that i've been using for a long time and a awhile ago after a wurm update it stopped working for wurm i can open up the log in window but when i mouse over the window the window moves away and i cant do anything with the window if i unplug my mouse and restart my computer and use the touch pad wurm works perfectly fine i have tried plugging in my mouse while playing wurm and i get a crash i have tried reinstalling java and it only worked for an hour or two then started up again it is very frustrating trying to play with only a touch pad when i had always played with a mouse. today i ran window trouble shooter and it said it fixed a problem with the mouse freezing but the problem still occured and my touch pad freaked out and couldnt use it anymore because the mouse would go all over the screen when i would try to use it i un-did the change it made so i could still use the touch pad.can someone that knows what they are doing please help please no trolls.