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  1. Cheers! You mean the round down thing? Because that would save a lot of needless OCD with putting stuff in bulk storage...
  2. Roger. What I (mostly) meant is that I'm usually making sure that no new values have been added, just in case. Anyway - roger that. That is absolutely understandable. I have a feeling that the sound system in general is a fine mess of spaghetti code and patches that nobody at CodeClub wants to touch anymore (judging by what razorexq is going through, trying to restore rain and thunder sounds). Now, maybe it's time to look into some java crash-courses myself. And forsake all sanity... hm.
  3. Cheers for that! Have a couple of questions, suggestions (oh, dear) and maybe a request (oh, dear dear), though : Re: inbreeding -- would it be possible to mod it so the server does not consider -10 as a valid parent and thus prevents the inbreeding? Not sure, though, if fixing server bugs is in the scope of this mod (although a line of mods that fix shi stuff like that, which has been around forever, might be wildly welcomed); Re: updates -- could we get info if the .properties file has been changed (or not) between the versions; so when updating the user (I mean 'me') knows that they can skip tediously comparing the files to see if anything new has been added and just overwrite everything else? Re: work sounds -- (specifically, making them play on actions that faster than 5s) in the other thread you briefly mentioned that it's a possibly; I'm wondering if it's still something you consider modding in? I know for certain that many players (I, of course, again mean 'me' ) would welcome it fondly. On the specifics, I think making the sound start at 2 (or 1.5) seconds could be just the thing; other than that, I was wondering if it's possible to check if a player is already generating a work-sound and prevent new one from playing? There are some exceptions to all that, I think -- seems like gathering skills have their own timings (i.e.: woodcutting sounds can spam as fast as you can preform the action) and obviously messing with stuff like walking or fighting sounds should be avoided... oh, dear, looks like it might quite messy to implement, eh? Anyways -- as usual, thanks for your work!
  4. Some issues encountered with using Height tab while in cave layer ('Floor 0') : When using Add/Remove height from the Height tab it instead sets it to the value that Add is set to (or to the negative of that amount, if Remove or RMB is used). Same with Lift area -- instead of incrementing the height it sets it to the value Add is set to. Additionally : Select height simply sets bot Set values to 0, regardless of the actual height.
  5. Hm, sadly I still can't hear rain nor thunder (had a very rainy night with lots of lightning and it was all but quiet)... I'll redownload the .jar and try again soon, but meanwhile is there anything I can do to help debug?
  6. It seems that I'm getting warnings from InbreedWarning mod when breeding any two creatures found in the wild. Might be something to look at. Other than that, good stuff as always, ago!
  7. Ooooh, excellent! Can't wait to try out the proper weather sounds! And ofc -- looking forward to more soundy goodness P.S.: Is the file linked in OP the newest version then? Perhaps a version bump is in order (and a changelog, just to be able to keep track easier). Also perhaps upload it as a zip file with a version number on it? Same reason, really...
  8. Plan for a Plan

    I might be a bit late to the party, but here are couple of things I would love to see added: Tables you can put stuff on! Would go great with the new chairs. Make them work as containers, but with no decay reduction. Additionally -- when "opening" them they would behave in the same way as opening a body-worn container does right now (that is it showing all items ungrouped); I found that pretty useful when improving a lot of similar things, such as armour or arrows. New models for the really old ones, so they don't hit you on the chin when you walk near them. Possibly a separate model for table with something on it. Wall-mounted stuff! More decoration = always great. Shield mounts, crests, trophies, lamps, shelves (possibly even large shelves you can put a BSB on, for that warehouse feel). Why not ceiling-mounted lamps and trophies as well? More mine-stuff (not a total overhaul, but some more neat stuff)! For all the dwarves and dungeon masters out there. "Mine > Passageway" to create a narrow, low ceiling, passage through the tile, instead of mining it out. Can be fitted with a door (wooden or metal) or bars. Step towards creating "rooms" inside the mines. Should probably require fairly high mining skill. "Mine > Secret passage"; similar to the above but would look just like a (reinforced?) cave wall; managed like a door. Would require action to open to pass through. Can be detected by unauthorized players by tracking (or maybe prospecting?) nearby. Should most certainly require high mining skill. Traps! Visible and safely passable to friendlies; detectable (tracking again, I guess) by hostiles. Ornate wall decorations! "Mine > Sculpt > (stuff)" on a wall to create some kind of a decoration (that would also serve as an reinforcement?). Could include things like statue in a niche, stone faces, gods likeness or columns (if done to a tile standing alone). Animated mine doors; instead of them just being a tile type, make them objects. Furthermore make a proper stone mine door and rename the current one to "hidden" one. Right... I have quite a bit more stuff in mind, but this will do for now. I feel like I'm already over the limit, anyway. P.S.: Other than all that -- maybe have a look at the mods fro WU for inspiration and to see what folks really want. There are some quality-of-life and ornamental mods out there that probably won't be unbalancing to the game and might go a long way in helping WO.
  9. After some more playtime with the mod I have a couple of observations : 1) The cave sounds seem a bit much at times; I do like the bats and the dripping (although they're a bit loud, in my experience) but the rumbling sounds like the whole place is about to cave in any second. Perhaps it's the volume... 2) The birds chirping around crops is pretty damn neat. Love the work on that. 3) Sounds of rain and thunder still fail to play; when it starts raining it only (sometimes) plays the effect and very briefly, at that. Distant lightning's thunder is completely silent too. I would really love to see this one looked at by someone, rain and thunder can add a lot to the atmosphere of the game. As for the work sounds -- I was thinking, would it be possible to limit playing work sounds to one per character? That could help with preventing the sound spam...
  10. Hm, interesting... and yeah, I figured that the timer is there to prevent the sound spam; but, just checking if got this right, -- with the change you're proposing it would mean that there would be a sound played for the first action and another sound for any action occurring in 5 second interval, afterwards? That sounds like a very acceptable solution to me! (Also, sorry to razoreqx for hijacking his thread a bit...)
  11. It's actually pretty nice! The difference is subtle, but noticeable, for the most part. I'm kinda curious... it's probably beyond the scope of this mod but if you poked around the sound.jar maybe you have an idea on how to change the work sounds (sawing, hammering, raking, etc.) so they play when the timer is below 5 seconds? Right now, with high enough skill/good enough tools, you're treated with silence on all the actions that should have sounds, especially if you use faster action setting on the server...
  12. Hope you enjoyed your turkey! Re: Skill-gain reporting -- the really quick and dirty way (that I can think of, off the top of my head) of getting info about skillgains would be to read the skill tab log file... But that would require 1) that they are enabled by the client, 2) that the ranges of the skill gain reports are set to enough decimal places... So yeah, that's not much help I guess. Unless the mechanism for writing the logs itself, buried somewhere in the client code, might give insight as to how to obtain that info...? (On the other, other hand, I might just be showing my ignorance of Java workings here; it's been forever since I last dabbled in it myself.) Re: Cutting a paycheck based on skill -- hm, I guess that's one way of seeing it... on the other hand, the skill-gain was only the means of measuring a fair reward based on the effort involved (sorta-kinda like the FS system works). You know, "to each according to his contribution" in a true communist way.
  13. Cheers, this should help quite a bit, still. Your continued work is much appreciated! (Also, dats da best kinda sauce!)
  14. Possible issue : This might be a coincidence (or bad luck) but since I started using the DigToGround mod I have not dug up a single emerald... previously, I would get like 2 or 3 of them from the volume I moved since the mod was enabled. Anyway, thanks a freakin' million for your work ago! Simply awesome job there.
  15. Hey, no worries, forums have been touch unreliable, indeed. Re: 1) Here are the .properties file contents, after my edit: And here's what the server console outputs on startup (might be a bit spammy, using a couple other mods, but I'll try to include it all, nevertheless): Re: 2) So it's safe to switch it to 1.0 then? Cheers for clarification!