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  1. Sounds good to me, I can help. I remember that a lot of hunters liked that desert and I'm always willing to help out the community.
  2. I'm getting the exact same error. Patch server is down maybe?
  3. Colour: brown Last seen in Esert If found please reply to this post or PM me.
  4. I agree, given how much you can lose, a simple question box to make sure its not a mistake would be good.
  5. I've also got animals on my deed and deed perimeter that haven't moved for at least 24 hrs. Horses, cows and bulls. They keep eating up the grass tiles they're on and never move to any other perfectly good grass tile. Not sure if its cause they're not hungry or what.
  6. Hey, I'd just been for a swim! Who swims in their armour?
  7. This tool is fantastic! But is there any chance of getting fruit trees and hedges included?
  8. Found and safely returned!
  9. Found Happygolden today near Goldenwine Hill being looked after by Jenshae. PM me or reply to this post to arrange pickup or delivery
  10. Settlement name: Goldenwine Hill •x22 •y21