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  1. Hey yall, You don't have to pay any mind to this post! I'm using this as a place to gather notes and post info I find on monsters not covered by the bestiary so I can add items eventually. I currently play on Sklotopolis a nice server on wurmunlimited filled with tons of wurmvets and nice folks! Anyways, onto the research... Beast: Skeleton x4 (summoned using black tomb) [credit to duncann for summoning] Attack style: Unsure (event window was wiped) Strength:Weaker than a wolf (3 hits with rare maul) Bashable: yes Produces Corpse:Yes Butcher:Not available Catapult: Yes, And its just as hilarious as catapulting any other corpse Buried with gravestone Notes: There were issues when he casted the spell and would untame the skeleton that appeared to be the leader, as only one skeleton would show up on his tame menu (even though 3 or 4 would summon) I dub this skeleton the leader. Other skeletons stand in one spot and do nothing after leader is dead. Only one skeleton was attack-able post untame, the rest seem to just stand there. End of Skeleton Experiment Beast:Wrath x1 (Summoned by black tomb) [Credit to Duncann for summoning] Attack style: hits headbutts and breath [20:00:50] A Wraith hits you hard in the left thigh and irritates it. [20:00:42] A Wraith headbutts you hard in the stomach and irritates it. [20:00:40] A Wraith breathes you hard in the left underarm and slaps it. Strength:Seems fairly strong, [20:00:57] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the right shoulder and harm it. [20:00:34] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the left shoulder and harm it. [20:00:13] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the head and harm it. [19:59:52] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the right shoulder and harm it. [19:59:36] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the head and harm it. [19:59:26] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the head and harm it. [19:59:22] You maul a Wraith deadly hard in the head and harm it. Bashable:Yes Produces Corpse:No Butcher:No corpse there for no butcher Catapult: No corpse no cata fun Not buryable Notes:Wraths seem to be significantly more difficult to kill than skeletons, and attack at a significant speed comparable to a brown bear in frenzy mode End of Wrath Experiment
  2. Fort MR is looking to take on new citizens, If you are interested please pm me on the forums or ingame: wolfersmcwoof Not posting pictures of deed layout sorry, but if your wanting to integrate into Mol Rehan you can use Fort MR as a place to start, or stay there forever
  3. Won't be an issue to find a place that is perfect for you in our great territory! PM me on the forums instead, or find me ingame Wolfersmcwoof!
  4. thanks for helping me sort that out, very much appreciated couldn't find a flag for the life of me hah
  5. I realize this post has images from MR Chaos, unfortunately its actually really hard to find an MR flag that is not made by them, so forgive the use of images, but their logo is very close version of ours
  6. Come visit beautiful Mol Rehan! Seriously Come, Im not joking, We could really use you. You specifically are needed! Mol Rehan is looking to recruit new citizens to join our kingdom on the epic server cluster! If you are interested in joining our great kingdom and becoming a great hero for the underdogs find your closest portal to epic and take it to desertion. If you would like to find a village when you arrive it can be arranged, OR you can volunteer for Mol Rehan's own Civil Guard! The men and women whom risk their lives daily to protect our traditional Hellenistic society from being over run by thieves, and enemy raiders. Come settle in beautiful MRH! We need you! To help further Mol Rehan Culture and secure our empires foothold for the next eternity. Thank you for reading this post and considering joining Mol Rehan on Desertion in the epic server cluster!
  7. Hail I am Mcwolfy, You found the armor of the gods, your welcome to keep it, I doubt I will return to the game for some time as I am pursuing a bachelors in Engineering at Rutgers University. I hope it is as useful to you as it was to me, Which is not at all, as for the tools they are yours too. If you don't use them give them to a new player, that is what I would have done if I had made it to my ship at the docks near newbrovegas. PS If you find the key to my ship its yours, No reason for the Wolf's Den to sink, if it hasn't already. Good traveling warrior.
  8. Welcome to Wurm, the things I will cover in this crash course will ready you for Wurm life, and will be the basics of your survival. == WURM'S COMMUNITY IS VERY CLOSE KNIT WHAT YOU DO AFFECTS YOUR STAY IN WURM == So try to be a good apple, see? == First off, walk to daddy, that's it! == Walking: WASD normal game controls. Inventory: F3 Using tools: on trees/rocks, and other things of that nature. Open your inventory and double click the tool/item then right click the proposed object you wish to interact with. Example: Axe on tree, Saw on log. == Second, SURVIVING WURM'S HARSH LANDS == You will need a home, and '''WATER''' '''Water is important in Wurm, Without it you will die and your stamina will deplete, set up camp near rivers, lakes, fountains or other sources.''' (Yes the caps are necessary) '''When you first join Wurm you are given a noob tent, This tent will last you about three weeks into the game, this tent can be used to store items safely. This tent can also be used to tie animals to, and as a personal re-spawn point if you fall out in the field.''' (these tents are not pick-up-able by anyone but you,no one can take items from them) == Last but not least, REAL ESTATE == Wurm is all about building and creating and honing, so you need somewhere to do all those things, if you are looking for open space but you don't see any around, you haven't walked far enough, keep walking down roads till you find a nice spot and then set up shop. [MALLET INSTRUCTIONS]: You will need 2 shafts of wood for this one, so use a carving knife on a log to make 2 shafts, then use the knife on one of the shafts to make a mallet head, then use the head on the shaft, and bing bang boom, your one step closer to a home on Wurm! '''To plan your first house:''' you need 5 carpentry 80 planks (will give you 5 carpentry)[To get this use a saw on a log] 4 large iron nails (from a iron vein in a mine) a hammer or mallet (mallet is easiest to get)[to get this use a knife on a log] a door lock (its the only way to be sure your stuff is safe) Once you have all that, use your mallet on a flat tile( if there are none around use your shovel to make one) and plan your house! then start building your walls! '''Congratulations''' you have now become a homeowner on Wurm and completed my crash course, thank you for being a part of our growing community, and we hope you will enjoy your time on whatever server your are playing. If you have any comments or things you think should be added to my little lesson, message me ingame by typing '''/tell TheStarCroc''', or pm me on the forums '''[forum name] Wolfersmcwolf'''. If you need help with more complex things and no one can offer you assistance give me a pm ingame! '''Good luck''' Wurmonline is waiting for you, get out there and create your legacy. --[[user:Wolfersmcwolf|Wolfersmcwolf]] ([[user talk:Wolfersmcwolf|talk]]) 19:22, 6 June 2014 (CEST)-TheStarCroc ''"Only cowards die, But true warriors live forever."''
  9. Bought 1k stone bricks- Were great ql! Bought 7 rafts also, cheap/fast/friendly delivery! Will almost certainly use services again.
  10. we need to allocate a dev team for pve and one for PVP, perhaps then wurms bugs would start getting fixed. I know wurm dosent have the sort of team that can just do something like this, but wurm is still a bleeding dog, and its gonna bleed out sooner or later, putting bandages on it like we have been doing for the longest time wont work for much longer
  11. or perhaps just separate PVP and PVE suggestion subthreads
  12. Reading all these suggestions I see, a lot are for PVP, and looking on the posts made to those PVP suggestions I seen noob freedomers being annoying and derailing the heck out of the posts and giving their useless 2 cents about something they don't even take part in. Wurm forums should have a seperate Epic and Freedom/chaos suggestion sub categories.
  13. Theres only one PMK on epic currently zwei, its Kingdom of Sol and we don't have the strongest players, We hold our own but we aren't strong enough to go to home servers to kill people. But I understand your concern, just left some info out. Epic is a PVP based server cluster anyways, it would increase PVP and is that not a good thing? Only thing that brings people to fight anymore is the HoTA
  14. It would be nice if a PMK could enter the home server that its the template of without combat nerf, and conquer towers of that kingdom. It would bring a good amount of PVP to epic in areas that rarely see fighting, it could also increase the interest people have in epic as a whole knowing that they could see the hardcore pvp side of epic long before they become premium players and travel to elevation. The Idea is to allow pmks that are on elevation to have use of lands on the home server they emulate off of and have the ability to set up homes on that server. This idea would also help refine the strength of current PMKs and allow for easy conversion into PMKs, I feel this idea would benefit wurm with more pros than cons, Sure people could see this as a way to run around bashing houses and killing noobs on the home server, but then again they are already able to do that, and as we see with MRH and MRE the home server people generally stay on the home server for the most part, and elevation people generally stay on elevation for the most part (Other then missions) In short. The idea is to allow PMKS to claim land on the home servers they are based off of, and to not have CR nerf in their territory on those lands. Pros: Increased epic interest, More pvp in areas that don't even see foot prints for months on end, use of empty unclaimed land on home servers, Better use of PMKs on epic, (Possibly) Increased trade between kingdoms and PMKs on Epic, Easier PMK integration with new players and converting players, A way for PMKs to grow and gain players who are trying wurm out, but don't wish to pay for premium yet, or play in any of the kingdoms that currently exist, This idea could also bring in a new play style for wurm one where you can be a great warlord conquering villages and territory. Cons: People will see this as a way to kill people on home servers and raid there stuff (I'm not saying conquering the lands should be easy, I'm saying it should be possible), Spy alts may become a problem for small PMKs but then again they are anyways, The home servers may become a bit more dangerous depending on how big the kingdom gets. The ablity to conquer the tower could be like, 10 or 20 people who have 25 mind or something can conquer a tower and turn the surrounding area to their territory if there are no villages in that towers lands. Please if you have any suggestions to add to this, feel free to post them, if you have a con, or pro also post it, or just leave a +1 or -1
  15. isle your a Foopin genius, that would be sick awesome
  16. Log 1/20/14 Day 2 Unfortunately rust has been keeping most of my time so I have decided to call it quits, I traveled all around exo, and after seeing what I saw I feel its good enough for me to turn in the walkin shoes and go back to grinding.
  17. Man work sucks balls, why the heck have to be so boring uggh; I wish I was playing wurm right now.
  18. After my short break of enjoying some tea while I watched the big lebowski, I continued on my journey to cracking wurm's secrets. after wandering in the forest for a while I came to an inn Passing it and then started going in circles all around the area I came to a player made path lined with the rarest of woods. And over the hill this path lead to a hidden retreat for some player. Then I spent 2 hours getting chased by mobs that part wasn't fun. Town after town village after village until I came to a spot I never could have believe existed, a view of the entire server(exo), from Gryphons lair.' Down I went north west I had almost reached the north coast across the lake I saw a great fortified area The locals informed me that the area I was in was decaying and neglected, didn't seem to stop them from being over achievers. I walked the areas of decayed noob shacks and homeless FSBs and Forges But like all things in wurm, no matter how fast nature reclaimed the land, players came to fight for it back I had finally reached the North coast I pushed westward towards the HOTA Exchange turned around to take a picture of the mountain I had just come from, with the homeless FSBs Stopping by the clay pit to say hello to the locals Then headed north towards the HOTA exchange on the North west most side of Exo Just did a little browsing Then I headed south, towards my boat and exo's start deed. Along the way I met a player who offered me food and cotton, I graciously accepted, he even let me use a pen for my cow for the night. Here I logged off, I have made it across Exo And now I will follow the coast back down and around to my boat, then Up east to Deli and rinse and repeat.
  19. Unfortunately My IE crashed, and deleted my original story but this is what I can remember I typed: LOG 1/19/14 3:42PM I docked at Hell horse Harbor , And headed inland, Stopping every so often to heal after being attacked by wolfs Passing through a great steppe west, I came to a village named Brockway Heading south towards a colossus on the horizon I met myself face to face with it on the docks of Shadow's incarnation. Northward I pressed crossing the Steppe filled with crocodiles bears and tons of horses till I came to the village of Red Kremlin, a very nice deed, peaking in a window I was able to see XdeadmauseX hard at work smithing away. Moving on northward into the forest I came to Castle dred, an interesting use of Wurm's Multi Story abilities. Forward I pushed passing Rock Cliff's End A fantastically planned tiered mountain side village. And northward more I pressed, till I came to Aubic's Canal I also was met face to face with one of the many wonderful players on wurm Gorgian One the road ended I wandered a while until I found Dead mans highway, and Passed through Jesep's compounds and down the road passed a few small villages I wasn't able to take shots of because I was being chased by a troll. It started to rain so I got a good shot of a rainbow. I pushed onward till I came to a ramped road upwards with two great towers on each side of the road, I walked in between them and found myself in the town center of a asymmetrical planned deed called Valhall. Northward I pushed till I came to Terrace lane, Where Sannah was the only one available to talk, they were quite generous and gave me cotton when I was jumped by a spider down the road. South across the road of Terrace lane I found myself at the gate of Namaste a Natural styled village built by Twilite, The village itself is an amazing sight, I suggest going to see it while it still has its current owner. After that I decided to take a break and rest for a bit pressing on (tomorrow)
  20. LOG 1/19/14 :12:56PM I have entered Exo, where my journey will officially begin, I have my Corbita filled with tools and a small amount of supplies to keep me going until I reach my destination, Valley of the Gods on independence. I don't expect this to be a short journey, but hey nothing is easy. I will do another log at the end of the day.