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  1. "New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child." Nice nerf to riding horses... I've popped out a few horses on Defiance (short gestation server.) [15:01:13] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It seems overly aggressive. It seems vibrant. It has been bred in captivity. I see how the foals keep the Majority category and then RNG all the other traits, sure some decent non majority traits will have a higher chance to get in "Traits have point values now which influence their chance to pass on and how many traits". but it looks nothing like the old RNG where they had a good chance to stay in. Any other traits that players want to keep in the horse, will not stay in when breeding. Just the majority category. That's a big deal. RIP player ridden horses when you carry more than your lunchbox although it looks like weight doesn't effect as much now, speed still varies a lot, overall top speed is reduced markedly (at least testing on my 90/90 set, 39kg gear, was topping at 38kmh before changes, now 33kmh on a 3spd, 36kmh on the above 4spd / all speed none rare trait horse, will double check after I remove that negative trait). I like that for pvp, not so much for pve. Consistent custom mix horses aren't going to be a thing 😕 Choose your category and hope for the best or push out 1,000,000 horses. Or unless you take 2 different majority category parents hmm have to test that, still not going to give you a true custom mix which is a shame IMO.
  2. Breeding time 20 AH 39.7 seconds 70 AH 39.7 seconds Defiance server I love the Focus indicator QoL fix
  3. On the Defiance pvp server currently the only way to become a priest is to go to the White Light / Black Light. It's very tedious and got to be frustrating for new players. No benefit to the game, even with say a server of 100 online players what are the chances to catch someone trying to priest up? Most are noob accounts anyway. Suggestion: Make priests be able to convert, add a religious adviser and altars to the starter deeds on Defiance. It may also encourage Freedom players to come try out being a priest, and try the pvp server.
  4. Oh man 100%. My biggest beef with this game is the storage system, looking through 5 different types of storage to get the tools and mats for an activity :/
  5. I like the idea of a very large map size, on Defiance with no hell horses you can still get to a fight half the server away in 5 to 8mins = can't start a fight without considering what backup that person may be able to call on. A larger map mitigates this somewhat. Need the player numbers for a new large map though, it would only work if Epic, Chaos and Defiance were merged into one.
  6. Yeah no PMK or champs on Defiance. Champ is only 6 months and losing 1 of all stats is 😕
  7. Nice idea. Can't from NFI though. Also, only 3 champs per kingdom still? I only have 3 friends anyway I guess so ok 😛
  8. I do, I have many priest accounts. Combining would be slower to grind overall, can't cast and craft at the same time. I understand if you already put effort into a priest acc, doesn't mean we can't think of new ideas to make the game more enjoyable for others though.
  9. Make a SuperPremium account that removes all priest restrictions. Price = about double. It's two characters in one. Could also add a few goodies like a sleep powder per month, or some QoL bonus like no food decay in inventory or something. I love playing priests and crafting accs, I hate playing two clients at once. Pvp priests are epic fun but not making your own gear sucks😕 The pay to win argument against this would not hold, it's no real change to what you can spend to what you can do now, slightly for PvP yes, but pvp priest is where the real fun is at so.. Cons: Would lose some activity in the enchanting game economy. Pros: From asking around, a huge amount of players that currently don't use priest alts would upgrade to it, plus people adding battery alts = a massive boost in subs income. Would make the game much more enjoyable to play. Pleas comment any pros and cons you can think of, and how much it could improve your gameplay Edit: Or make it available for pvp servers only (this can be used to test how popular it is). You wouldn't need to add options to the the shop, it could be a ticket costing silver coins from the trader / token that you consume, gives 30 days.
  10. +1 It's not cool to spent hours searching the map to eventually find it hiding next to one you found at the start 😕
  11. Some quality of life suggestions 1. Make the chat tabs not highlighted when log in. - In the profile, you can turn off show startup message for GL chat etc. I still want it to open but not be highlighted. No option for the Alliance and Village tabs, highlight seems to turn off for them when I turn off the GL chat and Trade chat. Maybe the highlight chat system needs reworking, or maybe it's just me idk, need feed back from players on this one. - It's a PITA to click them all every time, if you don't you can easily miss a pm or local message. Even worse when going back and forth from pvp to pve server on NFI, constant clicking... 2. Fix, in the new UI, satchel / backpacks on the toolbelt not showing the number of it's contents. - No I won't post this in the bug section 3. The main menu bar has a red arrow button to toggle the menu off, this button is surrounded by the quit button, if you miss the arrow button you get the quit dialog box. - Wait, you're saying you want to LEAVE Wurm Online? No, no i'm not, I want to close the menu bar you..... REEEEEEEE 4. Make take range from bsb / crate the same range as the take range of loose items from a container. - Working away getting tools and stuff, get some iron [11:03:39] You are too far away from the iron lumps now. REEEEEEEEE 5. When zooming in on the ingame map, you lose the X,Y numbering and lettering. - Zoom in on a nice feature on the NW of any map, hmm whats the co-ords? scroll across, ok F, scroll back, wait did I follow the line correctly, scroll back and check, repeat repeat, repeat with the numbers REEEEEEEEEE 6. Larger storage. Seriously... The new item specific storages (weapon racks etc) are great but opening 10x storage boxes to grab a bunch of stuff to do a task.... REEEEEE x Infinity . - Saddle racks hold like 6 saddles....really? Screw realism. Storage racks hold so0ooo little, and large items like bardings are problematic. BCU need to hold more maybe x5 - Make everything hold more, storage racks with x5 internal racks, those racks x10 the volume, with 200 item limit. - Items that won't fit in chests.. . I could go on for days about it, it's woefully inadequate, making game life frustrating. 7. Make a black skin avatar as a special prize in a competition. It would be historically accurate to have in northern Europe during this time frame, a very small number of foreign people from around the world. We can't have it as an option though cos we would end up with 20%+ dark skinned peoples in Viking style gear lol. - No other races cos just change the skin to make it easy. That is, if it is easily manually inputted by a dev for a special prize like once per year or less. 8. Make shaker orbs on NFI pve servers cost 1silver or less (I bet you would take in more silver overall). Watch the help channel you see players making mistakes or just want to change their mine layout, I've done it before, it's a huge pita to find a priest, or 3silver to fix one tile in a game, lol. Making player interactions and economy from using priests is great, but I think the costs in frustration far outweigh the benefits. NFI pve servers only, because pvp. 9. Getting stuck in freelook mode or 3rd person is a frequent problem, freelook is worse because you lose the curser. Display the hotkey or something idk. 10. Search by hotkey (what hotkey is bound to x?) 11. Make the Inventory save it's state when logging off. Or at least make groups pinable to the top. - What it looks like when I log in: - How I left it: - Not great examples, Imagine 40 or 80 items in your inventory and try to find your groups, fun times. No I don't want to sort by alphabetical or number my groups and sort name, I want to not have to click click click for days ffs REEEEE Plus if I have my tools and stuff at the top of my inventory, then materials i'm working on at the bottom, relog for any reason, maybe a crash, come back materials mixed with tools mixed with groups, mixed.... WTF why. That's it. REEEEE Omar
  12. I like the player positioning mechanic, and the complexity. Not knowing all the hidden attributes has some small positives but overall you don't feel or see progress, sure you see your skills go up, but what are the real effects, or the effects of that bangin pvp crowbar you just spend days crafting and enchanting? NFI, no one does completely = less satisfaction. +1
  13. Animal Husbandry: Grooming, start with 30ql brush and quickly go down to 1ql at about 25AH skill, no testing or method on this just experience. Longer timer = larger but time proportional skill tick. Shearing: You get skill gain form any produced wool with QL above your skill level. So increasing the scissors QL as your skill goes up but maintain it low to keep the difficulty high. Keep the percent of wool coming out above your skill at 60% to 70%? Feel free to rewrite or adjust^ not sure on the optimal success percent. shearing skillgain from + your skill is 100% correct tho.
  14. Some nice fixes 👍 good job
  15. WTB Knarr

    WTB Knarr on Harmony, prefer delivery pm zzzOmar ingame
  16. 1. No. there is more to all the types of HoTa than a battle arena, the whole map comes into play with it's varied terrain 2. No. That's dumb, leave it. There's enough time wasting in this game already, grinding / pointless travel, you aren't going to catch anyone going to starter town for it to be worth the extra PITA.
  17. Agreed, i've changed my thoughts on the portals, I really like them now, agreed on the double grind of FS and reward of gaining affinities, there is the sleep powder drops so that keeps Defiance players hunting at home, I think a little more could be done for regular play on Defiance but meh.
  18. Wagon shuffle

    Have this on Defiance, every restart.
  19. Same here, I think Steam is having issues.
  20. Hi, Defiance server (same on NFI?), on every server restart the position of horses hitched to wagons always moves around. randomly horse that was hitched at the forward now at the rear. This messes up my pvp horses at I have ready at the rear position for quick getaways, it also messes up when you have matching pairs forward or back, like 2 young ebony at the front then 2 old greys at the rear, then server restart, all mixed up. Thanks
  21. Hi, the new keybind system is really cool especially the quick add feature. One problem is there is no warning for already having that keybind in use, and to go see if you already have it assigned you have to go to 'all' and search through the list to see if you already have it used. Suggesting to add a 'search for keybind' box, and or a warning box when you try to assign it when already in use, for both 'quick bind' and in the keybind menu. Thanks
  22. Who wants to Crowdfund to buy Codeclub? :DD