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  1. Currently: Traders items at a trader. Marks from the token. Rift from the mail box. Karma from right click body. So many different places :s Why make people travel in game to spend money? Add the Trader store, Marks, Rift points and Karma to the same menu available from anywhere (shaker orbs only from traders on pvp). Sell more things to whale spenders for high prices: Giant magic chest. Weapon skins. Unique clothing. Abilities like Increased inventory items. A few ideas for the main page on the Wurm website All the fonts apart from the menu bar are horrible 😛 and that color of "The Ultimate Sandbox MMORPG" ugh. The Wurm Online title looks like the Metallica writing I used to doodle on my notebooks back in school in 1993. The border around the menu bar is cool, the border around the Wurm Online title is not. There's nothing about pvp! (Apart from that drop down menu "Features" Full pvp infos) Put News and Social at the bottom of the page, move the trailer up as high as possible and make it larger.
  2. Did the coffee filling up water get changed back in the last day? The first change where it filled up very little was much better, now it's back to filling up so fast I can't get enough sips in. Or is it just me?
  3. I sold the 10k lot, still have 8k or so but at the new price.
  4. Was just about to post. Thank you Keenan. It really needs to be changed back. It hurts smaller / less experienced / less established players and groups more. Because it will now take a lot more infrastructure to have a supply of horses ready.
  5. HI, I do the breeding for our group on Defiance. What Sme said is accurate, thank you Sme for speaking up. The inheritance of non primary traits is extremely low. It should pass on more, including the rare speed trait otherwise it will continue to hurt pvp because you often don't want to risk losing your rare horse, it's your getaway card. It's cost me at least one player kill already. Or remove rare speed completely.
  6. I think this is a really great addition! It helps out the non full time Wurmers, something much needed. Good work guys.
  7. Depth, but able to purchase or trade the item / journal achievement from another player. eg. recipes and archelogy are great, i'm dreading the fishing achievement because I hate fishing.
  8. Horse breeding times on Defiance significantly lengthened.
  9. Still want it? I'll sell it to you for 20c to make up for wasting ur time. Or some SC bloods if you want.
  10. When is the scheduled update? Can't see that anywhere. The skillgain event was announced for the 28th, it's now the 28th GMT, so what's up? Edit, I see the fountain update, I guess later today. They usually update around the same time right? Anyone know what that is GMT?
  11. Sent the ada thanks mate. little low for the SC bloods
  12. Crated items are Cadance wagoneer, or pickup west coast, delivery available through third party. + 25c crate charge, can return for 25c charge to me, or keep, or swap. Dirt 66c per crate (about 2s/k) 8x crates in stock Slate shards 80c per crate 5x crates in stock (more available on request) Rock Shards 20c per crate 25x crates in stock Stone bricks 1.2s per crate (about 4s/k) 0x crates in stock (more available on request) Green coffee beans 50ql 1s per crate 0x crates in stock (more available on request) Mint x300 45ql 2s 4x 0.024 white scale 5s each 4x White dragon blood - Oil of the blacksmith 5s each Seryll Pendulum woa7 LitW96 70ql 6s 2x Pumpkin shoulder pads 84 and 63ql 5s for both pm Zzzomar in game for fast response, or forum pm for slow
  13. Lost my horsey on the East coast M24, venerable fat Sahar
  14. Most of us don't care about the custom graphics and would be happy without it if it means we got PMKs sooner.
  15. Had same problem with other keys not saving.
  16. From mostly 5spd+TB+FF horses, some pure 5spd, some random traited bisons and some wild horses together and with the 5/7traiters. And RIP consistent colors, all my breeders are ebony, gave out very roughly 1 of every 12 foals as ebony
  17. "New: Traits now have categories, the majority category on a creature excluding negative and miscellaneous traits will influence how traits are passed on greatly preferring to pass on its majority to its child." Nice nerf to riding horses... I've popped out a few horses on Defiance (short gestation server.) [15:01:13] It has fleeter movement than normal. It has lightning movement. It has very strong leg muscles. It seems accustomed to water. It seems overly aggressive. It seems vibrant. It has been bred in captivity. I see how the foals keep the Majority category and then RNG all the other traits, sure some decent non majority traits will have a higher chance to get in "Traits have point values now which influence their chance to pass on and how many traits". but it looks nothing like the old RNG where they had a good chance to stay in. Any other traits that players want to keep in the horse, will not stay in when breeding. Just the majority category. That's a big deal. RIP player ridden horses when you carry more than your lunchbox although it looks like weight doesn't effect as much now, speed still varies a lot, overall top speed is reduced markedly (at least testing on my 90/90 set, 39kg gear, was topping at 38kmh before changes, now 33kmh on a 3spd, 36kmh on the above 4spd / all speed none rare trait horse, will double check after I remove that negative trait). I like that for pvp, not so much for pve. Consistent custom mix horses aren't going to be a thing 😕 Choose your category and hope for the best or push out 1,000,000 horses. Or unless you take 2 different majority category parents hmm have to test that, still not going to give you a true custom mix which is a shame IMO.