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  1. Justice For Trash

    I don't think anyone knew or knows now. Unless it was one of the rumors, which are really bad stuff. I believe he has completely misread the situation "people that knew are complaining now" people don't have a clue, that's the point. Want me to do a poll of the rumors we have heard? And don't tell me you know. I've just seen a years old friend of someone swear his head off that he wasn't cheating then showen logs of 6 hours of dig timers repeated to within 1 or 2 seconds.... You may think you know because you may know one of the reasons, but was that really the reason that person was banned? Or the only one? You do not know. Only the banned and the GMs know. That's it from me I'll stop complaining 😛 I'll just add one more thing, another player was banned within a few days proir and this player devolved that himself used ESP hacks and spilled the beans on how he did it, so that's one of the rumors. Then the fact that Trash has achieved a lot in the game leads people (unfairly IMO cos I've played with Trash I know how efficient he is) to jump to conclusions. ok I'm stopiiing! not replying bye
  2. Looting on PvE is more cut-throat than PvP.
  3. Justice For Trash

    Funny or an opportunity to attack the poster and not the posted? I think it's smart.
  4. Justice For Trash

    and 2 likes from Pukaria and Zykat Look at you guys running disinfo lololol Because many from your kingdom told us he was and that he was appealing it. They only do Gallows for a select few, so that means nothing.
  5. Justice For Trash

    I've just heard about a well known player swear black and blue they weren't macroing and believed him because he couldn't be that stupid when using someone else's account. Then seen the event logs that said otherwise. The only evidence we usually see is ban or unban. Forgive me for not believing anything a player says.
  6. Justice For Trash

    I've always thought perma bans are to harsh. I know some baddies have had long bans and came back and continued, there's also players that love the game and get carried away. For these players a 1 to 3 month or even a year ban is punitive.
  7. Justice For Trash

    Seems weird that Wurm censors player feedback. I guess that's why so many bitter ex players flame the Steam reviews. Free speech!!!!! 🤣 If it weren't a bad cheat then why not say it? Otherwise people may believe rumors' and feel really discouraged.
  8. 2023 Roadmap

    Fix creation skillgain on things like Locksmithing and Ropemaking pleeeeease Access money from bank from character.
  9. 2023 Roadmap

    I want to set the default of that tool
  10. PVP servers

    Some good replies, bumping to fish for more
  11. 2023 Roadmap

    Learn2play Shearing.
  12. 2023 Roadmap

    THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Also why do people with a macro keyboard or mouse get to have one click imp, and new players get tortured with selecting from toolbelt every time they imp? Or one click full action que dig/mine etc. This should be in the game by default.
  13. Your map has to little mainland for BL and JK. My map is to rough, the areas could be a little smaller too.
  14. Yep, sorry i was being lazy 😛
  15. Revenant doesn't count?
  16. PVP servers

    I proposed removing rare horses as well.
  17. PVP servers

    Nothing fishy, actually two enemy kingdoms agreeing.
  18. PVP servers

    Skill isn't the reason behind wanting to remove hellhorses.
  19. PVP servers

    What do you think about skill differences between the PvPers on Chaos and Defiance?
  20. PVP servers

    Chaos and even Defiance could be converted to PvE servers. Affinities on Defiance are an issue.
  21. PVP servers

    oops thanks, I think a good idea, players won't feel like they lost work.
  22. PVP servers

    I think a good idea, players won't feel like they lost work. Items going to the new server: It will make things easier and fun from the start. But it will get flooded with drake and scale etc. from SFI, so not sure.
  23. New players are joining Epic for a few days then leaving, a big missed opportunity to get new pvpers. Epic needs to shut down so new players don't have such a bad experience then quit. I also propose shutting all pvp servers. And having one new server accessed via craftable portal from SFI and NFI, with Defiance ruleset minus rare speed horses, +10% boat speed. Your faith and meditation abilities transfer the first time you cross only. No item transfer. PMKs enabled from the start. I believe Chaos accounts are NOT massively higher skilled than the players currently on Defiance. Partly because players are now skilling better from caffeine + food affinities etc and game knowledge. So I don't think this is an argument against a merge but I'm interested in hearing other points of view.