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  1. SO all these changes.... are to bring pvp back right? JKE on the Elevation server have been pushing for changes to make more pvp.... so on the very first or second day these new guys from freedom were trying to build a deed.... and solar/ausimus came over and asked to be on their mine door and then metagamed them. killed the tower guards.... told them they had to run from rome (it was just orlaz) you can clearly see in this video they took last night of the whole thing... I'm sure you have heard about this from other ca's this is NosFirebird level crap. and if its not breaking a rule.... it SHOULD be... change the rules. stop this metagame stuff.... the 2 of them could have just attacked and possibly won but they had to bring ausimus up... 2 kings... moon metal.... champion.... and they are bullying these guys on their first days? they just got the accounts and came over from freedom? like really? 


    This isn't just unfair this is like cheating. and these guys are now talking about quitting and going to unlimited or back to freedom or something. not because they died but cos of the way it happened. cant you guys like make it so if enemies are in local same kingdom cant hurt each other or something? 

    1. Omar


      They are new but instead of settling on a home server they tried to conquer the dominant kingdoms territory and are now crying about getting killed lol wow man.

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