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  1. Mail to Zzzomar without asking. Please write on it the QL you want and your name for mail return. Item creation +10c Bows 80ql 2s 90ql 5.5s All shields, iron or wood 80ql 1.2s 90ql 2.9s Pottery all items apart from amphora 80ql 2s 90ql 4.5s Jewelry iron, gold or silver 80ql 2s 90ql 5.5s Also selling bulk low QL silver lumps cheap.
  2. It's permanent for me. I do have some windows that won't stay put though 😕
  3. Action: A mission for the god in question has completed, aiding the god on Valrei. Old Message: <God>'s followers now have the attention of the <spirit type> spirits. New Message: (none) Could this be returned for PvP servers? It does matter when a mission is completed.
  4. 551, 2899 Ram of Secrets Mission pillar
  5. Dadler I think it's time for your weekly "guis lets stay on topic" post
  6. Players against an auction house or expanded buying and selling don't see the big picture. Wurm is about interacting with other players in an immersive world, a market is other players. They want to force players to waste hours of their leisure time traveling just so they can see a name go through local LOL. At least mail trading you need to talk to people. In theory lack of easy trading should force players into working closer with their neighbors, doesn't seem to work out though. It's best not to try pushing sh1t up hill
  7. I believe that players with the most potential to enjoy Wurm are quitting around the 1 to 3 month mark, they play solo, they have likely played other MMOs, they are learning how great higher QL gear can be, they want to engage in the Wurm market, an auction house would be great but more dev time. Make mailboxes on creation have at least 1 power mail enchant (maybe 50) at least 1 so they can receive mail. From my own experience and from reading the QoL suggestion thread I think new players often want to spend $ but struggle to do so. It can inspire players to set goals of selling their own wares, a huge motivator for those that it appeals to. This change would also boost sales of game coins, win! And make mail universal
  8. Hitched Hellhorses

    Just one bump then the thread can die like every Wurmers hopes about a fix on it. Need rideable dolphins right?
  9. Soooo about them strong groups on starter and it needs a nerf... proven little bit incorrect isn't it? I wonder where that idea came from? Should nerf trebs on starter areas.
  10. Probably been reported but just in case you weren't aware - Hitched hellhorses attacking you randomly all the time is reeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy f'n annoying.
  11. Storage containers alphabetized by default. Storage containers (all, crates, bsb, rafts, wagons etc) have group tabs like player inventory.
  12. Yes sorry about that. Have replied. Auction closed, Congrats Aleck.
  13. Higher skilled players hate building towers because they get nothing from it. Lower mistakenly think it's good skill gain, at least they do get something, and seem to get a sense of achievement. Personally I hate going around a map with a lot of towers. This and I've always argued for game rules that advantage casual and new players are the reasons I'm against tower capping, I think it's not a really horrible change but I'm against it. If you wanted to make the game less tedious, I propose changing all gods to have the same saccing favor from butchering products as Libilia or all gods to have every favor bonus (advantage to enemies, don't ever say I only argue for my kingdom 😛 )
  14. What if there's only 1 or 2 end gamers in a kingdom? Should they have to leave the starter to play solo? Or should they quit to freedom then there's no experienced players to try to build a kingdom up? Maybe that's what you are intending? I think trebs would need a nerf if we didn't have the current starter area rules.
  15. Yes, seems if the god doesn't get teleported home - if they're already there, their timer doesn't get reset. I believe it's unintended. Close enough. It's not 2 missions for a move, more like 9.
  16. Do the tiles RNG every scenario? No. Is body strength RNG every scenario? No. Mag starts with +10bs at the start of the server.
  17. On the 25th after a new scenario started, Fo did 2? missions then moved. The gods should start with 3 days to move, each mission taking off 8 hours. During the previous scenario Libilia was on on the home tile of Fo, left the tile and lost the fight, making Fo win. I think this fight bugged out Fo not resetting his move timer. Fo has gathered the Wild Eyes required at The Myriad. Fo now controls the Demons from Sol! 1:26 PM · Mar 25, 2023 Fo received help from Defiance. 3/25/23 536 1:36 PM · Mar 25, 2023 Fo received help from Defiance. 3/25/23 85 2:08 PM · Mar 25, 2023 Fo enters Humid Hills 2:26 PM · Mar 25, 2023
  18. WTS Empyrean Lumps COD, All only, for best offer over 5s Post, forum pm or pm me ingame - Zzzomar
  19. ----- Dreamblood ------ Coolest name and fastest horse in the Northern Freedom Isles of Wurm! Never been ridden, needs breaking in Female. Adolescent. 5 speeds + easier to tame combat trait. Delivered to any coastal spot on NFI Starting bid: Any Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None but reserve the right to withdraw the auction if interest is low at this time. Sniper protection: 12 hours Buyout: None Private bids: None accepted, please post your bids publicly on here.
  20. That wouldn't prevent any of the problems about deed switching I listed.