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  1. On Epic. Skeletons only fight each other and not attack anything else. Edit: Fixed my usual bad grammer
  2. WTS Gold / Silver coins

    I have 2 Gold available. 1 Euro/Silver. Any amount can be purchased. I will sell for 0.95Euro/Silver if purchasing 1G or more. Thanks
  3. WTS Gold / Silver coins

    send me a pm if still interested thanks
  4. 50% off listed prices Enchanted Tools: Enchanted Tools: Rare tools all sold - Just the long swords left. and ropetool 195silver for sale 1s=1e minimium 20s
  5. sold

    Comes with plate set, some usefull gear and a knarr full of crap. 7000 Karma. No warnings. Male. You have premium time until 28 May 2017 Looking for 230e
  6. sold

  7. sold

    bump. have offer for 220
  8. sold

  9. sold