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  1. WTS Empyrean Lumps COD, All only, for best offer over 5s Post, forum pm or pm me ingame - Zzzomar
  2. ----- Dreamblood ------ Coolest name and fastest horse in the Northern Freedom Isles of Wurm! Never been ridden, needs breaking in Female. Adolescent. 5 speeds + easier to tame combat trait. Delivered to any coastal spot on NFI Starting bid: Any Increment (minimum): 1s Reserve: None but reserve the right to withdraw the auction if interest is low at this time. Sniper protection: 12 hours Buyout: None Private bids: None accepted, please post your bids publicly on here.
  3. That wouldn't prevent any of the problems about deed switching I listed.
  4. Take your lies elsewhere, BL do not have anything like 40 active players. And not 40 fighters. Refer back to my post about "post names of pvp ready fighters that we have or STFU". You could try, then compare that list to JK, it will be 1/10 of the fighting power. Please stop posting you are either lying or ignorant of how things are.
  5. I don't like tower capping at all now, unless there's some feature to slow it - reason is it helps the dominant kingdom to much. Can't use enemy alts for pvp purposes so they shouldn't be bashing towers, unless some KvK fighting, hopefully less now with PMKs (although it seems some players are "playing as just the alt" to get around this rule). NPC tower defenders should need to be all killed otherwise they'll just be kited, so 2 players could cap a tower. What's happening with the deed 'kingdom switching' abuse issue? What's to stop a faction in our kingdom and alliance dropping a deed close to us then having it join a PMK? A new PMK group should not be able to convert existing deeds. What happens if only half the kingdom wants to make a PMK? Cluster fck of deeds and territory. Or a traitor mayor converts stealing the kingdoms territory.
  6. Could leave off the 24hr timer for PMK intro. Yeah no limit on capping, just couldn't go around capping the whole map. Could leave bashing in. 100% you should be able to bash your own towers.
  7. That's great, but why did it take so long? Why do I have to go to a token to give you my money for prem? You don't want it?
  8. Nice, yeah capping en masse is a problem. I was thinking something like - Tower cap becomes available after 24hrs of touching your influence (+10? tile between influences / blocking radius). This stops random capping all over the place as well.
  9. Could temp allow mayors to convert.
  10. Can we please have clarification on this? Currently there are restrictions on converting enemy deeds to stop abuse. Will PMKs be allowed to convert any deed, anywhere?
  11. If there is or has been any group that used the starter as a safe base whilst winning lots of fights / Hota / Depo / Missions on the mainland, then there would be a point to raise about starter areas. There isn't and has not been. There are new and casual players that aren't getting into PvP. We think instability in the kingdoms has not helped, PMKs and King changes hopefully help. If any a 10%+ skillgain outside starter or something like that. Restrictions will make people play even more on freedom.
  12. So what's your point? Many JK players called it a problem and made suggestions to nerf the ###### out of starter areas. My issue is with these proposals to allow things like 6hr raid windows, I believe players in your group are making completely selfish ridiculous suggestions.
  13. Ad hominem as expected. There is no "problem" with people living on starter. It's a big lie so that JK can wipe groups out so they can't make a comeback. Pretty disgusting gameplay IMO.
  14. Sweetserenade: "They should not be a permanent base of operations for strong competant players" "Was that the small group of 15-20 players you had in HotS?" Karlfranz: "It's sadly turned a large group of players into groups of self proclaimed newbs even though they've been around for years." Ignorance or lying? hmm or repeating what an ignorant or liar is telling them?
  15. For those that didn't know - BL COULD NOT KILL ONE JK SITTING ON THEIR MINE AND GATE HOPS OVER 2 RAIDS - if you know the game you know what this means. Give names of this large group of "good players on starter" or any group or individual that's a problem or stfu. You are either ignorant or lying. I rest my case your honor
  16. So where is this large group of strong PvPers on starter? No takers to argue the point? Can't be the group of BL that couldn't kill a single JK sitting on BL hops, even shaker orbed one got away. When JK raided and drained the main BL starter deed twice and lost no one. Where is this large group that's a problem?? Someone is telling tall stories?
  17. 1. If the server isn't engaging / working out for these players, do you think making life more difficult for them will encourage them to play on the server more? 2. HotS has had 2 players that equal JK main group average, living on the starter island. And only 3 players with any real pvp experience. You guys keep talking about a large group of PvPers living on a starter island. Please elaborate (seriously) because I don't know of such a group. All I'm hearing is waaaaaaa people won't play pvp against me!! lol Perhaps kidnap some folks, chain them to chairs in front of Wurm, is the only suggestion I have for you. 3. Raiding with trebs is quite powerful (as intended, they said they wanted to make raiding easier iirc). This could be a reason people are reluctant to live off starter. But I think it's that JK has the only good sized group of dedicated PvPers and some really experienced great fighters, and pushed everyone off. 4. I think the balances are fine as is and the Devs did a great job with the server rules and changes. Much better than previous years. 5. To non PvPers commenting on the toxic posting. It's not that bad in game, we aren't usually as toxic as to each other. It's just that we care about witch way the server rules go, it can make a big difference. I have seen tons of toxic crap on freedom. And interactions inside a PvP kingdom are unparalleled in good feels
  18. And a kingdom like MR with like 2 good players in it? Just throw them to the wolves...? I appreciate reading all peoples ideas, nothing personal but sorry any ideas like this is bad, I doubt it would even be considered, they want to protect new players and weaker kingdoms. Nerfing starter areas into the ground isn't going to happen. What is it going to achieve anyway, what is the outcome you guys are hoping for, what gameplay change? Or are you lot just trolling? Feels like it.
  19. Yeah right, don't want to have to make you guys roam to far to cap everything like usual. Players living on the starter islands have got what 5% of Hota and Depots in the last year? What are you guys wishing to change exactly?
  20. JK wants not only the best channel grinding, healing and pve casting priests but also the easiest favor gathering priest 🤠
  21. You could do the same with deeds on the mainland. I already said about the close deed stacking. It hasn't been an issue so far (we even let our close deeds lapse). Tunnels between deeds are easily broken into. Other ideas are good, kinda reduces incentive to join in on things on the server though.
  22. I love PvP portals but this server has a problem that it's to easy not to care about it, just jump to freedom and continue playing there. Disadvantaging starter islands will push more people off. I agree with Sinnjinn about your guys attitude to a healthy server. Theres 'sugestions' then there's 'sugestions that allow us to wipe everyone off the server cos we're pro huhu'
  23. Not a bad idea. I think they had this on the Epic home island maps but then removed it. Someone correct me if that's wrong.