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  1. Hey guys, I just hopped into Wurm again after playing back in 2010, I am at Green Dog with no tools, I was wondering if anyone happens to own the land by the decrepit rendered stone walls?
  2. I'm tired of having so much goddamn Barley, wheat, rye, and potato. I want to be able to craft it into more then just a meal or bread. I want BEER. I want to be able to brew my own wurmian beer or vodka and so on. This I believe would go great with the game. Anyways just my thoughts.
  4. I had this issue I believe yesterday or just recently. Anyways I have been unable to connect to wurm online and I don't know why. This happens to be the Deliverence server. I have tried two different accounts to no avail. All it says is Connecting to Server
  5. I have max level farming for a F2P and I only get 1 produce from harvesting!? My rake is 10 QL but I don't believe that should effect it. Anyways I would love to know whats goin on. Cheers
  6. hey man you still haven't messaged me back if you want just tell me and you can join my deed if not tell me so =)

  7. How can you make that money that fast?
  8. Electricity is actually quite cheap here and my parts are power effecient as all hell. Also 3 year warrenty on my GPU. Should be fine, been doing Litecoin Mining and such for a while now.
  9. So I have a Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6800 2.93Ghz, 4GB of DDR2 RAM ( Unkown Mhz or brand ), also a Radeon 7770 Ghz, and a 1TB 7200 RPM Hard-drive. What are some ideal settings for my system?
  10. And why is that? I was making 247 Iron a hour
  11. I noticed you can mine bitcoin with your CPU to earn wurm online iron coins. This is a nice convience.
  12. Wasn't as nice when I was playing. The pickaxe would stay still while you character would flail in the air.
  13. Whats New?

    So I haven't check on Wurm for 2 years now and I am curious whats new? I have seen some new animations from videos online and such where they FINALLY got the mining animation, fighting animation, and digging animation. I also sow some couple story buildings now! Cool! Waited forever for that! Anyways I was wondering if someone could give me a brief idea of some supranational changes to gameplay. Is there anymore benifits for free players at all? New skills? So on! Cheers. - Chazman
  14. PS: I've upgraded my PC hardware. So what settings can I handle Wurm on now? I have an Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme Q6800 2.93Ghz a Nvidia 8800 GTX with 786MB of VRAM with 2.5GB of slandered RAM in the card and then my machine has 4GB of ram. So what settings can I handle Wurm on?
  15. Holly Balls! Pardon my language but It's been two years and Wurm Online has progressed fantastically! Great job team! I can't believe it's been two years since I've played. Think I might give it a try again since everything is so new and fancy