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  1. Items requested have all been sent. @Simju Pick already sold @Dextrome my apologies didnt know rakes couldnt be mailed. If you want to pick up i will deduct 5c from the price. Thank you.
  2. My Apologies for the delay. All Items requested will mailed and delivered in 30 minutes or less.
  3. @williamweird [06:19:07] The items silently disappear from the spirit castle. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes. Item sent. Thank you
  4. Longswords Longsword, Iron, 69ql AD, Nimb 59, Frostbrand 68, Coc 88 ~3s Longsword, Iron, 46ql Coc 51, Woa 49, Frostbrand 42 ~1s Pickaxes Pickaxe, Iron, 55.30ql ~40c Pickaxe, Iron, 55.30ql, woa 56,coc 57 ~60c Pickaxe, Iron, 50.86ql, ~40c Pickaxe, Iron, 44.53ql, ~30c Pickaxe, Iron, 9.16ql, coc 32 ~50c Pickaxe, Iron, 5.25ql, coc 35 ~50c Rakes Rake, Iron, 68.92ql, woa66 ~45c Rake, Iron, 34.40ql, coc62 ~25c Rake, Iron, 46.27ql, woa13,coc16 ~20c Misc Small Maul, Iron, 67.86ql,AD,Nimb52,Frostbrand48,coc69 ~60c Spindle, Willow, 68.73ql, woa51, coc52 ~40c Spindle, Pine, 68.63ql, woa 67 ~30c Spindle, birch, 68.96ql coc 67 ~30c Small Anvil, Iron, 4.67, coc 35 ~15c Stone Chisel, Iron, 48.39ql, coc 44 ~15c Mallet, Pine, 44.12ql, coc 54 ~30c Ropetool, Oak, 7.93ql, coc 63 ~70c PM Ingame or on forums (cuddlekinz) Prices Negotiable Pickup Available at Oak Harbour, Crystal Lake, Indy or items can be mailed
  5. I sometimes get this on a windows 8 tower, try clearing the java cache Hope that helps
  6. Live about 5 mins down the coast from Oak Harbour , at Grey Havens on Crystal Lake. The foal is a brown female with 4 traits. Pm in game or on forums (Cuddlekinz).
  7. Economic Left/Right : -3.75 Social Libertarian/ Authoritarian : -2,05
  8. If you are interested in playing on Independence server, I have recently started my deed. Plenty of things to do mostly dig work, community projects, etc. Always something happening wether it be grinding skills or going out in a small group to hunt and slaughter whatever sounds good for dinner . I am located on the coast of Crystal Lake, 5 mins from Oak Harbour. Currently it is only my fiance and myself in the deed, but in the future we hope to take in 2 new players and teach them the ropes. You will be free to do whatever you wish, We belong to a fairly active alliance. However i must log for the time being if you want further details simply pm me on forums.
  9. Pardon the horrid pic ql, will post better later after final draft is finished and colored (:
  10. Putting up my 2nd deed building today :D

  11. 25% done with my dig work on my new deed :D

  12. +1 would be helpful to have this when prepping for future hunting trips and such
  13. You could possibly try to manually download the graphics and sounds from the wiki. But even then it still might not work if it keeps pausing while the files are updating.
  14. If so just try to keep the client active, had that problem on my grandmas win 8 tower, had to keep clicking on the tabs every 10-20 mins until it was done, worked for me not sure if you will get the same results.
  15. Failing to understand why OTG members that are 25+ are acting like a bunch of children. So far all my experiences have shown me this. Why is it just so damn hard for people to talk things out? I am in favor of giving others a little warning not everyone can be on 24/7 to get a oh btw I'm going to cast RoS in about 10 mins, not saying that was the exact circumstances. Not that difficult to create a thread, title it RoS Cast and then copy paste a timer.
  16. If you can get into the game contact gms by /support and they should be able to help you
  17. I am so....going to start grinding my fine carp just to make this
  18. It is possible to have a ceiling that is a colossus high in a cave i have seen it . Just takes a lot of work, what i would suggest is making "steps" up to how high you want the cave to be and then mine you way down a step at a time.
  19. [16:22:37] The items silently disappear from the stone spirit cottage. You expect them to arrive in less than thirty minutes.
  20. *auction closed thank you* Protunia will send the gem to you asap Thank you