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  1. 1224, 584 Horsewood Town Thanks!
  2. Sawrio server has been down all day. Coming back soon ?

  3. Sawrio - 1x Rates

    We now have a community map made by our player Bubblebox.
  4. Sawrio - 1x Rates

    Sawrio Sawrio is a PvE 1x rate server aiming to provide the original wurm experience and expand upon it. The server is almost 2 months old and some of the original objectives are being met, namely having a small friendly and quality community and we wish to continue expanding with this in mind, we prioritize quality over quantity. World Map Screenshots Main points Rates are 1x - The rates have been adjusted to match closely as possible to Wurm Online, to keep providing that original experience. This includes the skills, actions, growing, tree spread, animal pregnancy. World is 1024x1024 - The size is perfect for the current amount of players and will be expanded as needed. For example a landmass was added to the map recently. Mods - Expand the experience Deeds are NOT free - Gives more of a challenge, and ultimately everything will return to nature. Friendly and quality community - It's very akin to the Wurm Online community Everything is player built - The admins are not providing artificial boosts to anyone Active community - Chances are there's always someone in the server at all times. High peaks during evenings and weekends. Newbie friendly - We guide and help newbie players into Wurm Mods JPWM mods: Clay Removal, Offspring Names, Fishing Sounds, Deed In-game Map support Links Reddit Steam Group Other Features We have a Discord server, where people chat via text and talk via voice Active mod development, we listen to people request for features and we implement them as a mod. Join us in the server "Sawrio"! We'll be waiting.
  5. New update, v1.1.1 Download Changelog: Fixed tags not being improvable Changed some internal code that follows the modloader guidelines, which in turn should make it less likely to have problems with other mods.
  6. Update to the latest version of the GUI please. That might be the issue! Nappy: There is currently a bug in modloader which makes multiple calls to ModActions.Init have an exception. The only fix I found so far was to put an exception catch around that code but there's nothing I can do on my side, either modloader or that mod has to apply a fix. It has to do with order of load. In this case it means offspring names is being loaded before that mod, and If you somehow could reverse that (not sure how), then if offspring names mod loads after it will be fine.
  7. There's no base edit, it's all done with injection and javassist . Check github source code now, I totally forgot about pushing the changes of this update.
  8. New update. Version 1.1 Added a new item, Naming tag, craftable with a wood scrap and a piece of cloth string. Allows for custom naming animals, or choose your own random name.
  9. Yes I'm aware of the bug, but it's just visual. If you relog you can actually see it full, I think it's a wurm bug but I'll look more into it soon. EDIT: To everyone using the mod, please update to the latest version (1.0.2+) there was a typo that happened between testing and publishing that makes it have a game breaking bug.
  10. Ah I wasn't aware of that, will do.
  11. I just released a new version where it fixes the description not showing up, Thirn, thanks for pointing it out. I'll take a look into the ordering.
  12. Notice to everyone: If you are using the mod, please update to the latest version (1.0.2+) there was a typo that happened between testing and publishing that makes it have a game breaking bug. This mod adds a new craftable item that makes it possible to make clay tiles into dirt without needing GM powers or magic. Decay Bed More Images By placing wooden items in this and letting them decay, the organic matter contained within these will seep into the ground and make the soil once again able to support plants. The process takes time and might need some dedication to be successful. The decay bed is craftable by using a plank and large nails. The total required materials are: 13x Planks 4x Small Nails 1x Large Nails How it works You have to put wooden items inside the decay bed (it's a container), it works best with logs but any wooden item will work, and every time an item inside decays there will be a chance roll based on the weight and volume of the specific item. It is designed to achieve maximum chance by having the same weight and volume as one wood log. If you place an item with less weight or less volume than a log it will still have a chance, just lower. Bigger items do not provide bonus. Outside of villages, there's a maximum of 10% chance, and weight counts towards 6% while volume 4%. Inside of villages, there's a maximum of 50% chance, and weight counts towards 30% while volume 20%. These percentages and values are configurable. If the roll is successful, the tile beneath will turn into dirt. Note this does not work if any corner of the tile is under water. Download & Other Links Download latest version Github Moddb Instructions Extract into mods folder Configure the properties files or use JPWM Mod GUI Manager
  13. New version released Version 1.1.0 Changelog: Added a dialog asking if the user wants to save when changing mod or tab and there's unsaved changes. Added a dialog warning about having to restart to apply the changes on saving or enable/disable mods.
  14. While I was doing something else, I came up with this. Basically it adds a new tab in the server GUI that allows you to enable/disable and configure mods that use Ago's Mod Loader all from the server interface and not having to fiddle with files. Screenshots & Features: Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders Downloads: Github Changelog: 1.3 Added new data type: Choices. This allows dropdown menus with pre-defined values. Older changelogs: Info for developers:
  15. I always found the name pool for horses a bit limited, so I made this mod that allows to replace or add new names, and now with a new item for custom names. Features: Add new possible names into male, female and generic name pools Completely replace the built-in wurm name pools so that only the custom names will be available A custom item, Naming Tag, craftable with a wood scrap and some cloth string, allows custom names or select one of the available random names from Wurm. The maximum characters via naming tag is 20, which is achieved at 100ql. Requirements: Ago's Mod Loader Instructions: Extract the zip file to your mod folders, configure the file to your desire. To change/add names, open the file at "mods/JPWM_OffspringNames/names.txt". Inside you'll find 3 categories, generic, male and female. Below those add one name per line. By default the mod will disable horse names on birth, this is to allow custom names with the naming tag, however if you wish to use the initial version functionality, just change the nameMethod to 1 (or Wurm in GUI) and alternatively disable the naming tag as well. Downloads: Version 1.1.1 (BETA) - Please let me know issues or other things with the naming tag. Version 1.0 Properties file with support for Server Mod GUI Manager