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  1. Will pay 45s for Libram and 35s for Green
  2. WTB Green Tome of Magic and Libram of the Night. PM offers on the forum or ingame (Akayrd).
  3. Could I get 1 create peat, COD to Akaryd.
  4. Thanks Oblivionnreaver. I had the same issue with donkeys, bred horses, and barding. Once I turned on GLSL the anomalies disappeared. In addition, terrain detail such as grass and crops has returned. Apparently it was affecting those as well.
  5. Category: Cozy Ranches and Farms I constructed this artificial island in the ocean 325 meters away from the nearest land mass. This location provides a cozy and quiet spot to farm grains for the distillery on the second floor. 1st floor (workshop) 2nd floor (distillery)
  6. I will be there. I can imp the following 70+ Cloth Tailoring Carpentry Can I get a room also, name: Akaryd
  7. Please add: Antil 1800, 680
  8. I would like to smear painted mud on my face. War Paint, the poor man's mask. Giving a buff or not, it would certainly improve my character's complexion.
  9. Woh what happened to my font size lol
  10. What if dogs could be used to improve results of tracking.
  11. are you still doing updates to the map or do you need help? I may be able to help and update it if you want to contact me on forums or in game both under Kristof