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  1. glad to hear it :P. And Ill add a note there.
  2. use you GM wand click the tile or item and select gt info itll be in the info it shows you. Look for WurmID2132313123 or something
  3. you can get tile location numbers by useing your GM wand. Double click the tile you need the cords from, make sure it shows in your target box info. Then go to speacials then get cords.
  4. Did you make sure your trigger is associated with your mission and your Effect is associated with your trigger, also make sure step 6a is correct on yours, Let me know if you have issues still..
  5. Ok, every thing in there is anti-wurm. This is why you wont see these any time soon. Wurm is the complete opposite of Minecrack.
  6. I can confirm all GM lvls NO LONGER can paint trees. You have to plant them 1 at a time to make a forest now. This is a pain as I destroyed a 10x10 section to test it and now i have to replant trees 1 at a time in stead of paint terrain feature. PLEASE PUT this back in game. We never asked for it to be removed!
  7. hmm not sure. sounds like youd need some one to make a jave scripit with a timer for that and possible place it in the file for the mission trigger
  8. here is a mini map script from unity, were we use in game cameras to set the mini map. And a smooth follow script. Problem is you cant change camera view in wurm so this is not a easy thing to do. but heres the scripts for any one who wants to try.
  9. id change the 1 sec "mission may fail" to 10 sec or even 5 sec. and make it so when you step on the trigger that the tiggers effect updates mission to 100% that way mission doesnt give you the fail pop up screen. But thats just on the info I got from your post, iff you shared some SS of your settings I might have a differnt anwser. hope that helps
  10. Do this have your players on creation spawn in a neutral area and place portals to the towns/locations you want them to have access to. then after there first death if the kingdoms alignment is set to those areas and the players are they them self's in that kingdom alignment then they can pick spawn locations from the death pop-up. But your GM would have to make the deeds permanent for spawn choice. As for the portals you can use this here. its a walk thru i made for the community
  11. I did get this to work and I made a walk thru on how to do it if any one is still looking. Check it out here
  12. Id work on that but atm im only workling with the one server im on atm. Its hosted by Bluefang I think. But if some one wanted to try and link with me id be more than willing to give it a go.
  13. hmm what if you built a one sqaure house block as a pillar if you will every 6 tiles? would that extend you enuf? youd have to make a ton of house's but it might get by the 6 title limit
  14. lol BTW still looking forward to yours please still post, more info the better:P
  15. I worked some and made this guide not sure if your past this much of it but itll help i hope some one.Its a walk-thru guide on Portals and how to make them.