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  1. did you use my supreme dioptra? if so, i technically own 51% of that bridge.
  2. so.. just gonna throw this out there. have you thought about having these bonuses only impact combat with pve creatures? any pvp combat wouldn't take into account the modifiers on the new gear. no one wants another 3-4 items on an already ridiculously long list of requirements to pvp competitively. then, both chaos/epic and freedom players are happy.
  3. please stop trolling hashirama's sale thread, this is no place for jokes.
  4. he just wants attention, and for some messed up reason, likes it when people talk about how bad his reputation is. edit: also, he wants people to think his account is worth 1k (reputation or not, it's nowhere close)
  5. I don't have a point-by-point breakdown of what I think is good or bad. Overall, even though I disagree with some of the changes, the changes overall just seem like a bunch of "things" that are suggestions from various places, that went from sweeping large changes, and have now been muddled after arguments into minor changes. Speaking as someone who doesn't play anymore because the game got stale - none of these changes, to me, make Chaos (cant speak for Epic) any more fun. It dilutes a few mechanics, re-balances some others - but what overall purpose do they serve? Will PVP be some percentage more fair? Probably. Will this spur up PVP and revitalize it for everyone that's burned out on it? There's nothing specific that will make PVP happen, maybe a couple groups will be more active to try out the changes for a few weeks or a month, but there's nothing here that adresses the big picture - that on Chaos, people are running out of REASONS to pvp. When there is both no Reason to PVP, and no FUN to PVP, then, what's the point? Example 1 - removing teleporting to a deed. Whether you agree or disagree with it, in the end it will lead to less pvp. People will be less likely to come defend something if they know they need to ride across the map, or don't have a safe way into the deed. So, that means that it will encourage more raiding which means more catapulting/raids (which we all know is boring as all hell) and in return results in more time spent rebuilding longhouses and dirtwalls. Is it more "fair" that you cant teleport to a deed? Sure - but, it lowers the chance for PVP action. Example 2 - battlerank. Who cares? Capturing a pillar gives i think 2 battlerank. Killing an enemy can give 20-30+. HoTA is every 1.5 days - so, if you go to every hota in a week, spend 3-4 hours a week doing an EXTREMELY boring task, you can get, if you're lucky, that same 20-30 battlerank in a month. Why is this even part of the conversation? It has nothing to do with encouraging PVP. Example 3 - tower cap mechanics. Makes sense, changing the mechanics will prevent cheesing or abuse of tower caps when right now you can have 1-2 people show up and cap a tower. What does this have to do with PVP? It should be a bugfix, not part of a "pvp revamp". No part of this adds to making PVP more "fun" or encouraging more PVP. So overall - yes there are suggestions I and many others agree with and I think will make PVP more fair and balanced - but give no incentive for me, from my position, to actually want to come back and spend time playing Wurm again. I think people are a bit too in the weeds on these suggestions and addressing the nuances of each change, rather than looking at the big picture - and asking themselves will this be FUN? All the changes, for better or worse - none of them make Chaos more FUN - and I think that's the problem.
  6. First, in my opinion - the problem is more the way moderation is handled. Only forum I've ever seen where posts are removed silently with no notice to the user (and removed, not just edited) - and in most cases you don't even know your post was removed unless you're scrolling through the history of an old thread and remember that your post isn't there anymore. Leads to people continuing to break rules and never being notified they are being broken until they either get a warning point or banned. Secondly, unwritten rules of the forums, which leads people to believe in biased moderation. My one and only warning point/ban was for challenging moderation when a video I made was removed from the Chaos skirmishes thread - if you've been to it - yes, THAT thread where nonsense, memes, music videos, and a bunch of other garbage is posted on a daily basis. My video was removed (and removed multiple times) because it was considered a "recruiting video" and "recruiting videos" are not allowed on the chaos thread according to forum rules. My point of view, with the mod who removed it being part of the faction it was making fun of, was that it was being removed because it made his kingdom look bad. Unfortunately, that was about 7-8 months ago and the rules still haven't been posted/clarified.
  7. Plan for a Plan

    all of wurm is "pay to win" you can buy the best tools/weapons/armor with money, can buy skills (via characters) can buy deeds, etc. Also, you can already buy res stones for real life money, whether you buy silver from the wurm shop and then use that silver to buy a res stone, or buy silver for a cheaper price from a player.
  8. Kings of Chaos

    Guys, how do I make slickshot go away? Now he's PMing me. Can someone go start posting in PvE threads to show him how annoying it is that he's trying to give his input here...
  9. Kings of Chaos

    i said posts that spoke about wurm negatively were being removed. retrograde posted that only posts that break forum rules are being removed i replied with the information i have. you seem to be on a soapbox about some big "woe is me" issue that doesnt exist, and you're putting words into my mouth and then disagreeing with those words. As far as I see, you don't have anything to do with chaos/epic or PvP so please stop derailing the conversation trying to refute points that dont exist.
  10. Kings of Chaos

    Firstly, there's a long-standing history of posts getting deleted and users never knowing. Yes if you ask you'll be told why, and often times re-added because the mod that reviews it wasnt the mod that removed it and disagrees with the first assessment. But, all that relies on the user reading through the history of a thread and realizing their post isnt there. It's the only forum i've ever been on where posts get deleted without a notification to the user, and in most forums, posts are simply mod edited and offending content is removed and people get a warning. As you probably know/realize, here, posts are deleted and nothing said about it so often times you're unaware you were breaking a rule or what that rule is. That being said, for this thread specifically - a good portion of it was deleted at one point, it was into it's 3rd page and then went to the beginning of the first page. Though it seems some (but not all) have been re-added since. I'm not sure why everyone's was deleted, but one person asked and the response given by the forum mod was "spreading fear uncertainty and doubt about the future of the game." So, I disagree with you - people staying within rules are having their posts deleted because they speak negatively of Wurm. Hope that helps.
  11. Kings of Chaos

    did anyone pay attention to the totalitarianism regimes of hitler and the soviets? it didnt really work out well for them... but in this case, it's a lot easier to revolt.. you just... stop coming to the website.
  12. Kings of Chaos

    Wait, what happened to more than 1/2 this thread? Are we really not allowed to post negative things about Wurm anymore? Is that a new forum policy that only good things can be said? Would just like some clarity on the forum rules, thanks.
  13. Kings of Chaos

    I understand you keep saying the same thing. i don't know who they are and haven't heard those names before. My guess is a lot of people in MR don't know anything about it either, because they joined MR after it happened. MR right now is probably 50-60 unique active players, and another 100 or so that are semi-active. What one or a few people did doesn't mean that everyone in the kingdom condones it or that the whole kingdom is responsible, or that you can blame anyone in MR for what those people did in the past. Not sure you're american - but it's the equivalent of saying "oh you're a republican? So, you want to build a wall to keep mexicans out, like Trump?". No, just because you're a part of a community or group, doesnt mean that you are one entity that has a single hivemind and all have the same opinions and agree on everything. I'm not saying "JK SUCKS" or "HOTS SUCKS" im saying that - people like Hashirama play with out-of-game means which i think are not fun.
  14. Kings of Chaos

    MR flattened dirtwalls of land we were trying to take over. We used in-game mechanics to succeed. Compared to the strategy you employ of buying old MR accounts and hoping they get handed to you while still in MR so you can go through towns and steal things. But, as I said, as long as you continue enjoying what you do by winning via out-of-game solutions, more power to you and I hope you continue to have fun doing it. That's why Wurm is boring and I sold up, because people, like you, would rather steal or buy their way into a kingdom, rather than actually play wurm and try to raid deeds in-game.