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  1. Still selling #1, looking for only Paypal
  2. No prem, path of love, both are Xandau Ones name is Derecho, ones name is Popcorn I also have an account that's on GV if anyones interested o.o
  3. Accounts come with everything shown Account 1: Account #2 ; Account 1 : Account 2 :
  4. Pretty sure it's the same company that was taken offline for nearly 2 weeks due to a WEAK DDOS...
  5. We're gonna punish you for being successful, because others don't have the willpower to succeed.
  6. You don't want PVP? Don't play on a server with PVP enabled. Easy enough.
  7. I'm gonna make an army of alts and target Bashur when he's streaming. I wonder how high the rage will be...
  8. I see no way in which the player-ran muting system could ever be abused!