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  1. Thank you everyone for your kind offers I've found a nice place to stay at. Wish you all the best, though
  2. Hiya everyone. I stopped playing for a while (must've been a year now or so) and I'm looking for a nice place to crash at. I'm currently on Exodus, but would like to check out the new (for me) server. I'd prefer a mature community with many villagers. I'm pretty much self-sufficient, but being with other people is always more fun in the end. My most interesting skills are: Carpentry 75 Ship Building 48 Woodcutting 60 Mining 86 Masonry 67 Blacksmithing 88 Jewelry Smithing 73 Farming 65 Fighting 72 Prospecting 60 Digging 90 Apart from that I do also have a Vyn Priest with 72 Faith and 60 Channeling. Things I'm looking for are a house, a bit of farming space, a load of forges, a nice mine filled with iron and some game around I can bonk on the head with my hammer. If you can provide that and can stand someone churning out free tools for the others, I guess we're set //edit: Ingame name's Ashyja, by the way. //edit 2: I found a nice place to stay at, thanks everyone
  3. I wasn't arguing your point. That just was Rolf's answer to the question "why can we only buy for a minimum of 10€". As long as we don't get a micropayment-friendly service (Paypal certainly is not), it's a very, very, veeeeeeeery low chance to ever happen. Maybe, as Hordern suggested, with ingame coin.
  4. Bunnies

  5. Rolf once stated that 10€ is the lowest he can go without losing out on too much due to transaction fees and such.
  6. As much as i personally would like doing that, it's never going to happen. Too much work on Rolf's part to do and Rolf would never ever just hand out the server code.
  7. I'd be so holed up in my house filling flasks with liquids until my fingers start bleeding.
  8. When using the editor to post text, you see a small image icon in the toolbar (second toolbar from the top, 9th icon from the right). Click that, insert the direct image link and you're done
  9. Pc On Deed

    I think an interesting factor for people interested might be if it can be enlarged.
  10. Amongst others, trees, bushes and roads block terraforming and cause this message.
  11. My reimbursement for the downtime will be, once Wurm is back online: Wurm is back online. No more needed.
  12. Continued Downtime

    Pfft, Hacker. That's just a useless script kiddy who uses the work of others to destroy the work of others.
  13. That's exactly the problem. The splitting of the playerbase :/
  14. There've been so many games that were supposed to be Wurm killers, but ran it into the ground shortly after going live. I'll wait and see before i make any assumption of it succeeding or not.
  15. Looks interesting, provided that there's a pve only server. If not, I'm out.
  16. No, they won't. Even Epic/Freedom has been too much and slowed down development to a crawl. Only lately it's been becoming better, and the hell I'd sacrifice that for a halfbaked idea.
  17. Development for the "real" Wurm would come to a full stop for a long time. So no.
  18. From suggestion to implementation in less than 2 years? I... gag... gah... w... what?!!! on a related note: YAY!
  19. Think longhouses. Only longer. And as deed. Annoying as hell. So... no.
  20. As long as you get rid of the "rightclick -> scrolls hundreds of obscure submenus and items to find the item you want to create" * 10000, I'm happy