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  1. [09:14:58] You have premium time until 17 Jan 2016 06:40:16 GMT Has 64 Titles Mud-dweller Path of Knowledge comes with all items in photos also has 13 silver in the bank and a 84Ql rare Knarr any questions please ask Starting Bid: 400Euro Min Increase: 25Euro Reserve: None Buyout: 650Euro
  2. PC/WTS please let me know what shes worth. serious offers via PM please [09:14:58] You have premium time until 17 Jan 2016 06:40:16 GMT Has 64 Titles Mud-dweller Path of Knowledge
  3. I am sorry but with the new steam refunds system this game will fall flat on it arse, Just my opinion. I hope you rethink this through as people have invested a lot of money into this game for you to-do this.
  4. Yes I brought silver which I haven't received yet they said it would be delt with today but I am still waiting. I don't mind waiting but would like some news on whats going on.
  5. I am still waiting for my silver from the 12th I have sent another email to them.
  6. Still waiting for my bank balance to be restored
  7. I did it via pay pal and it doesn't have a contact button on it
  8. I can understand the pay pal issue but Having sent an email with all the transaction numbers ect and not getting a response is kind of annoying. and my bank balance? I am confused.
  9. So it begins with me wanting to buy some Bricks. Place my order and wait for the Merchant to send me a COD note to make payment. I check my bank and I have close to 8 silver..... OK so I need to make it up-to 13 so I proceed to the shop to buy 6 Silver........ do the business and wait..... nothing happens so I do it again for another 6..... Nothing. I then ask how long it should take in CA help and was informed it could take up-to an hour. Ok that's fine I can wait.......... A few hours has passed and nothing. In the meantime said Delivery is waiting to drop off goods. Ok so I contact support who said Rolf was aware of the situation... OK good. I contact the merchant who fully understands. So I log off and hope it will be sorted in the morning. Turns out my silver wont go in until Monday ok fine. I will order some more on another character and pass it to my main so I can complete the damn Brick order. Only to find out this morning my bank balance is empty smashes head against wall SO I have 6 silver on me 8 missing from my bank and 12 silver due on Monday complete waist of 24 hours. I could have made the bricks myself.