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  1. The last time I was on (1-2) days ago, both my horses, hitched to my cart were alive and healthy (no disease). When I logged on today, one of them had died of starvation. Im not sure how a horse could have died of starvation when it had an unlimited food source. I did see another thread where a horse can become diseased while hitched and if that were the case, it would not say "starvation".
  2. Starting Bid: 65s Minimum increments: 3s Snipe Protection: 1 Hour
  3. The rift is at J17. It is on a mountain, we have tunneled up to the top and made a safe area to heal and drop tents. The entrance is just East of Drifters Last. All thats left to do for everyone who wants to come is to show up and fight!
  4. WTB Drake set, color and quality dont matter. PM with offer. thank you!
  5. Just did 5k pans on my Vynora priest. Skill gains as followed Cooking: Started 11.687147 Ended- 43.770844 Change: 32.083697 HFC: Started 26.75643 Ended- 76.70232 Change: 49.94589 Soul: Started- 22.1314 Ended- 24.870192 Change: 2.738793 Soul Depth: Started- 24.707636 Ended- 28.317997 Change: 3.610361 Mind: Started- 10.247908 Ended- 21.03182 Change: 10.783912 Mind Logic: Started- 21.64584 Ended- 25.712797 Change: 4.066957 Thanks everyone! Your resort is awesome. Well organized and highly efficient!
  6. so much for playing wurm on my baby free weekend Little man comes home today so I only have limited Wurm time now... oh well! keep working on getting the servers up! good job!
  7. We had a great turnout this weekend in Asgard!! we hope to see you all again at the next one! Thank you all for coming!!
  8. Current Attendees: Sephirothmag (Vyn) Winniethepooh (Vyn) Brindyanu (Vyn) Kharmia (Fo) Motherlover (Fo) Redhawkzees (Vyn) Tihnta (Vyn) Valencio (Fo) Rockeater (Mag) Henzy (Vyn) Kaihmr (Fo) Threestars (Fo) Majesty (Mag) Jimdeflear (Fo) Possible Attendees: Followers: Arolah (Fo) Strawberrieluvsu (Vyn) Clifford (Vyn) Zivirt (Vyn) Kharm (Vyn) Orago (Mag) Kaih (Fo)
  9. is this still for sale? if so how much you looking to get?