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  1. Nice guide, this would be a super helpful for all the new players on steam. Also, when you grind repair, you can use a clay amphoras instead of chain jackets if more easy to be made for you
  2. Try set custom scaling to 150, instead from the drop down menu.. That's in advanced scaling settings
  3. In meantime, untill it get fixed, you can just move the missions window on side and while still open can drag ihe progress window where you like it
  4. Actually, i like this new ui, good job. If you guys think would be a good idea to make the progress bar of the actions deatachable, that would be nice Also, it doesn't show how many items it have inside a container on the toolbelt.
  5. Never seen anyone say that but yeah, that's silly
  6. Don't think there's misconceptions, it's just names commonly used to refer the new servers as they don't have names at moment, from what i have seen
  7. Steam Launch FAQ

    I was talking butterflies there, not really going anywhere. Just making emphasis on dead end mentality
  8. Steam Launch FAQ

    I will be upset if there is no new server for me then, if i am left with 10 people on 10 servers and want to start new after a year from now.
  9. Steam Launch FAQ

    I guess, every new players can say the same if they start after a year or two, on thise new servers. So i hope they keep up opening new servers to make the new players feel relevant. Especially after they do massive changes here and there.
  10. Steam Launch FAQ

    I guess too, but lets not speculate, hope i will get answered from someone relevant
  11. Steam Launch FAQ

    Yeah i know all that info, but it wasn't specified for epic yet, which is different game mode then freedom/"new server"
  12. Steam Launch FAQ

    Can the players on the new steam server play on epic as well?
  13. rifts

    +1 even tho you are going to get 10x or more skill gain cooling the unicorn swarm on xanadu, feel like most of the people will vote way earlier then those last 20 mobs you mention, 2 hours + travel it's way too much time to waste at 3am, if you have stuff going on other then wurm
  14. Thank you for sharing, i am about to get it and try it out tonight
  15. +1 If you part of a settlement, you can try and add to upkeep so you can see there how much money you have
  16. Also, you can kite it with fresh made alt with the newbie buffs and it going to break and not get aggro in like 3 tiles in a mine
  17. With the current loot, yes it would be garbadge
  18. How idiotic, having to need material to imp it back, like you don't need a steel lumps to imp steel plate right now
  19. It doesn't matter, why not? as is right now it's really out of balance on what is called the best armor to be imped with just such a basic low level item
  20. They still need to fix drake and scale improve system, also the whole unique hunting and slaying thing, then i don't care for the loot amount, you name it
  21. That's page for rift times, i don't wanna sound mean but if you guys did like 30 minutes later and let us finish the rift i didn't had to waste like 1+ hour more then planed for this event in advance. This events are already time consuming anyways. I am sure the jugs bug wasn't that in hurry as it was few days going already